🚐 Homeward Bound by means of adventure 🎈 @_ahlexandria ⬇️ YouTube

Bed frame 👍
Covering up the windows = 😢 video link in biooo
Ever had an insane leak? 😂 link in bio for the repair process 🎉
FINALLY!!! Insulation :)
Prairie dog status 😂
Wooden fan frame 👍
Partial insulation has begun 😊
Lol a surprise from the other day 😂
Sometimes I feel like this van build is so overwhelming. - I'm a girl who picked up a tool maybe once or twice in my life before this. - There has been countless occasions along this journey where someone has suggested I pay for something to be done or even offered to do it for me. Although that isn't the worst idea and I'm grateful that I have ppl like that in my life... This van is more to me than just some van I'm going to live in. - This is my home, the van build is a huge learning experience and despite the fact that doing as much as I can myself is painful.... I'm determined to see it through. I want to be able to say that I built this. That I learned things and did things that I previously felt incapable of in order to achieve my dream. - So today I changed my reverse lights. To most ppl that's nothing. To me, it's everything ❤️😎🚐
Part 1 of stealth Windows accomplished!!
Stealth mode transformation in progress 😎🚐
No more crouching after today!!!! Can't wait to stand up in here!
Potential design!