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"I like that I am actually having fun at a table like this; whereas years ago, I wouldn't have been able to." On the comedy actor roundtable, #TheGoodPlace star @teddanson reflects on how his comfort level in Hollywood has risen just over the past few years. Link in bio. Photo: @david_needleman
Henry Winkler says that since winning an Emmy for #BarryHBO he has noticed a change in the way people and the industry treat him. Watch more from the comedy actor roundtable – link in bio.
"I looked down and there were grass stains on the knees of my jeans because I slid right into the valley." Henry Winkler goes into detail about his career post-#HappyDays on the comedy actor roundtable. Link in bio. Photo: @david_needleman
"What's the value of atoning if it doesn't mean you're welcomed back into society?" While recalling the Twitter fire storm he faced after it was announced that he was taking over hosting duties on #TheDailyShow , @trevornoah talks about the problem with "cancel culture." Link in bio. Photo: @alexandragavillet 
A tale of two tapes: An impressive improv story brought to you by #TheDailyShow host @trevornoah. Read the cover story – link in bio.
The busiest man in comedy. Replacing Jon Stewart on #TheDailyShow seemed like a suicide mission, then Hurricane Trump swept through, making Trevor Noah a household name in late-night. Go inside the comedian's 8-figure empire – link in bio. Photo: @alexandragavillet
Come together, right now. Lily James, Ed Sheeran, Himesh Patel, Kate McKinnon and more hit the yellow carpet in London for the U.K. premiere of Danny Boyle’s #Yesterday . Swipe ➡️ to see more pictures from the carpet. 📸: @gettyentertainment
Happy birthday, Richard Madden. We hope it's better than the Red Wedding. 🎉 The Hollywood Reporter sends their regards.
Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle and the rest of comedy actor roundtable sing a rendition of the #HappyDays theme song in honor of Henry Winkler. Watch more at the link in bio.
Sacha Baron Cohen explains his "absurdly ambitious aim" of getting O.J. Simpson to confess to murder on #WhoIsAmerica . Watch more from the comedy actor roundtable – link in bio.
"I was so angry, I actually had to channel it into some characters who could sit with some of those people who were his friends." Sacha Baron Cohen explains how Trump getting elected was the catalyst for #WhoIsAmerica . Read more from the comedy actor roundtable link in bio. Photo: @david_needleman
"I dropped the whole trying to be something for somebody a long time ago." Jim Carrey explains how his handling of fame has evolved and why he hates selfies. Watch more from the comedy actor roundtable – link in bio.
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