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#fbf to the second trimester when I felt so awake. 😴
Well now I guess we have to go back. #4hoursinEdinburgh
More perfect fall details from this perfect @makersmeals event.
Working mostly out of coffee shops these days, and wishing more of them felt like @reykjavik_roasters. We could’ve hung out in this little spot all day. (And that’s not just the biting wind and hot drinks talking.)
So honored to shoot this prettiness over the weekend — not just a @makersmeals event, which was already a treat, but a #makersmeals event filled with so many of our favorite neighbors in the Montgomery County Ag Reserve. We love being a part of this little community, and this beautiful event at @shepherdsheyfarm was a good reminder why.
#29weeks with this little (big) bump and it’s starting to get real... feeling good minus the heartburn, feeling mobile minus the bending over, feeling ready minus the nursery. Altogether about what I remember from the first time around. 💁🏼‍♀️
At the top of my list of current pursuits? Figuring out how to move to Amsterdam, like, yesterday. Call me crazy, but I never knew I’d love it so much.
My sweet boy, wondering when I’m going to stop taking pictures and give him his food. We decided to move to the dining room and start setting the table in an effort to institutionalize a long-standing tradition of slowing down, eating good food, listening to good music, and just generally being together on Saturday mornings. Most of the week, we practically pass in the night. On Sundays, we’re on the run. But Saturdays are ours. Those slow mornings are my favorite part of the week.
You have a 4-hour layover in Edinburgh, what do you do? Play it safe in the airport or race downtown for some brunch? Mark and I generally disagree on the answer, but I’m lucky he’s willing to indulge me... and appreciates that airport food sucks. 🍳
A friendly face to wake up to... by which I mean mine, not his. These guys couldn’t have been less impressed with my kissing, camera-wielding, v. touristy attempts to disturb their peace. But, they were very polite. 🐑 🐏 🐑
As if Iceland weren’t perfect enough, this cozy little spot was worth a return trip all on its own.
All that stuff about missing our babies aside, you guys... we had an incredible time. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for that guy on the other side of the camera, the adventures we’ve had and the adventures to come.
Super excited to shoot the next @makersmeals at @shepherdsheyfarm on the 13th. If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you there! It’s sure to be a memorable evening and an extra special slice of home, for us, with an amazing lineup of some of our favorites from the ag reserve. Swipe for details. A few tickets are still available at makersmeals.com! // 📷 by @imanitravels for #makersmeals .
Home safe and still feeling the whiplash of a whirlwind trip... part of me could have, would have stayed forever. Another part couldn’t wait to get home to my boys... such is life with these little creatures that can’t help but mean more than the world... I’m #27weeks today so I trust you’ll forgive my sappy emotions, but I’m still in awe, every day, of the beauty of parenthood, the many ways it tears me down and builds me up again. Caitlin Moran says, in “How to be a woman,” that one can likely gain just as much satisfaction from climbing mountains as having children (if it’s their thing...) but she chose children. I always thought I wanted the mountains... and, I do. It’s not so much an either or... the difference, I think, is that now I want the mountains for them, too. For all of the ups and downs, the stress, the frustration and tears, my life today is infinitely better because they are in it, and the mountains will never look quite the same.
Here we go! 6 adult vacation days in Europe (our first big trip without the bub) for Mark’s 40th. I managed to keep the secret of where we’re going AND fit all of my stuff in a carryon. So basically, what I’m saying is, I am a fucking rockstar. 🙌🏻 (It was hard.)
If you look close, you can see fall. 🍂
My ❤️.
Morning light on a weekend project that’s almost complete. We’ve stripped and sanded this pretty antique mantle, patched its bumps and bruises, and given it a coat of primer — now for the paint. What do you think, are we crazy if we go with the same dark blue-green color that’s on the wall?
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