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describe your favorite book/movie using only emojis!! - stained glass window 🌈|| i’ve really bern into the texture of semi-fishbowls and this looked super pretty 🤩🤩 you actually can’t rlly see the colors after the beads are mixed in but the texture is super nice 😩😩 anyways hope y’all have a t-rex thursday 🦖🦖
your battery percentage determines how you day has been out of 100 🤪 - strawberry shortcake clay stack 🍓🍰|| another clay stack :)) rlly enjoy making these a lot hehe hope y’all enjoy ☺️ the slime ended up as a rlly bright orange and had a very nice texture also!! anyways have a tasty tuesday 😋
close your eyes and type out @honeychiffonslimes 🤩🤩if you type it out correctly i’ll spam you ;)) - california poppies 🌞🌞|| if y’all didn’t know i live in cali and i’ve only seen poppies twice in my life 😤 anyways filmed some more creative videos today sorry guys i’ve really been slacking :’) but anyways hope everyone has a mango monday 🥭🥭
how alike are we? drinks edition 🍵 +10 if you like boba +10 if you like thai tea more than milk teA +10 if you don’t drink soda +10 if you only like arrowhead water +10 if you like orange juice +10 if you like smoothies +10 if you drank water today aha comment your scores out of 70!! - bee butter 🐝 || i mixed together a black and a yellow clay slime and it turned into a interesting army green color 😅 anyways the slime was very nice and fun to play with tho :) - sorry y’all for the inactivity i had a competition yesterday and finals r nxt week but will def be posting more videos soon :)) hope y’all have a star sunday 💫
solve the following for a virtual present 🎁;)) 4 x 5 / 2 + 3 x 2 peppermint and matcha hot cocoa duo 🍵🎄🎄|| had these random butter slimes laying around so i decided to marble them :) anyways i love the sizzles in the video and bubble pops they’re so nice☺️🤧 anyways i’m so excited for christmas cuz hehe winter break WOO anyways hope y’all have a tree thursday :3
type @d and if they don’t respond in 2 min they owe you a christmas gift 🎁🎄🤪 - grump tree 🌲 || went to trader joe’s yesterday and bought this adorable tree called a grump tree and i knew i had to make one out of clay hehe :) anyways sorry for the inactivity college apps and finals are pretty intense rn but i will def be more active soon ☺️ anyways hope you guys have a western pond turtle wednesday
comment your go to starbucks/coffee shop order and see if anyone gets the same thing as you!! i always get a iced green tea latte sweetened w/ light ice ;)) yes it’s very specific hehe🤪🤪 - matcha latte 🍵🍵|| super creamy, soft and sizzlely butter slime scented green tea 🤩 sold in 4 oz and 8 oz and inflates a ton 😤😤 honestly one of my fave slimes heheh currently available in my shop, link in bio! - anyways hope you guys have a soothing sunday (idk tbh aha)
your 3rd most used emoji is your reaction to this video 🤪🤪 - ponyo 🌊|| if guys haven’t watched this movie, it’s absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite movies :) in this video i attempted to make ponyo cakes 🎂 that didn’t really work so if you want to see a video of ponyo cakes check out my story :)) but anyways hope you guys enjoy the video (sorry the painting is a bit funky cuz i was rushing😅) but have a tumblr thursday 🤩🤩
type @a and tag the first person that shows up! - 1627 Ivar 💫🌙🌌 || Ivar is the asteroid i tracked over the summer! I was writing my college apps and suddenly got the inspiration to make a model of the best asteroid in the sky. sorry 2002 ux || haha I realize this entire caption makes no sense unless you know me! but I hope you enjoyed the video anyway!
type @s and tag the first person that comes up 🤩 - oreo clay stack + milk !! 🍪🥛|| this clay is from @craft.accessories.shoppe :) the clay is so moldable and so soft 😩😩 the black clay is super pigmented yet doesn’t stain at all it’s amazing 😤😤🤩🤩 check out their soft modeling clay pack it’s honestly so good ;)) - anyways hope you guys enjoy this video and have a great day ☺️
comment two truths and one lie and have people guess which is which!! 🤪 here’s mine: 1. i have a miniature poodle 2. i’ve never broken a bone before 3. i’ve never been outside of the US - gudetama clay egg mixing 🍳🥚|| this gudetama is a bit chubby but i still think it’s rlly cute 🤩 anyways hope y’all enjoy the video and have an egg-cellent saturday :DD
since i didn’t post yesterday, tag someone you’re thankful for! - clay floam mixing || this clay is from @craft.accessories.shoppe :) this is such fantastic soft clay! the slime is super soft and fluffy when mixed with the clay!! this clay is from their soft modeling clay pack which is only $13? for 15 packs of clay :) the clays are crazy soft and i highly recommend 🤩 i will be doing a full video of their soft modeling clay pack and ultimate slime kit later on :) - anyways hope you have a fun friday (of shopping if you’re going!!) 🤪🤩🤩
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