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count the number of times i poke the slime! i will pick 5 random correct answers and spam them :3 — 🌊🐋🐠|| random mixing vid 😌 the base is actually my fluffy slime base :0 (hence y it’s a bit bubbly and not super thick) super soft slime that makes crisp bubble pops and super super clicky 🤩🤩 hope y’all enjoy the vid and have a toy thursday 🧸
what does “lol” mean :0 wrong answers only — emerald slime pressing 🐉|| wow i haven’t done a slime pressing in quite some time :0 anyways enjoy the vid some nice crispy bubbles 😌😌 this week has been so long for me hehe but anyways hope y’all have a wacky wednesday 😤🤪
the closest object to your left is all you have to survive to survive on a deserted island 🌴 what do you have? i got a towel lol 🤪 — purple clay mixing 🍇☂️|| the end color was a beautiful dark lavender 🤩🤩 endless bubble pops at the end and amazing sizzles too 😌😌 anyways hope y’all enjoy! how has your day been :0 i feel like i haven’t been too active the last few weeks and i would love to know how y’all are doing 🤠 have a tooth tuesday 🦷
the last digit of the views determines what dessert you will eat next! 0: ice cream cake 🍦 1: crepe cake 🍰 2: cupcake 🧁 3: chocolate lava cake 🍫 4: egg tarts 🍳 5: creme brûlée 🍯 6: chocolate covered strawberries 🍓 7: pumpkin pie🥧 8: blueberry crumble 💧 9: your fave cookie :3 🍪 — creme brûlée || I couldn’t get that “crunch” sound when you break the sugar shell ;-; but hope y’all enjoy the vid! Nice sizzles at the end 😌😌 hope you all have a malt Monday :0
just wanted to let you guys know that I will be attending @slimersturf this July! Excited to see you all there :3 — I will be on my regular posting schedule starting tomorrow! I was logged out of my account for a few days but I will be back tomorrow 🤩🤩
comment some pink emojis below and i’ll pick a few random ppl to spam ;) 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝 — slime from @slime_rawr || happy mother’s day everyone! 🥰🥰 spend some time with your mom or maternal figure :3 — this slime is absolutely amazing 🤩🤩 it’s so beautiful (love all the little add ins) and it’s so thick :)) highly recommend checking her out! anyways hope y’all enjoy the vid! have a summer sunday ☀️
i’m thinking of a number between 1-1000 🤔 first person to guess it gets a shoutout :3 - slime from @slime_rawr || she sent some really nice slimes for a review and honestly all of her slimes were so cute and so good 😩🤩🤩🥰🥰 this was such a nice cute slay/butter slime! it was scented something somewhat fruity i’m not sure what but very nice overall ☺️☺️ amazing sizzles at the end! — hey y’all i’m so sorry for my absence :( this week and next week are ap weeks for me and both my sister and i have been really busy prepping for those :’00 so sorry for the lack of content lately i haven’t felt too inspired in awhile :// besides that i shall be much more active the next few weeks! 🥳🥳 good luck to anyone else taking aps 🤯😳 — hope y’all enjoy (nice sizzles in the end 😌😌) and have a fabulous friday 😩
the last digit of your views determines your favorite star wars character⭐️💫 0: yoda 1: C-3PO 2: R2-D2 3: chewbacca 4: luke skywalker 5: darth vader 6: princess leia 7: obi-wan kenobi 8: han solo 9: rey — 🎆🌠|| may the fourth be with you :3 this is kinda a old video hehe but anyways hope y’all enjoy this and have a star wars saturday ✨
you’re out if: - you woke up later than 8 am - you’re wearing something white - you took a nap today - you didn’t touch slime today are you in or out :0 i’m out hehe — random mixing video 🤪🤩|| i forgot when i filmed this but found this random vid hehe :3 anyways hope y’all enjoy got a very stressful next few weeks (aps oml) so hope y’all have a tape thursday 🤯🥳
comment your all time favorite drink shop/all time favorite bubble tea shop!! ☕️🍵 i personally LOVE 7 leaves (that’s the shop name) and my sister likes ding tea :3 — milk tea from @infinitislimes || this is actually a rlly rlly old video hehe chose this for the very special occasion of National Bubble Tea Day! go out (if you haven’t already) and enjoy some boba :)) anyways hope y’all enjoy this vid (this slime was so nice omg 😤☺️☺️) and have a tea tuesday ☕️🤠
your 4th most used emoji is your current mood! 🥰 for me :0 - 🌊🌲☁️|| was going to post this for earth day but i liked my little planet better hehe :)) sorry i haven’t posted in awhile! i’m currently in washington dc for a competition hehee :3 anyways hope y’all enjoy and have a fantastic friday 🤩🤩😊😊☺️☺️
what’s your all time favorite movie? a movie you can watch over and over again without getting sick of it ☺️mine is probably spirited away I LOVE IT ❤️❤️🤩 - duck from spirited away 🐥🦆|| another random cloud slime video hehe i probably do too many of these now 🙃 anyways hope you all enjoy and have a taffy tuesday 🍬
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