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Agneepath gave me the opportunity of going all guns blazing. Rarely does a script come along which warrants the actor to risk everything. Including his bones. Those are the kind of roles I look for. Otherwise I’m just the laziest guy. I was shooting for ZNMD in Spain when Karan Johar sent Karan malhotra to narrate the script inspite of me very vehemently turning down the idea of a remake of the classic. .He was right. .Cause after I heard the narration, I just couldn’t say no. . Rest is history. . Had some fun while meditating on the poem today with my phone. . And right now all I want to do for the rest of my life is action movies. . #happyrepublicday #7yearsofAgneepath #actionmovies
I’m such a faker. Looking thru binoculars at a wall 3 feet away. Those ski’s don’t work and I don’t know that dog. . #actorslife
if I think I look good , does that make me look bad 🤔. . #weirdideas #curiousmind #whattodo #itactuallymakessense
Asked my dad for a picture this morning. Knew he wouldnt miss gym on surgery day. He is probably the strongest man I know. Got diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat a few weeks ago, but he is in full spirits today as he proceeds to battle it. As a family we are fortunate and blessed to have a leader like him. . Love you Dad.
My workout is mandatory. Resting is optional. #Noexcuses #Keepgoing #legday
Did you hear about the man who got hit by the same bike every morning ? . . . It was a vicious cycle. . . (That kinda day)🤣 #humournoir #picoftheday .
Here is Sussanne , my closest friend ( also my ex wife) capturing a moment with me and our boys. . A moment in itself. . It tells a story to our kids. That in a world separated by lines and ideas , it is still possible to be united. And that you can want different things as people and yet stay undivided. . Here’s to a more united, tolerant, brave, open and loving world. It all starts at home. . #beOpen #bebrave #artoflove #tolerance #courage #abundance #loveisgreaterthanfear #explorersforever #childrenarethefuture #harmony
Find one thing to do everyday that you have never done before. . HRX and I just did. . Coming soon. . #bethebestversionofyourself #createyourlife #hrx #hrxbrand #lifequotes #dontjustexist #keepgoing #DefeatDefeat
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