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Do you ever feel terrified when you think about the distance between where you want to be and where you are ? Krrish in many ways for me is the struggle, aspiration and endeavor of wanting to travel the length of that distance. When my dad thought of the idea of Krrish , the first thing I felt was doubt, uncertainty and incapable, I was simply afraid, and the second thing I felt was absolute terror at the thought of not doing it because I was afraid. So we went ahead and took the fear along with us for the ride. What we lacked in budget, technology, specialization and resources , we made up in tenacity, teamwork, discipline and perseverance. . Today, we are at the heels of yet another endeavor to shorten that distance with Krrish4; and I feel exactly the same fear as I felt all those years ago. . And that is why I am reassured that we are on the right track. . #5yearsofKrrish3 #throwback #isjaaducomingback #missyouRohit
My mother deserves the world and she doesn’t know it. This is a reminder from her son on her birthday. Don’t wait for your near and dear ones to be happy before you allow yourself to do all the things that make you happy mama. Life is now and you owe it to yourself first. Happy birthday mama! Love you more than you love me :) #motherandson #mothersarealsofriends #mothersarealsostillchildren #sheisstrong #sheisamazing #iloveyoumom ❤️
Felt like great weather for a selfie. Got out of my warm blanket and tried. Failed. Sat n covered myself up again. Caught in the act by : Vijay palande n Mayur shettigar #selfiefails #nevergiveup #goingtowork #myteamrocks #italy #exploreeverywhere #willtryagaintomorrow
Paparazzi missed the Bihari at the airport today. This one dedicated to all them photographers. #bihariwalk #biharitalk #iwasabihariinmypastlife #explorerforever #byebyemumbai
Took another selfie. Liked it. Then.. (you know how it goes) #shotoniPhoneXSMax #itsamazing
गणपति बप्पा मौरया! #family #tradition #mymomistoocute #officialbellman #godlovesyou #sharethelove
Meerkats are rare and found only in the far reaches of the Kalahari desert in Botswana. Harmless if u are careful but can inflict a nasty bite. It took an hours drive and a 30 min walk for me and my boys with our tracker to find this incredible gang of meerkats. They are very wary of predators and usually one of them is appointed as a sentry to alert the rest of the gang. The sentry’s job is to look for a mound which he then climbs as a lookout post. So the only way to get close to these amazing creatures is to sit completely still, like frozen for about 15 -20 mins and wait for the sentry meerkat to assume that you are a mound and climb on top of you to lookout for danger! So here we are - posing as completely convenient sentry posts. #patienceiskey #adventuretime #exploreeverywhere #dontjustexist #createyourlife #africa #bff #fatherandsons
समय बदल रहा है। Welcome to #Super30
अब राजा का बेटा राजा नहीं बनेगा... अब राजा वही बनेगा जो हकदार होगा! #Super30
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