i don’t think about you out now

go watch my new music video, it’s sad 🌧🌚 👉🏼
been going to the gym for a solid 2 weeks, I’ll only answer to ‘HULK’ from now on, thank you .... on the level tho I know I’m still a noodle but I’m trying 😂
my new music video is out. go watch it till the end, it’s pretty deep🎥🌧
I never really sing big songs like this but it’s fun to give it a go 😂 tag a friend in the comments, Ima follow some of you...oh and my music videos out tonight (I sound like a little girl when I sing this high i know 😂)
after reviewing this I realise I look like an elf. i don’t think about you video out tomorrow
I don’t think about you out video out sunday🌧 .... this was just a little song I wanted to put out before the new year and you guys have been so supportive, driving it up playlists and charts, I can’t thank you all enough 💙
my lil surprise song drops tonight ☺️ I’m going live at midnight ⭐️
‘I don’t think about you’ out tomorrow at midnight ✨ 7/12/18
I don’t think about you
I miss you 🎶
happy 1st birthday personal 🎉💙 188 million views later, so crazy, thank you for changing you all so much, I’m a very lucky boy ☺️
thankk u, nextttt🌚
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