Brandon Hua

Shimano & G.Loomis Team Nixon's Marine OSU Bass Team Alumni 2018 TBF Western National Semi-Final Qualifier 2018 503Basserzz Co-Angler of the Year

Don’t you just hate when a fun fishing trip turns into an expensive one? Watched my fairly new @costasunglasses sink to the bottom of the Willamette River while sturgeon fishing with some buddy’s. Ouch! #fail #SlowestReactionEver #ASturgeonIsWearingCostasNow #CostaSunglasses
Missing that spring top water bite. No matter how big they are, it’s always a blast! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @jackall_usa
So many options to choose from! What’s your go to combo? Mine is a Metanium DC on a 893 NRX! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis
Columbia River. Such an underrated fishery for big smallies.
Fished the @503basserzz Fall Big Fish Open and took 1ST PLACE! We also took big fish with a 4.5lb that anchored our best two weighing 7.70 lbs! This was my last tournament of the season and I am happy it ended with this finish! Can’t wait for next season! @nixons.marine | @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @western_fishing_operations | @triggerhappycomfortgrips | @wootungsten | @ownerhooks
Worked hard all year and proud to announce I was able to take Co-Angler of the Year title in a different club this year! This one was a lot tougher with a lot of great anglers, but we got it done! Big thanks to my sponsor’s for helping me throughout this journey! Can’t wait for next season! @nixons.marine | @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @ownerhooks | @western_fishing_operations | @triggerhappycomfortgrips | @wootungsten | @connectscale
Finally can say I caught myself a true swimbait fish. Huddleston 68 for the win!
Got to love it when they choke the Hud! I just might have to throw it more often now! Picture of the fish coming soon! 👀
Fish the best. Fish with confidence. @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @triggerhappycomfortgrips
Fished the 503Basserzz AOY Championship with @laneolsonfishing and scratched out a 3rd place finish at Celilo with 12.70! Despite tough conditions, we capitalized on each bite and was able to cash a check! @nixons.marine | @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis
Fun fishing is always fun when you stick a new PB! This big girl smashed the @western_fishing_operations worm on my Shimano Stradic/G.Loomis GLX 822 DSR! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @nixons.marine | @western_fishing_operations
Ready to get back on the water chase some and smallies again. I’m more than ready for some redemption 😤
This weekend I had the blessed opportunity to fish my first @thebassfederation National Semi Final as a Co-Angler! Came into the event mentally prepared and ready to rip some lips. On day 1 my boater and I made a long run and ended up breaking down. Weighed in zero fish that day as we spent it idling back to the launch. Day 2, I made a goal to at least catch 10lbs and was able to weigh in 10.58 to finish in the middle of the pack. Based on day 1 and day 2 weights, I am pleased to say I caught my goal and kept my chin high as I swung for the fences! Would have made things a little interesting if I could have caught a good bag on day 1. But that’s tournament fishing and things happen. It was still an amazing experience and gives me the drive and motivation to come back twice as hard next year. Couldn’t have received this opportunity without the help of my sponsors. The season is not quite over yet so I’m ready to finish it strong 💪🏼 @nixons.marine | @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @western_fishing_operations | @ownerhooks | @wootungsten | @triggerhappycomfortgrips | @connectscale
Drop shotting smallies. You can’t deny the fun of them peeling drag when you hook into one! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @western_fishing_operations
Finished in 2nd place last night for my second ever night tournament! Managed to put together 14.10 lbs and was barely cut short by .60 lbs from the first place winner’s 4.60 kicker. Can’t win them all! Still had a blast nonetheless with a great group of fishermen! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @nixons.marine | @western_fishing_operations
Happy Monday! Can the weekend come sooner so I can rip some lips again?!
Took first place in a local club tournament with 14.10 & big fish with a 3.9 smallie! Over 60+ fish caught today! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @nixons.marine
Got back out on the home lake this morning for a few hours. They were munching! @fish_shimano_north_america | @fishgloomis | @nixons.marine
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