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With 100% certainty, when Ocean Quest first made their wetsuits they had this keystone drinkin’, catfish noodlin’, wild man in mind for their core demographic. #areyousillyimstillgonnasendit . I’d tag them, but they don’t have an IG. Or a FB. Or a website built after 2002... Clearly they need this man as an influencer.
Sendero’s best sale of the year. Check it out if you’re looking to stuff some stockings! [insider tip, use code friends&family at checkout for a better deal 🤙] @senderopc
Over here at Sendero, we’re thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving. Over the past few months, there’s been a seemingly endless list of folks who have helped us beyond what we once thought imaginable. Everyone of you has helped us build this company, and to make it what it is today. So from the Sendero Team to you, Happy Thanksgiving, and we can’t thank you enough! 🙏
Nothing more to say than what's in this video. @senderopc is back, we're not looking backwards, and we're excited for the future. I can't thank y'all enough for your support- it has blown me away how many of you care about my family and me. I'd tag you all here, but I don't have a few hours, haha. It's a brand new Sendero, let's build it together! Full video over at Sendero. Thanks @thomascsorbamusic for the rad tunes 🙌
Winter wetsuit rolling. @boteboards
Rain, rain go away. But if you don’t @kris_kahler and I will play!
A’sah duh 🤙 . 📸 @el_tedddy
“Modern Outdoorsman” 😂
Ayo, fishy fishy.
New Sendero Original- Protecting a National Treasure: The Gila Trout . Full video and story in bio 🤙
This one time, I went fishing in Laguna Madre. Well, not so much fishing... more paddling, casting, beer drinking, dodging ocelots at 60 mph, and watching mullet jump really. But don’t take my word for it- let @andrewmillerstudio and @cavemancollective show over at @boteboards. Linky dink in bio. P: @andrewmillerstudio
Did he get the shot???
Dem curves though... @boteboards #rackham
Workin’ hard at Sendero HQ with Balcones Rye 100. #wacotown @balconesdistillery @senderopc
Two peas in a pod. To Andrews in a pod? Two Andrews in a wind funnel. That’s it. @boteboards
This is weekend Waco! Gonna be a killer time. Tickets go up at the door, so snag ‘em online
We’re just getting started, little dude. Happy burfday. Although you can’t read this... cool. 🎂
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