HYC Bar & Lounge

GINspired rooftop lounge with 360 view.

Mixology requires technical expertise and precision. Our staff caters specifically to the needs of your perfect night out.
Enjoy a twist on the classic Tom Collins with this brotherly concoction: the Ted Collins! A lovely Beefeater London Dry with elderflower, cucumber, basil, lemongrass, lemon and Yuzu Tonic.
One for the orange chocolate lovers! The bittersweet bourbon cocktail Chocolate Rain both looks great and tastes amazing with its cool blend of mint, Cacao Blanc, double cream, Tiki and Orange Bitters!
The considerable coziness of our comfortable crescent couches ensure that you and your compadres can always count on HYC to deliver cool nights! The skyline doesn't hurt either!
With its lovely red hue, the Kowloon Bramble combines the secrecy of the Dom Benedictine with tropical flavors and sweet European luxuries. It includes Vodka, Maraschino Cherries, Lemon, Pineapple and Cranberry!
The night is longest for the long lost lovers. Swing by HYC's romantic rooftop getaway with someone close to your heart!
If you are in the mood for a quick apéritif we recommend the refreshing Bon-Apple-Tea which blends the lovely Botanist Gin with our housemade apple and tea syrup and a slice of lemon.
The universe awaits for you to unfurl its deepest mysteries. Shroud yourself in a unique Shisha experience at HYC!
Nights at HYC are the epitome of cool relaxation and debonair atmosphere. Whether you are here for elaborate conversations or a bit of pool, HYC will cater to your needs!
The future holds comedy as well as tragedy. The Oracle is a sweet and sour mix of Tanqueray, St-Germain Elderflower, cucumber, lime and Mint.
An elegant blend. Nectar of the fairies is Gin, St-Germain and sweet Lillet Blanc. When continental and insular Europe collide.
Towering above TST our newly decorated rooftop is designed for maximum comfort! Let the night unfurl before deep conversations and exquisite cocktails!
Deep, dark and full of seductive mischief: England and the Americas mesh as Mezcal and Gin provide the savory base of the Ode to Hepburn. Enjoy the bittersweet notes of Cynar and Apple Pie syrup. A delicate mix of European and American tastes!
Hot and humid days are storming towards us these days, it is only natural to want a nice and cool respite. Try something off-kilter with the Tanqueray infused with Butterfly Pea Tea of the lovely Purple Haze.
Uncover the future at HYC with a first in Hong Kong: the Krysalis Collection! The deeply rooted communal nature of the Shisha has been brought into the modern era!
The drinks on the magazine is coming soon!!!
Krysalis is finally in Hong Kong and the only place to get is HYC Bar and Lounge. It’s a shisha worth travelling all the way to Hong Kong. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. See you soon!
Whether carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, a good Beefeater based Negroni is sure to let you kick back in style.
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