UT Proud Dog Father. Maximus and Freya. 🐶 Fz09 😈

Sleepy ones❤️🐶
Great ride today. 😈🙌 #yamaha #fz09 #legalizewheelies #utah 🦇🦇🦇
The pup went for her first swim today. 🌞😎 Noble Hounds indeed #chillin
These pups. 🐶 #dogdad
Finally got bæ registered here in UT. Feels so good to ride her again.🦇#batbike #fz09 #fz09life #yahama
The Peanut is takin queues from The Boy already. Lil Freya is too smart. She’s a #littlesavage #lilpeanut
I got a puppy. Born April 22nd, Her full name is “Freya” Sif Nelson. She’s 1/2 Pit 1/4 Lab and 1/4 Catahoula Cur. She’s a fierce lil pup.🔥❤️
‘‘Twas a good day. 😌
🙌my mom - “oh my goodness what are you boys doing?!”
I’m sad that this trip will be over on Sunday, but I’ll be so happy to see my boy Maximus 🐶 and to sleep in my own bed!
My beautiful mother and I standing on a country road just outside Bathe, England. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I sure love this Mommo of mine! ❤️😍 xoxoxo
First Legal beer before 21 😂🖕 you can tell my parents weren’t too excited ;) gotta love Ireland.
Air b n bs are great because sometimes the owner has a puppy! sorry for blowin y’all up, but i don’t really give a damn.
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