Harleen Quinzel

Puds @ofhisdemons_ Bud and Lou are my crazed muts I am a Gotham Siren Stupid bats always ruinin' everything. I'm diamond. I don't break, I cut

Im back from surgery yay
I'm really thinkin' about changin' ta Wednesday Addams or someone else.
"I'm useless..I've always been. Every thing is happening way too fast. The world feel like it's crashing beneath me.."
"I feel..alone..used and broken..I don't belong anymore..I never did.."
"I'm fine...I'm totally not..ya know what. Never mind about that.." She continues to jump rope
"I could've stabbed that bitch in the throat. But I didn't. I'm makin' progress with my anger issues.."
"What cha doin'?"
"Oopsy. Sister. We got caught again."
"Yoink! My friend just screamed randomly. Really skittles?" She laughs. @p.s.y.c.h.o.b.i.t.c.h_
She giggles like a maniac. "Oopsy! " she bursts out laughing. "It was so funny! " she swings the head around. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT FUN!'
"Am I annoyin' to ya? Tell me the Truth "
"My mains. Comment below. If ya wanna be one. Harley Quinn: Me @i_am_the_queen_of_gotham Captain: @captain_america_777 Mistah J: @ofhiscarvedsmile My step daughters: @ofherdrunklife , @astrophjlia Minx:@p.s.y.c.h.o.b.i.t.c.h_ Jeff:@j.e.f.f.t.h.e.k.i.l.l.e.r_ Other J: @misses_joker_ha_ha Best friendJerome:@the_valeska_twins Poison ivy: @poisonivy_aka_red Catwoman:@gayle_the_killer Batsy: @batman_savior_of_gotham Damien: Grayson: Tim: Jason: Alfred: Jim Gordon: Two face: Penguin: @_.oswald_.cobblepot_ Riddler: Bud: Lou: Frosty: Spidergwen: @the_name_is_spidergwen Croc: Deadshot: Deadpool:@officialwadewilson__ Ironman:@mr.stark.kicks.ass Dr. Strange:@doctorstrange5726 Beastboy:@th3_animal_king_beastboy Spidey:@xxfriendly.spidermanxx Satan:@Im_the_one_they_call_devil Kill frost:@kfrost834 Staph brown:@stephbrownspoiler Thor:@ofhishammer
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