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We had packed house in Seattle last night. It is always powerful to be in conversation about this work. And I’m proud to share my book with the world. Thank you Mozart (@mgspeaks ) for moderating!
Trump’s tweet today claiming that if Dr. Ford had actually been assaulted that she would’ve reported it sooner really pushed me over the edge. People don’t report for a host of reasons. And today, I wanted to share why I waited so long to tell anyone that I was sexually abused. We have to stop blaming victims. #WhyIDidntReport
I’m in conversation with MC Hammer on Tuesday, September 18th. I hope to see you there! And remember, each ticket includes the book. You can get tickets at deray.com/tour.
I’ll see you in Houston tonight! You can get tickets at deray.com and remember, each ticket includes the price of the book!
I’ll be in St. Louis on Thursday, Sept. 13th & I hope to see you there! I’m excited to be in conversation with Alexis, one of the first people I met in St. Louis during the first wave of the protests. ***** You can get tickets at deray.com/tour and every ticket includes a book. See you soon!
I met @kerbito about 4 years ago after he made a shirt honoring the victims of police violence. It has been an honor watching his collections grow and to see his commitment to justice and blackness. His show at NYFW was legendary.
I’ve been obsessed with understanding how mass incarceration became “mass” and it’s often a series of seemingly small things that tip the scales of justice. It was good to talk with @trevornoah about these things that don’t make the public conversation often. AND voters in Florida have a chance to change this in November!
In my book, On The Other Side of Freedom, I write about some of our research about police violence. And here are some of the facts. We launched Campaign Zero to hold all of our analyses because we realized this was structural. And shout-out to @samswey and @mspackyetti for being the best partners in this work! *********** You can buy the book at DeRay.com/buy
I met the legend Samirah Raheem (@thisishowilook ) last night in Brooklyn. I will never forget the video of her confronting Jesse Peterson. The way she owned the narrative about who is labeled a “slut” remains instructive for all of us. And her engagement with him was a lesson in not letting others shame us for our bodies, our desire, and our love. ******** Narratives matter. And how we use language matters. Samirah reminded us in that exchange that words have power and that language is ours to wield.
We had a packed house in DC for the book tour and it was an honor to be in conversation with the legendary Taylor Branch. ****** I’ll be in a city near you soon and every stop has special guests. You can get a ticket at deray.com/tour.
I’m in Atlanta on Monday, Sept. 10th at 8pm joined by the incredible NYT best-selling author @nicstone for the next stop on the book tour. I hope to see you there! ***** Each ticket includes a book! And you can buy tickets at deray.com/tour. See you soon!
Last week, I partnered with Gucci and Dapper Dan to hold a small reading at Dapper Dan’s studio in Harlem. And then we went to Riverside Church for a special tour. ***** And I was joined by some of my closest friends, people who’ve been supporting and challenging me to be my best self for years. I’m incredibly thankful for my friends and their love. [📸@joshuakissi ] ******* And you can buy the book at DeRay.com/buy or wherever you buy books. And join me on the tour — DeRay.com/tour
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