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no justice, no peace. honored to have been included in this art. [👨🏾‍🎨 by @temi.coker ] [📸 by @joshuakissi ]
The upcoming New Yorker cover is brilliant. Let’s change who is in positions of power!
Voting is one of many ways that we can build power — nobody ever said it’s the *only* way. Now that Election Day is over, we still have work to do to hold people accountable and to simultaneously work to change the values and beliefs that allow injustice to flourish. And let’s hope that Georgia voters get that runoff! [👩🏻‍🎨@hilaryament ]
I won’t let these people steal my joy — not now, not ever. #ComplexCon [📸 @unclereese ]
It feels like we’re living in a political house of mirrors these days.
The House. The Governorships. We had a lot of wins tonight. Celebrate them. We have so much work to do.
It was an honor to be in conversation this weekend with @brokemogul , @pharrell , & @vincestaples re: power, music, and the change that is possible in the world today. We have so much work to do. Let’s do it.
Voting the people into power who share our values and beliefs gets us closer to changing the system at scale. Do it.
It was an honor to moderate this conversation about activism, change, and justice at #ComplexCon that included @alenciajohnson , @noor , @c.syresmith & @yarashahidi. I’m excited about the work ahead. [📸@unclereese ]
#ComplexCon . & @demetriusharmon is the man! It’s always good to be around good people.
There’s work to do until the last poll closes. Visit justiceontheballot.org to call voters about a set of important initiatives and candidates that have the potential to alter the landscape of justice!
I opened an after-school center on the westside of Baltimore City 9 years ago and today I ran into one of my former scholars, Trashawna! I last saw her as a 5th grader and now she’s in college! Time flies.
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