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How’s everyone doing??? A lot of you have been rocking w me since day one! Ya’ll saw me grow to nearly 2 MILLI followers in 2013 and u seen me lose it all after an abusive n toxic relationship. U felt my absence during my hiatus of healing & I missed u all too!!!! So bring back feels awesome !! I been working hard for u! . . Entertainment & Creating is what I LIVE for. It’s what I love !!! Ya’ll pump me w the drive to do what I do. To the new followers, welcome to my IG. I hope u can learn a lil bit about me by reading my previous posts. I see all the love coming from all directions. I am thankful for ur positive energy and I appreciate u all. . . Here’s a snip from the making of my music video , “Power Numbers.” Available on ALL platforms. MUSIC VIDEO DROPPING SOON 💟 . . Film Legends: @officialmikelo @dreamteamdigital . Producer & Writer: @jehryrobinson @tboy61915 . Creative Director & More: @tara_fba @fbamgmt . Choreography: @tm_talentny . Makeup & Hair God: @iventtglam . Styling: @brooklyn_islajewels . Studio: @themvmtspace @sodrewski @skylandish . #pop #faahionnova #girlboss #couplegoals #setlife #2019 #newmusic #numerology #ecuador #brickcity #selfmanagement #jlo #cardib #nikiminaj #cardib #djsnake #fitness #dvsurvivor #shakira
Looking into the future while reflecting on the past. I spent so much of my life being a doormat , allowing ppl to bully me into anorexia and then bulimia bc I was fat as a kid. I was confused by why ppl still spewed venom my way after my weight loss transformation, wondering when would it stop. I was very shy and insecure. The lack of self love I had lead me into an abusive relationship in my mid 20s, I literally was their personal punching bag. I tolerated the mental , emotional & physical abuse bc all I wanted was to fell worthy of their love. It wasn’t til I almost died that the universe opened my eyes. See, it was trying to teach me a valuable lesson: self worth. Thanks to the love n support of my family and closest friends I was able to learn that lesson and apply it. Yes. It took me time to grow strong. Yes. It took me time to learn balance. Yes. It took me time to believe in myself. And yes it took me time to feel empowered. Yes. It took me time to love myself and know my worth. I’m no longer that scared little girl. I’m no longer that broken woman. I am beautiful inside and out. I am kind and caring and will always fight against injustice & stand up for myself I am talented and gifted and I WILL show the world. #selflove #lifejourney #reflection #loveislove #empowerment . TAG A FRIEND WHO SHOULD READ THIS. MY GOAL IS TO INSPIRE N HELP OTHERS . . En Español: Mirando hacia el futuro reflexionando sobre el pasado.
Life is too short to have boring hair! Who else agrees?!?!? . Wearing @annabelles_wigs !!! . . My hair colorist @theglamteamnj_dina is so bomb! She took my natural hair color & turned it Carmel, Rose gold, Sangria & now Lavender. She told me no more coloring until the spring so i been having fun in wigs. Ugh I really love the vintage pin up feeling I get from @annabelles_wigs !!! . . Any other wig companies I should look into?? Tag them! . . ESPAÑOL: ¡La vida es demasiado corta para tener el pelo aburrido! ¿Quién más está de acuerdo?!?!? . Llevando @annabelles_wigs !!! . . ¡Mi colorista de cabello @theglamteamnj_dina es una bomba! Tomó mi color natural de cabello y lo convirtió en Carmel, oro rosa, sangría y ahora lavanda. Ella no me dijo más colorantes hasta la primavera, así que me estaba divirtiendo con pelucas. Ugh, me encanta la sensación de pin up vintage que recibo de @annabelles_wigs !!! . . #lasnovias #cosasdelavida #pelucas #mejora #brigada #belleza #maquillaje #chica #girlfriends #girlythings #wigs #wig #wiglife #beauty #makeup #girlcode #pinup #pinuphair #pinupgirl #ecuador #latina
“I’ll take that & this & that!” 🤗 Tune in today 12pm EST we go LIVE ON @official2xist TV!!! @tboy61915 And I had so much fun hanging out w amazing ppl while wearing 2xist apparel!! Yesss!! . . WHATS UR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION??!? ARE U READY FOR 2019?!? #anewyear2xist 🎊 . . #newyearsresolution #2019 #happygirl #gold #celebration
Yesterday was an amazing day!!! To have so many ppl who care about me just as much as I care about them, get together for the first time to film my music video. I can’t express how grateful I am for calling these ppl my friends! I am truly blessed. As I look back at my life , I realize everything that has happened (good or bad) has happened for a reason!! . . I can’t wait for ya’ll to see this movie!!! 5 looks , 3 choreography, all in 7hours!! ALL THANKS TO: . Film Legends: @officialmikelo @dreamteamdigital . Producer & Writer: @jehryrobinson @tboy61915 . Creative Director & More: @tara_fba @fbamgmt . Choreography: @tm_talentny . Makeup & Hair God: @iventtglam . Styling: @brooklyn_islajewels . Studio: @themvmtspace @sodrewski @skylandish . & to everyone who came out for their cameo !!! there was so much love & positivity on set. So much more happening in 2019!!! . . #musicvideo #newartist #red #choreography #dancer #latina #pop #faahionnova #girlboss #couplegoals #setlife #2019 #newmusic #numerology #ecuador #brickcity #selfmanagement #jlo #cardib #nikiminaj
Do you celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? ((Comment below)) . . We Wish You A Happy Holiday & A Happy New Year🎄 . . Did you get everything you wanted ??? . . All I wanted was laughter & love & good food! I got that & more!!! . . #xmas #christmastree #nyc #xmasinnyc #rockefellercenter #winter #couplegoals #christmas #eskimokisses #iloveyou
My love, @tboy61915 . May this new year of life bring you closer to all you have ever wished for. I want to take the time to first thank the universe , God, whatever you want to call it for creating you. You are brave, you are gifted, you are good & so much more! Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. But you have spent these past years pursuing a truth, your truth! And the truth often seems to be not happiness but its opposite. It brings hurt, it causes pain, it can even leave you lonely for some time. Leading one to ask the Lord, “why me!?!” It can make us fearful, make us cold, make us angry. But you my love , you were able to find the good in all the bad you endured. You even learned how to forgive, how to trust and how to love again. I thank God for watching over you during your journey bc this world can be vicious and for protecting you through it all. I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. It means the world to have one another at each side on a new pursuit; the pursuit of positivity, something the world so desperately needs. I love you ! Happy Birthday!! . . #happybirthday #hbd #love #capricorn #virgo #loveislove #bestfriend #couplesgoals #latina #ipickyou cc: @bronson.photo
Wishing this genuine & talented human a HAPPY UNO SIETE!!! @thebackpackkid . . His EP has officially dropped & its FUEGO!!! Go check it out & show himlove. In the mean time peep this skit we did w @tboy61915 , Song: Drip On Boat . . #wshh #backpackkid #ep #skit #comedy #actor #humor #artist #newmusic #selfie #latina #couplesgoals
Dammit Siri!!! Oh well if Siri can’t help then let @tboy61915 & I help you with a gift idea 🎁 . . TAG SOMEONE YOU LOV & GIVE THEM THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER✨ I’ll be replying . . Who’s ready for #Xmas ? Have you been #naughty or #nice ??? Comment which one you been 🙃I love reading n replying back . . #merrychristmas #comedy #humor #lol #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #latina #ecuador #transboy #lgbtqally #omg #wshhgirl
Who here loves #Transformers ?!?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Which one is your fav??? Mines is #Bumblebee !!! I’m an 80s baby, so I grew up watching all types of iconic cartoons & reading an array of comics. Having brothers that are 10yrs older than me totally helped cultivate the cool nerd that I am🤓 . . I really love Transforners ! So I am proudly rocking my denim jacket gifted by @BumblebeeMovie Thanks @AlliedContigo !! . . #BumblebeeMovie hits theaters Dec 21st . . . Nails By @divanailsbydiana Photos By @tboy61915 . . #moviebuff #comicbooks #cartoons #influencer #hispter #forever21 #latina #model #nailsofinstagram #nailart
‘Tis the season for reflection. FaLaLaLa🎶 . . Seriously though. This year has been full of blessings. I couldn’t ask for more. . . You all are like family! And I LOVE FAMILY!! . . "Es la temporada de reflexión. FaLaLaLa🎶 . . Hablando en serio. Este año ha estado lleno de bendiciones. No podría pedir más. . . ¡Todos ustedes son como la familia! Y ME ENCANTA LA FAMILIA !! . .
All the losses, the hurt, the pain & the struggles we been through had to happen. We had to walk down that path, so that ours could meet. And now we walk together ✨ I love you baby @tboy61915 and I’m so proud to be at your side! . . If u support me! Then u support my bae too! I played multiple roles in the making of the song & video. So by supporting it, u support me too!! I’m the EP of this project✨ . . I’m so grateful for everyone who believed in it. Who took time out off their busy professional work schedule to make this happen. My industry colleagues & creative friends. All who I call family!! . Thank you 🎶@jehryrobinson @artclassrob for revamping the production and working the entire record. @tara_fba for being along side us the entire way & beautiful BTS u captured during our sessions. 🎥 @oneiphotography @benattonmusic for the amazing movie that was shot & the passion u put into editing it. U guys really brought the treatment to life! Thnx for letting me co-direct to :) A warm thank you to the lead actors @asherhours & @spededemun & the rest of the cast, including my very dear friend @clop3z who contributed w an amazing scene we thought of while going over the treatment! He got to play the role in the scene✨ Thank you again to my love @tboy61915 for allowing me to run this project, for having me sing along with you in that extra part of the song ((the ooo’s))& for changing the treatment by adding me in ur video at the end. I love you & im so proud of u!! . . AND A BIG THANK U TO MY PARENTS✨My biggest support. My biggest fans. My loves! For accepting who I love. By respecting the man I’m with. For opening their hearts , arms & home to him. They are in the music video as well! They are dancing, clapping, holding hands on the right end of this video. LOVE IS LOVE . . We need for everyone to go check out Jaimies first music video !! It’s an original duet with himself!! TAG ur fav talk show, magazine, news article, friend , family, or whoever AND /OR SHARE the link on ALL your platforms. Help spread the word of LOVE, HOPE, BRAVERY & TRUTH. Especially during a time when the world needs more light !
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