Kevin Gates

Him 🇵🇷🇲🇦. Booking@officialbwa.com

repost: @drekagates : "#classic #music will always sell. Luca Brasi 2 went platinum a few months ago & By Any Means went gold. Thanks to all of you who continue to support the art...we have some GREAT MUSIC and other big things for you guys this year....just know that We’re working...In here listening to #Islah album...I promise you guys that this next album will be even 🔥. Just thinking back, we really made history with that album..we were the only debut album of 2016 to go platinum that year and have no features. That’s some pretty amazing shit! We had a minor setback but it’s back to business as usual...cheers to 2019, I’m coming for you💪" #everytimetheytearudownimabuildubackup
@bwa_hooliogates - to love me is to love what I love - and despise what I despise #everytimetheytearudownimabuildubackup
@kingearner1 - link in his bio Sea Moss Gold is a cell proliferating product. It regenerates and rebuilds most cells in the body. Sea Moss Gold contains vitamins A,C,E and K, Vitamins B1 and B12. ... As an emulsifier, it liquefies fat and mucus, making it easier to eliminate body fat #everytimetheytearudownimabuildubackup #alhamdulillah
@trapboyfreddy whatever he grab I’m a put that on top of it - #everytimetheytearUdownimBuildUbackup
Every time they tear you down I’m a build you back up 💪#biggeneral
#NYC episode out now
I been working on my heart trying to forgive - #idontjudge
Whatever we ever spoke about stayed between us #iDontjudge even if the honor wasn’t reciprocated #idontjudge #mypleasure 🤝
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