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A real 24k goon
A very fkn plur EDC weekend in Vegas🤸🏻‍♀️ by my lil bro @jakbannon
This has been my 13th year celebrating Pride and just like every year, I get sappy overwhelmed by how beautiful and HUGE our community is. I got to actually be in the parade this year which was so much fun. Seeing so many different types of people dancing along in the streets. All ages all races all genders all religions. These moments are so important. Especially during strange times in the world. They show you hope isn’t some little hidden spark but a loud sparkly fire rainbow that will not be tamed and damn I’m so here for this shit. Happy Pride month everyone🌈❤️
Submitting evidence that I left my house and now smell like a full bonfire and maybe was on a westworld set but mostly just went for kanye n cudi
Rolling around on the floor at Barneys
Tell me any water tastes better than Evian and we absolutely fightin 😤 (📷 @jakbannon )
Absolutely that bich (📷 @jakbannon )
Regular schmegular (📷 @jakbannon )
Came thru to see my @muglerofficial fam at EDC and bathe in #auramugler #makeitbeat
Lmfao really glad I finally got one of these pictures and this was the face I decided to make smh🤙🏽Thank you so much EDC this was one of the most incredible and surreal experiences ever. I fully get the hype✨ (pic @jakbannon )
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