Lauren KITTENS Abedini

Excellent n cool 4.78 stars Producer | DJ | Intersectional Feminist ⚢ JBlanc@ParadigmAgency.com

About to go lay on the beach wearing all my jewelry✨ Thanks @jaimeridge @tiffanyandco for adding these rings to my collection so I can be my most loud selffff #atiffanyholiday
I’m sitting in the airport alone eating mac n cheese and just dropped a cheesy noodle on my jacket then ate it. I hope someone saw that. Have a great day 🌹 (pic @maxfullard )
Had dinner at Tiffany’s now I’m moving in and never leaving and no one can stop me bye 💎 #atiffanyholiday @tiffanyandco
Hometown shows are 100000.6% of the time always the best time as u can see be the individual curly sweat bang on my face. What cities should I come to in 2019? (@naftphotography )
Never has there been a time more important to stand up for a space dedicated to the health and support of women and their bodies. Photo by my angel friend @maggiewest for @plannedparenthood #STAND2018
If you don’t vote today and are able to u the biggest lame of all time also big big fucks to Donald Trump and any politicians supporting his agenda k bye
Is Halloween over yet
Oh shit it’s #nationalcatday
Wtf should I be for Halloween or is being a LGBT WOC in 2018 spooky enough??🙃
Absolutely putting candles on everything I eat this entire month 😤
🗣Hey I’m gay and it’s old news but #nationalcomingoutday was yesterday so here’s a photo of me, a lesbian who came out many years ago, likely talking about my cats and music after a show🏳️‍🌈
🚨Ayyy giving away a few tickets for my shows in Washington DC tomorrow and Vancouver on Friday with @browniesandlemonade 🚨 To enter comment somethin cute below followed by #ZananAndOn AND post + tag me in a screenshot listening to my EP on your story (link in bio). OTHERWISE if u don’t care just u know say something nice anyways lol k bye xo
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