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Idk what to write lmao but at least my necklaces aren’t tangled for once👍🏽
Fashion weak 💀 I’m never taking this Fendi leopard jacket off ever btw so probably should name him accepting suggestions below thx #clubwgaca
Yesterday my best friend of 12 years married the most perfect woman of all time. @jillmenor over the years you’ve opened my eyes to so many beautiful things that have changed me. From music to djing and now to what real love looks like...I’m so grateful for you and so happy you’ve been blessed with the amazing @melsenecal. I love you both so much. Congratulations u freaks❤️
Just very simple and understated @brownsfashion @brownsmens @fredsegal #fredsegallovesbrowns
Been making an effort to live my life in a really present way which def means tuning out from social media a bit. But just so u know ya girl is workin on a ton of music and happy af and will be returning to my annoying ass waysssss. Flood the comments n smash that like button famoly😤
Lol howdy what’s up everybody
Godddd I need a burrito 😤 oh ya go listen to my EP link in bioOoOo
Yacht Club Rejects @alisonwonderland
This is Armand he’s one of my best friends and also basically my annoying lil brother and also my manager and I love him and also can’t stand him but above all I’m thankful for him having my back no matter what. That shit is too rare in this world. If u got good people in ur life make sure they know how much u cherish them😤
My first official release is out today and I’m like whewwww I can’t believe it finally happened. I’ve been DJing for so many years and working quietly on production until I found a sound I felt was really “me” enough. I’m so thankful for my friends who supported me thru this whole process because I def had some neurotic moments filled with self doubt but....we finally did it. Big big thanks to @flippdinero and @iam_kollision for hopping on To Light. And major thanks to all y’all who have been supporting and growing with me thru the years. We’re just getting started 🖤🌹 Zanan & On out everywhere now. Link in bio. Let me know what u thinkkkk
Idk here’s me snatching my ponytail 🤸🏻‍♀️ (pic @sirasounds )
8.15 8.15 8.15 Zanan & On Can’t wait to share my first proper project with u guys. I’m so excited and nervous but thank u all for supporting me all these years. Ima make u really really proud I promise🌹 #ZananAndOn @foolsgoldrecs
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