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DJ | Producer | Intersectional Feminist ⚢ Activist @PWRxKITTENS 🎼 | JBlanc@ParadigmAgency.com 📷 | Jeffrey@PhotogenicsMedia.com

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at a @castontour session. I’ve never been so vulnerable infront of such a huge room of people which was pretty overwhelming...but after, while I was meeting everyone, I realized how much it helps others to see your struggles and pain and know that through self work and practicing heavy self love, you can navigate any issue without crumbling. Thanks to everyone who gave me hugs and kind words after. And thanks so so much to @ddlovato @themikebayer @daveophilly for having me as a guest. You guys are legit hero’s out here❤️
Here is a very close up picture of my face after playing the @Reddit party and watching @miguel at @SXSW 🤸🏻‍♀️
Kith me -xoxo Rakim
International Women’s Day comes every year. We speak of hopes for progress, change, and equality ... but this year is wildly special. It's the first one in my lifetime where I have seen changes made and true progress. Women’s strength is truly starting to be celebrated and voices are being heard. I have known one of my true purposes in life is to help empower women, so whatever opportunities I get, I will share that wealth with my community. So thankful @MeUndies is helping me provide underwear to the Downtown LA Women’s Center, which supports the struggling women on Skid Row, along with donating 20% of all their revenue today to the organization #meundiespartner #mepluswe #internationalwomensday
🕹📹 @jakbannon
Medium delicate. Medium feminine. (📷 @crystina.bond )
Control the guns. Not womxn’s bodies. mood mood mood. . . . (📷 @crystina.bond )
U ever wake up with a new freckle or beauty mark on your body and think it’s dirt or something then u try to scratch it off and realize THATS PART OF YOU FOREVER NOW
Here’s a photograph of me in a rocking chair with some champagne I hope you guys like it thanks
🗣YA BICH PLAYIN EDC LAS VEGAS THIS YEAR. Saturday @ Cosmic Meadow stage whewwwww. Cant wait to have a full panic attack before this one lmao 🤙🏽
Gollum™️ c/o @thevetiver
Necklace says ‘Kitty’ in Farsi
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