Kymara Stephens

•Child of God •Mother •Recovering Heroin Addict

My child loves Ramen so much, so she got a Ramen hoodie. Only my child. 🍜
My favorite human! ❤️❤️❤️
It is well with my soul! <3
I can't seem to find the words to express how much I love and appreciate my mamaw. My heart hurts knowing this is gonna be our last Thanksgiving together. I just want you to stay with me always. If I could take back the last few years of pain that I caused you, I would. All the times I said I would be there, and never showed are weighing heavy on my heart today. But what a blessing to have you see God turn my life around. I love you so much! Always!! <3
Story of my life. *shrugs* oh well.
Speak the Truth even when your voice shakes. I am the one God left the 99 to find. #canigetawitness #testimony
Isn't she lovely?
<3 a cute snap filter.
3rd Annual Walk Against Heroin 2018 #walkagainstheroin
Jesus, you changed everything! Thank you for breathing life back into me. <3
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