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#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london We all have a story or stories! Our whole entire life is built upon a story. We inherit stories and our life is full of colourful adventures . . . But what happens when the story you keep telling yourself is limiting you from reaching your full potential. What if the story isn’t relevant or true what if it wasn’t even your story but something you were told to believe, maybe it might be time for you to write a new story . . . And this is the beautiful thing about our lives, we have the power to now to re write HIS and HER Stories. We have the knowledge . . . One of my favourite quotes by Rumi “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore “ You see when you take on other people’s stories as truth you can ultimately be deterred from your own destiny. It’s really fucking annoying when you discover that for most of your life you have played small because you listened to your mum, dad, teacher, friend on how to live your life. I remember the first time I became conscious enough to know I had been creating my own reality all along. Really pissed off I listened to others over my own intuition . . . This might resonate, you might be totally and utter proper miffed that you gave your power away or you might be frustrated and confused at the fact you have wasted so much being bothered by other people’s opinions of you . . . Alas, there is good news in fact great news. You amazing human you as long as you have awareness and willing to put in the work there are no limits to your success and no path you cannot create, You are the dreamer, dreaming the dream! . . . So good connecting with you all again over on the podcast show. I talk about my story the guts n glory and how we really can have it all once we decide to tell ourselves a different story ✨🌹👑 LINK IN BIO AND STORY FOR PODCAST #spiritualpodcast #newstories #youcreateyourownreality
We love you 😍✨💕 #goddesslife #empoweringwomeneverywhere
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#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london Money always wants to show up for you. When we learn to feel safe and secure, the universe is always making things happen for us. Being out of alignment is a fast, sure way yo block money. Many of us don’t realise how our language and our story around money is keeping us limited You are a powerful creator here to create a life you love and money will flow to you New podcast all the links are in bio Night Queens 😘✨😴 #mindsetcoaching #loa #spiritualpodcast
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ Big Thank you to @aura_kits totally making my day This Expectant Mama Calm kit is everything I need to get me in the zone It includes a mixture of Frankincense and Lavender incense A Lavender candle ( 100% plant wax) Frankincense essential oil Crystals are Rose - A Heart Chakra stone it helps to keep Mama Calm and aids in healing after birth. It also eases stress from fertility or reproductive system Hold on belly whilst pregnant to connect with baby Malachite- Also a Heart Chakra stone and very popular amongst midwives helps to facilitate a safe birth. It is also the stone of transformation by releasing past trauma and dormant emotions preparing you for a “rebirth” it’s definitely happening in childbirth for sure Moonstone - It’s aligned with the Moon just like us and strengthens new beginnings ( Ocean is due on Full Moon which is rather exciting because it’s also a Lunar Eclipse 😌🌕) It helps to ease stress, fear and tension and also promotes lactation Couple of other stones to use is Larimar and Lapis Larimar is very complementary to a pregnant woman, it can calm nerves, and bring ultimate relaxation - like being gently carried by the Caribbean waters. And when mommy is happy, the baby is also happy. Larimar also heals pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, anxiety, and postpartum depression When you use it for meditation, it can aid in smoother communication, better self-expression, and a deeper connection with the divine as it resonates the throat and heart chakras You get a bag of Himalayan Salts which are perfect for pregnancy. Not only does it help with water retention ( my secret to only putting on bump and no excess weight) it helps with circulation, it full of essential minerals and helps you relax and de stress So much more info I will share on a blogpost before I give birth Thanks again @aura_kits can’t wait to try #holisticmama #crystalvibes #expectantmama #holisticpregnancy #chakrabalancing
It’s simple Gone but never forgotten Remembering #mayaangelou
Vibes for life! You have choice You can choose what path to take You can choose how you want to feel Liberation and freedom is yours Exercise that! Practice self love and acceptance Stop judging others Live your truth And walk in love Everyday #chakrabalancing #lifehacking #throatchakra
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london Got my #solarplexus moving to share with you on the podcast today! You are enough as you are Right Now today! Healing isn’t linear To be the best version of yourself you are going to have to let go of the stories of your past, the shit that still haunts you! What are you saying about yourself? Never mind what other people say! You matter, this is your life. I would of never been able to embrace and embark on my healing journey if I was holding onto shame, guilt, resent, fear! To really experience this life and all it has to offer, you gotta know yourself and accept yourself on all levels. Learn to let it go, none of it matters. Let’s start creating your new life today! #spiritualpodcast #podcastshow #noshameinmygame #healingwithin
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london My day of “being” I clocked up some serious miles past few days! Housework, homework, food shops! Writing, Healing. I cancelled all my appointments today... my excuse was I just don’t feel like it today. I spent two hours in the bath 1 hour listening to meditation music , visualising my future and the rest reading. I am about to eat some lunch and catch a nap! I feel grateful for liberation and freedom, because sometimes we push ourselves beyond our limits because we feel we don’t have a choice. You always have a choice but it means reclaiming your power. It’s always belonged to you but we give it away unconsciously. Lets remember how powerful we are and we can say NO at anytime to things that don’t align with our highest selves! Today was nurturing for me and much needed especially at now 31 weeks pregnant. I am so excited to meet my daughter, I am just enjoying the last bits of pregnancy and each day my health improves! So powerful 💪🏽 Don’t limit yourself life is an illusion you can create and be and do whatever you want ✨😌😘🌀👽🌈🦄👑👁 #limitless #livingmylifelikeitsgolden #idowhateverthefuckiwant
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london Life hack The most significant thing you will do today is breath. I noticed within my own life I was constantly focused on doing! I forgot how to just be. I wouldn’t say I have hit apathy but I have slowed down. Listen to your body Rest as much as necessary No rush to get to your grave just yet! #letgoandletgod #bepresent #biohacking
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london Now #ontheblog Me and the beautiful @francesca_secolonovo_wellness Francesca contacted me to offer me a Tibetan Bowl session! So powerful and since then definitely felt a shift in my energy! Click link on bio and read full write up Go to “The Blog” An amazing experience I won’t forget Thank you Francesca More power to you! Keep rising Queen #tibetanbowls #soundhealing #soundhealingbowls
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london My truth As I see it! Fix other women’s crowns Clap when people win, because this will allow so many blessings to come your way. Jealousy, bitterness, anger and resent will block your path to abundance. It’s time to get #alignedanddivine 🌈😌🦄👑👁🌀😏
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london I think you stand under me if you don’t understand me 😌 🎵I was born under water with 3 dollars and six dimes, oh you may laugh.. because you did not do your math🎵 What makes reality real? What separates a wise man from a fool? What keeps the Earth still spinning? The more real you get the more unreal other people’s perception of reality gets! If your going to live this life, make sure you seek the knowledge of self, gain wisdom through learning and failing, understand who you are and what your purpose is, don’t let anything get in your way ✨🌈🦄👑👁🌀👽 #knowthyself #wisdomquotes #overstand
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london Yo 30 weeks! Ocean we are doing this! Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey I am trying to stay as present to this journey as possible and not allow any fear, worry or anxiety around birth take away the most precious and beautiful and sacred part of being a women. I was only just walking through the church where I live where I could here women tell there “horrifying” birth stories. Then I thought about how many horrific stories we here everyday and then wonder why we live in so much fear. Fear is the biggest killer on this planet It will kill your min, soul and body if you let it. We have been programmed and conditioned for so long to believe the world is a dangerous place and life is a struggle. If you dare to have a positive outlook or step outside the box , your deemed as crazy! Its #mentalhealthawarenessweek I want to use my voice to share with the world that there is nothing to be afraid of. You are here , you are safe All is well in your world 👍🏽 If you declare it! Special thanks to @stopcensoringmotherhood @empoweredbirthproject These accounts have made it possible for pregnant women to share there birth stories to empower and embrace motherhood in the way that it should be. For every Goddess on this magical journey with me! Stay strong, Stay positive, Stay Powerful You were born to do this! #30weekspregnant #pregnantandperfect #empoweredwomenempowerwomen
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london What more can I say Keep vibrating high folks! ✨💕🌀🦄🌈👑👁👽 #happythursday 😊 #trusttheprocess #letgoandletgod
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london If I look kinda smug I just had an orgasm.. totally feeling myself today.I had about 4 complete strangers say hi to me and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that the world isn’t so bad after all!I wonder what life would be like if we could all smile more at each and say “Hey good day”Gratitude for the day is good health always and more power!When we know ourselves we know our potential we become limitless When you are able to have insight and foresight you become unstoppable. I hope everyone gets it #newmoonvibes we are shifting Taurus is where we are Moon cycle but Planetary we are getting shifted like it or not!Uranus going into Taurus and Mars tagging along too! It’s all about strength and stability and grounding which I been feeling because even at 30 weeks pregnant my energy in terms of my physical ability keeps getting stronger, my energy levels are increasing. I even I don’t know what’s going on, but I AM grateful because NOW is the time to have more conscience thoughts around what we eat and how we move our bodies. This is the #rootchakra . To find out how you can balance your chakras and get the most from this life head over to my bio and click on the link in bio! The Reset™️ Lets get #alignedanddivine #chakabalancing #alignyourchakras #reikimasterteacher
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ Word! Happy Tuesday ✨🌈🌀🙌🏽👁 And we are tapping into the #newmoonvibes #alberteinstein #goodvibesonly 💯
#Repost @queenofmylife.london ・・・ @queenofmylife.london Magic happens when you start to release anger, resent, fear... when you start to look in the mirror and love the person looking back. You start to realise how magical you are and how magical life is! You get present! You realise life is a gift and you don’t take any of this illusion too seriously! It’s just ride #billhicks #justenjoyinglife #itsjustaride
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