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@iamrebeccanicholls Everything is everything! Everything has a story But the origin of who we are is powerful creators, if we have inherited a story that tells us otherwise it’s just an illusion. We were in fact born into heaven with all our needs met, us being born I call the “Prize called Life” you have already won. You are a dream come true Epigenetics teaches us our beliefs about our environment shape our reality and this can affect our genes. Your journey into life started with a belief you inherited long before you were born, it is your mother’s beliefs and her mothers beliefs. We are above our DNA, we are free to create and be whoever we want to be. As for dis-ease. The cells in your body are constantly communicating and listening to you. They are only responding to their environment. All dis-ease starts with thought, if you can change the way you see things, things will eventually change. My only advise is to never agree or affirm on anything you wish not to be true or made manifest into your reality. Your body only knows how to respond. With the knowledge and information we have available and the paradigm shift in consciousness, we are entering into exciting times for the planet. We are becoming aware of how we have huge potential to create the new when we let go of the old #selfhealing #consciousness #paradigmshift #alignment
Just because I love my new camera! I realised how much creativity can be created with this marvellous devices which was one of the reasons I upgraded was to take better pics This is portrait and natural lighting My skin looking really good lately Lots of hydration. The celery juice is doing wonders, the right amount of sleeps. I take alot of supplements to support my body especially postpartum What I really wanted for 2019 was to feel really good about myself as often as I could. For me that meant movement, creativity, eating right, playtime, self care and being in the present as much as I can. I spent much of my life desperately wanted to get somewhere else, but also looking back with deep regret. If you are that person and you struggle to be present to what’s going on around you, self awareness can help you really appreciate who you are and where you are. This is what the Sacral Chakra is all about You were born with gifts and talents don’t be afraid to use them, creativity is for you. It doesn’t need any approval from anyone Make up is one way of creativity and self expression, I love the way it makes me feel and so making more of an effort to put it on these days. As I have got older it’s definitely less... embracing who we are as we age is a great thing. I look forward to having many years on this beautiful planet #keepcreating #showupforyourself #postpartumlife #sacralchakra #createcultivate
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When your a hot mess but oh the joy of playing with this little one! She is on the go and so aware of her surroundings. I been digging deep into biology of belief and reading up on conscious parenting. A lot of parenting starts way before conception, the baby starts to take on it’s environment long before bubs is born. Our beliefs create our reality. Of course I wish I knew this when bear was born and so there is compassion and not guilt, if you know this information then choose to ignore that’s a different story. I suffered postpartum depression and really bad anxiety during pregnancy with Tristan and I didn’t get help, again can’t change past but doing everything I can to create a supportive and loving environment for my kids with the knowledge I know now. You are important mama, take time to care for you and fill up your cup. My day is is full of many things to do and I make sure I schedule in time for physical activity and rest/downtime. You guys know how much I love my baths 🛀 A loving and nurturing environment helps us all grow! #consciousparenting #postpartumdepression #postpartumlife #happiestofdays
All versions of me are exceptional 2009-2019 28 to 38 #10yearchallenge #finelikewine #theglowupisreal
And it’s as simple as that! It’s easy to repeat because the subconscious mind will always go back to the original program. You’re going to have to use your third eye to create a new possibility so you get a new experience Yet this requires action and change and transformation and that might not be easy for some The question is always... how bad do you want it? #itsmondaybitches #goseason #snoozeyouloose #quitbitchin
You don’t need permission You don’t have to follow You can choose to unfollow You can do whatever the fuck you like Your feed is what you absorb Having a little chat about this with a friend What you are watching is becoming your reality Maybe you get triggered Maybe people change and you use to like people but not anymore.People have permission to change or grow! You don’t have to agree. Remember everyone’s got an opinion just like everyone’s got an asshole. I am very selective with what I want to see, I want to grow and be inspired and connect with like minded individuals. If it’s not motivating you, inspiring you and it just doesn’t vibe with you It’s got to go....2019 peeps PS your not a child you don’t have to tell people on the internet you don’t want to be friends with them anymore @iamrebeccanicholls #dowhateverthefuckyouwant #yourlife #yourrules #nofucksgiven
A Sunday well spent brings a week of content ✨💕 No filter necessary Today’s magic free of charge #naturehastheanswers #wintersunset #skyporn
Latergram! Capricorn energy has me focused and what a way to start the year I get asked for help by many of you regular in the DM’s, so many of you would love to work with me but money might be an issue I decided this year I was going to help more people get healed in every area of their lives. It’s part of the reason I am here. I recently saw a quote by @babaramdass that said “I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people....to me that’s what the emerging game is all about “ Well I am never going to stop working on myself and I will never want to stop helping people. This is part of my soul mission and I am delighted and excited to share with you my teachings. May we all be free ✨ The video to my patreon is available in my bio on my highlights. Getting people into alignment so they can really see a possibility for their lives brings me joy! We all deserve joy and peace! I don’t believe transformation happens over night, but I do know if you are committed to changing little things, like your daily habits, the things you say about yourself and others and if you can see a vision for your future and hold that and of course, do the work! You are going to get results. This is for those are committed to becoming someone else and aren’t really happy in their current life situation. Your life won’t change unless you do, so who’s ready ✨💪🏽💥🔥 #changeyourthoughtschangeyourlife #mindsetcoaching #patreoncreator #createyourreality
We are celebrating 🥳 Happy 5 Months Blue We love you 🌊💋❣️ #happydaysalways #myfamily#5monthsoldtoday
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Nearly 5 months postpartum and I am getting stronger each day. During these postpartum months it’s important we are incredibly kind to ourselves and not to compare our bodies to other women. Especially other women postpartum! After Tristan’s birth via C section I felt awful in my body, I despised it. I had a c section and my stomach was stretched and I had many stretch marks. I didn’t get any with Ocean. Both pregnancies completely different but I have changed dramatically I am no longer the woman who gave birth to Tristan. We evolve people! I was really active during this pregnancy and was able to give birth naturally without any drugs, a really empowering birth experience for me. I am glad I trusted my body to do what it’s designed to do. Our bodies are incredible, I mean seriously! I have been blown away over the past year with what I have been able to do with my body. Reversed a chronic illness and gave birth! I mean incredible. I believe miracles happen when we stay alignment, find gratitude. Don’t compare ourselves to others and work on our gifts. Of course there is so much power in being present Your mind is what needs most convincing, often we are stuck in survival mode, when we need to shift into deliberate and powerful creators! I am currently working on getting my body stronger, whilst looking after this one and Tristan and myself and write a book! Some days it’s super challenging but I am always gentle and kind to myself reminding myself I am not in competition with anyone and I aint got nothing to prove. I create my own happiness and what makes me happy might not make someone else happy. We gotta know ourselves and accept ourselves which is part of this incredible journey! Ocean is 5 months tomorrow and I cannot believe time has gone so quickly. I am excited for 2019 because after 3 years of me working really hard on myself and my mindset things are falling into place Always trust the timing of your life ✨ #postpartumlife #5monthspostpartum #loveyourbodynow #selflovefirst
You know the older I get the more I look up and am so grateful to catch these moments #beautyiseverywhere #waxingcrescentmoon #wintersunset
@iamrebeccanicholls Yes! You are safe Deep Breathes You are a badass We all get wobbly moments We can all get depressed, experience anxiety. Have overwhelming emotions. I don’t worry about much these days, but I have definitely spent endless hours stuck in dark places. Hating myself and hating life. I know what it’s like to not want to live, to be consumed by dark thoughts. It takes a massive shift in your mindset to change your reality and you have to be willing to change your thoughts Your thoughts are creating your reality. Get focused, get clear and keep moving forward don’t worry about what happened It doesn’t matter, go create a new life for yourself Check out my latest IGTV where I share my tips on how to manifest what you want really quickly #manifestyourlife #youniverse #createyourreality #createyourself
Its coming Everything you prayed for Everything you believed in You are powerful creator You are a badass! ( Just talking to myself) The energy shift right now is real, if you’re in a serious decluttering mood go with it. I even nearly threw out Tristan today 😂 So much is weighing us down So much in the past is not necessary anymore as we ascend, we get higher and lighter, we get closer to our dreams each and everyday Be consistent Keep on keeping on ✨ #capricornseason #declutteryourlife #letitallgo #makespacefornew
Boooooooob! Her face says it all. Maybe in 2019 women can be respected during pregnancy, birth and beyond. After all we do create life @iamrebeccanicholls #normalisebreastfeeding #empoweredbirthproject #5montholdbaby #postpartumlife
@iamrebeccanicholls If I could only give you one piece of advice in 2019 No one is coming to save you! But also you are not here to save anyone ( Talking to you healer) The world will still spin whether your here or not. Life is happening whether you show up or not. We are all born with incredible potential, we are wired to create. Go create, do the magical shit that makes your heart sing Have fun, as much as you can. We are here for the good time but I also believe we can be here for the long time if we honour ourselves, honour our time, be wise with our energy Sometimes saying NO is exactly what we need to do. If it doesn’t feel right, trust that shit. I been dealing with my demons for many years. I have lived in heaven and hell on this planet, I have experienced all levels. And ultimately I created them all. Don’t make excuses as to why you cannot do it. You absolutely can! May you go into monday slaying all your goals! Take the energy from this #newmooncapricorn Capricorns are focused, ambitious, practical. Now is the time for clearing! Now is the time for clarity What do you want? What’s stopping you from getting it? Notice what comes up for you. We always have a story running our subconscious mind. Over at @nirvana_beautywithin I am going to be sharing more insight into how we can reprogram the subconscious mind for abundance, healing and deliverance #subconscious #consciousness #healing #securethebag
@iamrebeccanicholls Affirmation: I trust my inner wisdom. There is a place within each of us that is totally connected with the infinite wisdom of the universe. In this place lie all the answers to all the questions you will ever ask. Learn to trust your inner self As you go throughout your day, lean into your intuition. Listen to your own guidance Affirmation:I am willing to forgive If we sit in a prison of self righteous resentment we cannot be free, even if we don’t know how to forgive we can be willing to forgive, the universe will respond to our willingness and help us find the way Forgiveness of myself and others, releases me from the past. Forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem, forgiveness is a gift to myself. I forgive and I set myself free. Forgiveness and learning to trust my gut has set me free and helped to heal all areas of my life. We cannot go forward to create a life we will love, if we are stuck in our past. Affirmation: I am open and willing to receive all that life has to offer me. Happy Sunday folks, and Happy New Moon Get free and clear and set intentions for this month and your year. May all your dreams come true ✨🌑 #newmooncapricorn #intentionalliving #forgivenesssetsyoufree #forgiveyourself #lettinggo
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