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fineapple🍍🍍 Because I can again & my makeup skills are coming along GOOD . . . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairmovement #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #southafricanyoutuber #pineapple #curls #curlyhair
Lord your consolation brought me joy!🌸 We are almost halfway through the week😃 have a beautiful day everyone. #inspiration #motivational
Just wanted to show you guys how long my hair currently is since I did my big chop in May this year, the growth has been so amazing😃 . . By the things in between I mean: Use products that are natural hair friendly, no parabens, silicones, sulfates etc, do not shampoo your hair everyday, use moisturizing oils, sealants to seal in the moisture, do keep your hair moisturized, co wash when you feel your hair needs a wash, do use the right detangling tools & take care of your hair. . . All of these things will ensure that you have healthy hair & you will see growth. . . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #southafricanyoutuber #afro #fro #curls #curlyhair #naturalhairgrowthjourney
Happy 2nd birthday my little angel! How time flies, yesterday I was still holding you in my arms now you’ve grown up & turned into a beautiful little girl. God has blessed me & pappa beyond words, you are more then what we ever could’ve asked for. You have such a energetic spirit, a will of your own & are so stubborn at times, but thats what makes you YOU, we love you. We hope that you grow into the person that God wants you to be & stay the loving, always smiling young lady you are. Happy Birthday mammas little girl, I love you so so much🌸🌸
just a little throwback! . . My hair in May, after I did my big chop, every since then my hair has been growing like crazy. I like to reflect on my hair growth journey, where I’ve been and where I am now, its so rewarding. If you guys want a few tips on how to grow healthy hair, I have a video up on my youtube channel, so you can go and watch that. . . Happy healthy hair growth sisters➿ . . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #southafricanyoutuber #afro #fro #curls #naturalhairgrowthjourney
Walking in faith, because I know God is with me every step of the way🌸 #quote #motivational #inspirational
Issa Froday➿➿ Curls popping & I’m ready for my off weekend, sometimes you need more then a weekend away from work, for your own sanity🌸 . . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #southafricanyoutuber #afro #fro #curls #froday
Emotional Suitcase by @alex_elle . . I’m always unpacking all the negative stuff, everything that’s holding me back, I refuse to be a prisoner of my past mistakes, peoples opinions and the emotional trauma I went through in my life. All those negativity doesn’t call for a happy life, it just invites sadness and hatred into my life, I refuse to be trapped in my past. Instead I chose to bring along all the positivity, the good, the parts of me that will make me a better person, that will open new doors. I will embrace the parts of myself, the good the bad, what God has blessed me with and turn that into something amazing, because that’s what God intended for us, to live a happy & full life. . . . . . . #motivational #inspirational #southafricanyoutuber #southafricannaturalhairblogger #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #alexelle #hope #happiness
Miss this little girl so much, waiting patiently for her to get home from school😃 Yesterday we played in her sandpit and she enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t even get a smile from her. I had to tell her to say cheese and she did, finally got this shot after she kept on saying cheese the whole time. We also counted a bit, I try in afrikaans & the she ends up saying one two three, this little girl has a mind of her own. She sings in english all of her songs, I just hope we turn away from english at some stage & move back to afrikaans😃 . . . . . . #naturalhairsa #naturalhairkids #kids #toddlers #southafricanbloggermom #southafricanyoutuber #southafricannaturalhairblogger #mommy
I had 3 cups of coffee this morning already to start my day off, because today is going to be hella busy, I have so much to do, hopefully I will keep it moving & get everything done today, have a nice day everyone from your coffee addict friend🌸 #coffee #coffeeaddict
I’m obsessed with deep conditioning, are you?😃 . . I have tons of deep conditioners, but somehow I always reach for these three, the @curlchemistry @_mynatural_hair @auntjackiescurlsandcoils deep conditioners. My hair adores these three, I am a firm believer that if you deep condition your hair on a regular basis it will flourish. I never skip deep conditioning on my wash day and I always use heat to maximize the benefits of deep conditioning. . . Which deep conditioners are your favorite? . . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #curls #curlyhair #naturalhairproducts #deepconditioner #curlchemistry #auntjackiescurlsandcoils #mynaturalhair
A red lip never hurt no one💋 . . Products applied to hair: NONE : just wet hair that I air dried 😃 This is going to be a go to look from now on, I LOVE my hair like this. Deep conditioning is going to be of the utmost importance now. . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #southafricanyoutuber #curls #curlyhair
Yes I do part time photography too! Obviously my photography skills are not where I want it to be, but I’m getting there, with loads of hard work😃 . . I had the privilege to shoot my cousin’s maternity photos @robync1209 I was so lucky to be apart of it & I enjoyed every moment of it. The photos turned out great, because these two were amazing models & they were so comfortable in front of the camera. Can not wait to see the little one soon👶🏻 . . . . . . #photography #maternityphotography #momtobe #canonphotography #canon70d
Have a beautiful & blessed week everyone! Trust in God & have faith that He will carry you through this week💗 #quote
Happy Sunday morning everyone!🌸 . . While some of you are sleeping late or maybe at church, I’m at work. I just realized I have been running through this year, constantly working, I’m in desperate need of a holiday. This year has been a whirlwind of things, ups & downs, I had so much on my plate & so much has happened. With that being said I’m so blessed to have had all the opportunities I had this year, BUT I feel like Cape Town is calling my name, I miss that place so much. Hopefully a miracle will happen soon and I will be able to go, even if it’s just for one week. 😃 . . Hope you all have a blessed, fun & chilled day, getting ready for the week ahead🌸 . . . . . . #southafricannaturalhairblogger #southafricanyoutuber #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #capetown
No product hair😃 . . washed & conditioned my hair with @carolsdaughter rhassoul clay shampoo & conditioner & deep conditioned my hair with the @curlchemistry deep conditioner and then I let it air dry. I did not apply any styling creams, leave in conditioners, nothing, because I wanted volume. I love my results so much, can I wear my hair like this everyday?? To sleek my hair back I used the @ecocobeauty gel and thats that. Frohawk 💯 . . . . . . #naturalhair #naturalhairsa #naturalhairbloggersouthafrica #afro #fro #curls #curlyhair #southafricanyoutuber
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