Sarah Mitchell

Dancer/Choreographer/Movement Coaching

That’s a wrap on #thevoice this season and I wouldn’t wanna be next to any other than @moslaughter ! Such a wonderful woman and friend! Thank you so much @slaughteration @paulmorente and @staciflood I’m so grateful always! #houseofsamla
What a group! Loved working with everyone tonight on @nbcthevoice thank you @slaughteration and @paulmorente !! ❤️❤️
Loved having the opportunity to choreograph with @moslaughter on @imkennedyholmes #thevoice performance tonight! Thank you @slaughteration and @paulmorente for this! Thank you to @staciflood and all the beautiful ladies who killed it! @blocla
I’m a little late... but thank you so much to @thesquareddivision @janelleginestra @willdabeast__ @charmladonna and @amandabalen for having me at the #latingrammy2018 it was such a great group of beautiful and talented women and I’m grateful ❤️
Proud of you @williegomez can’t wait to see the finished product! ❤️
Ok... I know I have said this numerous times before but... It’s for real this time. This was our last #pieceofme show after 5 years. Words can’t express how grateful I feel. I love these people. 🙌🏼🙏🏼
I couldn’t be more grateful that I do what I really truly love for a living. After many years, I finally got around to making a reel... here is a snippet of it! @blocla #harlowgold #blindtiger #britneyspears #xtina #pitbull *i don’t own the rights to this song 😉
Can we do just one more “hip shake baby” @harlowgoldshow #harlowgoldshow
Hey guys! So, I’m starting a company with the goal of sharing products that I love and find helpful in life. I am a little nervous... so I am starting small, but hope to grow with multiple items in the near future! My first one is the Jade Roller and I would love your support. I would be grateful for any feedback or questions you may have, as well as suggestions for my next product! I am super excited about sharing this journey with you and look forward to what it can become. You can follow us @glam.me.lifestylebrand ❤️
#Repost @glam.me.lifestylebrand with @get_repost ・・・ There is still time to get 15% off the Jade Roller with promo code: JADEROLLER15 📸 @lnzyrosephoto
Still a chance to get 15% off the Jade Roller ❤️ Click the link in my bio and use code: JADEROLLER15 #jaderoller
Au revoir Paris 🇫🇷
I have wanted to see this show for some time. It was more than I could imagine! Such beautiful and talented women. Inspired @crazyhorseparis_official #crazyhorseparis
Having the time of our lives ❤️ London show tonight. #pieceofmetour
Dublin tonight! #pieceofmetour
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