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I remember a couple of years ago being so stressed out as a “new” mom. Well, at least it felt new. I was 5 years in, with 2.5 kids, no relatives to give me a mommy break and no one close by that I knew well enough to entrust with my children. There were days and nights that I cried trying to figure out how to get my toddlers to sleep or to calm down and to squeeze in me time & hubby time, without pushing through exhaustion & guilt! Most of the women around me had already finished raising their children and were back to the “single life.” And being the person I am, when I started seeking advice, I was more discouraged than encouraged. But, it’s amazing when you don’t stop seeking to be better. I prayed and asked God to send people who had a heart for Him and one of the individuals He sent was this amazing woman right here, Robyn Talbert @dailyfulfilledwoman. He sent her right on time. As a mom, I was desperate to be built. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>We met at our kids school. Of course, I greeted her with the things I was doing to help women to be healed & successful. But, I had no idea she was the key to help me to get strengthened as a mom! She became more than friend, she became my “sister.” Actually, we both needed the same thing. With her three kids and my three kids, we started attending the same events, supported community organizations together and we helped each other by being date night relief systems, hair appointments and “me time” baby sitters for each other. God fulfilled the void 🙌. And now today, even though our loads have gotten heavier, are needs have changed. I just want to thank her for being the village I needed to help me in keeping my sanity while doing this thing called motherhood. And, she also initiated my surprise Baby Shower 😍. Thank you Robyn for having a heart after God’s heart! You’re very genuine, sweet and an amazing mom, Wife & Friend! I appreciate you! #motherhood #supportyourfriends #womenempowerment #helpinghand #friends #sisters #blessings #blessed #womenwholead #metime #parenthood #goodgirlfriends #girlfriends #winning
Happy Sweet & an absolutely elegant and Thankful Tuesday! This is another heartfelt thanks to my Friend Adrien Foreman, CEO of @cakesbysweettreatscouture & My Friends at @simplypanachevents Simply Panache Events for making my #surprisebabyshower A time to forever remember! My guests were greeted with the beauty of Black, white and fuchsia decor with a splash of gold! How beautiful this day was. And to add to the atmosphere, my guests complimented the sweet aroma of the cake 🎂 as they approached the display filled with fresh fruit! And, let me tell you this cake was everything amazing! How do I know, because I ate it. For those who know me, I don’t do cake. I didn’t even eat my wedding cake! But, when my hubby @wesleyolivermd suggested that I must taste it, I did and I, literally, couldn’t stop eating it! (Did you see my video? Swipe 👈🏽) It melted in our mouths. 😋 #bestinDC #DMV #DMVFinest #womenpreneur #bestintheworld #cake #foodreview #events #cakereview #sweettreatscouture #chefoftheyear #winner #bedtcakeever #emmy #awardwinning #foodie #eventplanner
#37Weeks and counting! I’m still basking in the blessing of this day, my surprise baby shower, it was beautiful, absolutely #elegant & so me! @simplypanachevents really out did themselves. Every detail really defined my personality. But, even more than that, the love from friends who invested their time, energy and hearts did not go unnoticed and no compliment was unsaid! So, as I pose, holding the blessing in my womb, I am truly thankful for the blessing I received this day; it’s almost like a fairy tale come true! 😘 #babyshower #surprise #mommytobe #joy #almostready #bunintheoven #blessed #mommyandme #preciousmoments #pregnancy #bliss #surreal
#Surprise 😍 It’s Your #BabyShower Words can’t express my gratitude! My friends are the most sweetest & the most thoughtful. When I walked through the door, I broke down crying. I wished we could have captured every moment. It was so beautiful; mere pictures can not capture the beauty and the overall atmosphere of this occasion. It was so detailed and they captured very much all of me! I am connected to some amazing women, who are more than just friends. They are my sister-friends. They are moms, wives business owners @simplypanachevents , @cakesbysweettreatscouture , @talbert_daycare_llc And, I’m blessed to have them. I’ll share more moments soon. #greatgirlfriends #blessed #sisterhood #selflessness
I’m so not about the “hype!” Nope, I don’t believe in starting something and then stopping! I need results! Are you like me, too? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Building the best person you can be, must be an every day goal, not a temporary high! And, whether, you are a mom, a speaker, a supervision, business owner or server, you lead in your own right! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Check Out my 8 Tips to Lead Successfully & Get a sneak peak of a few of the breakdowns below 👇🏽Want the complete breakdown for each tip? Go to my profile & click the link 👉🏽 https://www.iamshamecalatai.com/subscribe-1/ Look Out for it in your inbox! It’s really good! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Comment & Let me know your thoughts >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #SNEAK PEAK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1. Own Your Truth: Be honest about what you’ve been through, where you have been, where you are and you’ll be able to freely get to where you want to be. Your listeners, followers & supporters need someone who can be relateable. They must know they can make it through their own trials and tribulations, and still be successful! 2. Be Vulnerable: You have a right to be human. Never think that having feelings and emotions make you weak; understanding & properly dealing with them makes you strong. 3. Be Consistent: If you start, Finish It! This is where people really know if they can trust you and honestly, this is when you know you can trust yourself. Keep going to keep Winning! #womenwholead #mompreneur #entrepreneur #leadee #bridgebuilder #winning #tips #tools #goalsetting #justdoit #move #build #buildingthebestyou #goals #womenpreneur #girlfriend #leading #girlcode #believeyoucan #start #finish #focus #selfcare
When you know what you are born to do, you #do it! “Born To Lead!” Moments like this feels so good; especially knowing where you’ve come from. I remember knowing I had a desire to do certain things, but I would think myself out of it! #doubt #fear I would allow the fear of imperfection and possible judgement hinder me from walking in my full purpose. At times, I would procrastinate on ideas, knowing God was opening up doors and I would slowly walk through them, in the midst of asking, “when is it my turn?”I used to sit in the background, so that I wouldn’t make others feel uncomfortable. I would suppress my gifts, when I really should have been moving an operating with the fire that God had placed on the inside of me! It’s amazes others, sometimes, when I tell people, “I’m shy!” Lol They can’t believe it. But, many times I have been. Some how, I would find strength & just challenge my shyness. #selfencouragement >>>>>>>I believe many of us have thought ourselves out of operating at our full potential for various reasons. But, I challenge you, today, to tell yourself that you deserve to operate at the highest level of your gifting. Being imperfect, is perfect. God can use you right where you are! When we are able to operate where we are, we have the ability to show others they can do it too! Some of the greatest people, that I have ever known, never started at the top, they worked their way to a greater level. There were no easy hand outs! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>We are all born to lead in some capacity in our lives, so whatever you are born to do, just do it! Do it with your whole heart, with confidence & trust that God will give you everything else that you need! >>>>>>>>>>>>>> There’s so much peace and joy we experience when we are effectively operating in our gifts. >>>>>>>>>Side note: customizable Jean jackets will be on my site soon! Be the first to get yours, hand made by me Sha’Meca Latai’ 🙌🙌🙌 #BornToLead #buildingthebestyou #womanpreneur #winning #letswintogether #empowerment #fashion #denimjacket #confidence #move #bebold #live #ownyourpower #girlcode #bridgebuilder #believeyoucan #shamecalatai
This is how I greeted the Women as they entered into the #GirlCode Event. I wanted them to hear my heart even before they heard my voice! To every Woman Who Leads, I #Welcome you to join me and every other Woman who have already said yes to connect, support and celebrate Women Who Lead and Build The Best Them! Taking this action is so vital to our success inside out & like my good friend @inspiredfully in leadership said, I am “Cracking The Code of Effective Leadership.” It’s not a movement. It’s a Mandate and a prayer answered! We all must be intentional in operating in purpose and taking hold of this God given assignment! We must be vulnerable, open, ready to shift, be authentic, truthful with ourselves, ready to get broken to be built; therefore, we won’t look fabulous on the outside and really broken at the top! Too many of us are drowning and it’s time to swim and live better & greater! So Welcome to a greater start! We are #BridgeBuilders #LetsWinTogether Start Connecting by sending your name, email & a brief bio (if you have one) to buildingthebestyou@iamshamecalatai.com #blessings #womenwholead #empoweringwomen #empowerment #motivation #winning #itstime #girlcode #believeyoucan #ladies #womanpreneur #entrepreneur #shamecalatai #rootcoach #empowermentcoach #letsdothis #now
What happens when you mix a Woman Who Leads with Women Who Lead? You get Women who become more powerful than they were before! You get vulnerability and freedom of women who intentionally release themselves to own their truth and Operate in their Power! You get authenticity because no one has to fake it to make it; each Woman has has a “Bridge Builder” who will give her tips and tools to give her bridge the proper maintenance she needs. You get core women who are passionate about learning, growing and getting poured into, so that she can continue to go out and do the same for others! You get a safe place, where women understand that no woman should be broken at the top; therefore, she uses her code that can heal the next woman without even speaking #GirlCode ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This weekend was just that! God gave me the vision and I ran with it - Girl Code, for Women Who Lead! They signed up, they came, we connected, we conquered! Hope to see all of you at the next one! Believe me, you don’t want to miss! “Cracking The Code of Effective Leadership” @inspiredfully If you would like to stay connected as a Woman Who Leads visit my Website and fill out the contact form www.iamshamecalatai.com #womenempowerment #womenpreneur #evolve #bridgebuilders #35weekspregnant #rootcoach #empowerment #speakers #motivation #entrepreneurs #women #dc #md #buildingthebestyou #womenevents #leadership #ministry #ownyourpower #impactinglives #winning
I am appreciative to all the Women Who came out to the #GirlCode - Women Who Lead Event, because they showed up for themselves! They showed up because they believed in the vision that God gave me, knowing that this experience would add to their God given purpose to be connected, supported, celebrated and that it would be such a impactful influence, from them, to keep building the best person they can be inside then out! #buildingthebestyou NOW, THAT’s #SUCCESS ! >>>>>>>> Authenticity, vulnerability, unfiltered truth went forward. We laughed, their voices were heard, contributing speakers @hewlettepearson @inspiredfully spoke with #fire 🔥 and there women who were able to release. #befree 💃🏾 It felt good to pour into to leaders! Absolutely, an experience that you’ll only get from safe spaces like this! >>>>> I thankful for all the testimonies that came in through Text and emails. Look forward to more Girl Code and Women Who Lead experiences! They are life changing and a prayer answered! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>in the meantime, You can stay connected by emailing buildingthebestyou@iamshamecalatai.com to be added to my newsletters. #womenwholead #womenpreneur #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #empowerment #event #dmv #dc #bmore #networking #bridgebuilders #celebrating #shamecalatai #rootcoach #empoweringwomen #motivation #inspiration
“I could have been dead and gone; sleeping in my grave, but God saved me and made death behave.” - @iamshamecalatai >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m thankful and I can’t utter enough words to express my thankfulness! It was #HisGrace >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> God kept me in the midst of danger, brokenness, miscarriage, deferred dreams, misunderstandings, anxiety, depression, wilderness moments, breakups....I was loosing my hearing, eye sight and my mind; I had to learn to walk again, Hair thinning, blood and platelet transfusions, trials, rejection, tribulations and triumphs, the good and the not so good.....So, I’ve let go of the things I thought I wanted and surrendered it all to what I needed to fulfilled His desires to build the best in me and do the same for other; all for His Glory! To speak and move in what God has already breathed in me! I already know I’m imperfect, so I never have to convince anyone that I’m flawed, but just operate in the perfection that only God can do in me. I just walk, smile and love from the best part of me! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We all have to grow! We all will change and we all can be the change. But, as we all live, may we live intentionally, strategically and purposefully, so that through our talents and gifts, someone will see the reflection of His love & greatness through us being totally committed to our being! -Blessings #LetsWinTogther #Always #BuildinhTheBestYou #Mom #daughter #womanevolved #evolved #girlcode #life #purpose #believeyoucan #mompreneur #mommy #womanwholead #motivationalquotes #tbt #thursday #bornagain #thankful #blessed #surrender
We are 3.5 days away from our Women Who Lead “Experience!” 🙌 I am pumped and ready to welcome every Woman Who Leads in #Her industry as she enters in this weekend! I know they are ready too, because the response has been mind blowing! I feel the energy! 😍 Many of the Women submitted brief bios and let me tell you these sistah’s, whether they are just starting to lead or have been leading for years, are ready to be connected, supported and celebrated! In the meantime, let me share with you guys and gals just a little bit about my mission as the #RootCoach >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I Sha’Meca Latai’ Oliver #Empower and help women create a road map for their lives by getting them to the root of their issues so that they can be healed and successful spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally and mentally in order for them to build the best person they can be, “Building The Best You. #Buildingthebestyou >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As a Wife, Mom, Pastor, Friend, from single to married, with trials and triumphs, I’m here to share my journey, to #Build from the Root with authenticity, Truth, tough love so we can Own our power & Operate in it! We don’t have to do this alone! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If you haven’t registered, You betta Get on the List! It’s simple. Just email buildingthebestyou@iamshamecalatai.com. Include your name, email & a very brief bio. Hope to see yah there! #womenempowerment #dc #bmore #waldorf #womensupportingwomen #believeyoucan #womenwholead #girlcode #buildingbridges #inspiration #sisterhood #leadership #leader #mompreneur #womanpreneur #bowiemd #uppermarlboro #winning
This #babybump got me feeling like I can do whatever I want; like stand in the middle of the street and pose 🤣. Oh, the confidence you get when you’re about to birth something God has giving you to cultivate and change the world with! 🙌 Shout out to my amazing husband @wesleyolivermd who said let’s take a picture in the street. When he suggested, I ran like “let’s do this”. I didn’t know what to do at first 😆 (check out last picture) But, if you know my hubby, when he says let’s take more pictures after he has already finished filming for hours, it’s time to jump on the opportunity! I thought it was so #sexy of him 💥 (only he could do the simplest things and it turns me on 😳😜☺️(grown folk talk lol - wives you understand me) >>>>Any Who, Stand our, walk with confidence, create your mark, #Buildthebestyou and trust God for the leading! You’ll birth something beautiful! #This pic was #32weekspregnant #womenempowerment #wifey #momtobeagain #beginningagain #mompreneur #streetlife #bellybump #pregnancy #believeyoucan #marriedlife #birth #rootcoach
Women in Leadership Building Women Who Lead 🙌 Can I get an #Amen 🙌 Super Excited about this #GirlCode Experience for Women Who Lead! We are about to Connect, Support & be Celebrated! No Woman Leading, Left Behind! Are you on the List? If not, it’s time to RSVP! It’s as simple (life is tough enough) Drop your info in my DM right now (Name, Email & short bio or Email Buildingthebestyou@iamshamecalatai.com Whether you’ve been leading, starting off or thinking about it, DON’T MISS OUT! >>>Swipe left & meet our Contributing Speakers @hewlettepearson @inspiredfully See You Soon! >>>>>>>Saturday, September 22, 2018, 7-9PM, #UpperMarlboro #MD #womenempowerment #women #dmv #womenwholead #empowerment #speakers #motivation #inspiring #event #dc #va #waldorfmd #silverspringmd #bowiemd #buildingthebestyou #winning #womenpreneur #mompreneur
My mom taught me to “Always Be Yourself!” Rock your own #style , love who you are and never forget you’re a #star ! #iApprove Myself #beautifulinsideandout #nofilter #flexininmycomplexion #blackisbeautiful #loveyourself #believeyoucan #beyourself - I’m supporting my daughter @sairity_dream in her campaign to Always “Be Yourself” People May not approve of you but, you must give yourself a stamp of approval. Bullying is real, but loving yourself it realer! #nobullying
We must build each other & Not Break each other down! Let me help you straighten your crown!Oooooooh, this is What The “Women Who Lead” Event will be about! 🙌 This is how we will build each other! I’m super excited! Women are registering & I’m ready to connect, support & celebrate every Woman Who shows up! Did you RSVP, Yet?! September 22nd. Check my timeline below & get all the details! Let’s Win Together! Always #BuildingTheBestYou #womenpreneur #ladypreneur #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #leaders #baltimore #maryland #uppermarlboro #womenwholead #girlboss #girlcode #speaker #buildingbridges #dc #rootcoach
Walking in purpose & sharing my journey to help someone to be healed & successful is what I love. Yes, at 5:20AM, I did just that! And, even though I was ready and honored to share my story, life surely happened before the interview...my youngest had a fever and cranky all night, I only had 3 hours of sleep, and as I was driving, a block from the expressway, 8 police officers & their vehicles blocked entry onto the expressway, which took me way out of my way. But no worries. I left early enough and gave myself time for the detour! #Winning 🙌 - Operating in purpose is never easy; therefore, we have to keep reminding ourselves to never give up and give room for the detours! - Thanks to the Creative Activator, @paulinecreates for an awesome interview! #wpfw #89 .3FM #radio #wpfw893fm #buildingthebestyou #radio #interview #wog #womenempowerment #sisterhood #Sunday #vibes #purpose #liveonpurpose #rootcoach #speaker #herstory #sisterhood #thebestisyettocome #letswintogether #believeyoucan #33weeks
Come On, Now! Let’s talk #Truth ! Some of us find it hard to compliment someone else when they are looking good and taking care of their business successfully for many reasons such as: insecurity, jealousy , hurt or they just don’t know how to appreciate someone else’s successes because they have failed to accomplish their own goals. - A person who is not afraid of celebrating, Complimenting and supporting someone else, knows the value of building; they understand that their biggest critic and competitor is not the other person but them. They understand that no one can win in life by themselves. They see beauty in others because they’ve learned to see the beauty in themselves. And, they have wisdom to know that it’s better to speak life because the “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” -Matthew 7:2 - So, if you ever feel like you’re being downed by someone else, don’t let it offend you. More than likely they easy give up on themselves or find it hard to see potential and greatness within themselves. People deal with their own personal struggles on the inside and express them outwardly. I apologize if you’ve ever felt like a victim of someone else’s pain. - We must learn to see beauty in ourselves so we can see it in others. We must work on ourselves and break rooted areas of bitterness, hurt, insecurities and brokenness, so that we won’t continue to look at others as if they are a broken reflection of us! #SomethingToThinkAbout #TheRootCoach #mompreneur #womenempowerment #womanpreneur #buildingthebestyou #Friday #evolvre #girlcode #selfcare #takingcareofbusiness #selfhelp #beginningagain #startover #workonyou #lookinthemirror #mirrormessage #important #empowermment
Take 15 seconds of your day and GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! Remember, you will do things differently, You won’t always be admired. You can’t live up to everyone’s status. You won’t always fit in But, one thing you can do, is #BeYourself Love yourself, flaws and all! Live intentionally, Walk in purpose! You’ll make mistakes, but it will be okay! You won’t always look like what you’ve been through! But, never box yourself in & because it has the potential to hold you back! Keep #MovingForward -Oh and shout out to the air conditioner in my car😍🤷🏽‍♀️😆 - #Buildingthebestyou #rootcoach #womenempowerment #believeyoucan #thursday #throwback #tbt #mompreneur #feelingmyself #slowmotion #glam #shots
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