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Wrist candy ✨ // THE UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES [五]: Just because something is categorized as a particular article of clothing/accessory doesn’t mean it has to be worn that way. I’m a huge fan of wearing necklaces as bracelets, belts as chokers, skirts as tops, dresses as skirts, and the list goes on! Wearing a personalized “Flower Thief” necklace as bracelet from @soufeeljewelry (use ‘Katveg15’ for 15% off on the site!) #soufeeljewelry #soufeelnamenecklace
Gone with the wind 🕊 #minimal #neutralpalette
Positively autumnal 🍂 // This is one of my rare phone photos pics and the first time I’ve posted anything with absolutely no editing. I often see a lot of cool phone photos on Instagram (check out incredible Asha @mscoffeeandcream ) but I was never able to feel happy with mine and have posted less than 10 prior to today. I also felt that I couldn’t find cohesion by mixing phone camera and dslr photos (which I use different platforms and processes to retouch) and became obsessed with only sharing “perfect” shots and curating the “perfect” feed. But over the past year by creating and posting I’ve discovered that my style is ever-evolving, both in terms of the actual clothing that I wear and the content that I create. My feed is not as cohesive and unified as some and I’ve realized that I’m actually not just OK with - I’m also happy because that is what has allowed me to experiment, grow, have fun, and be myself. // Here’s to many more phone photos to come! I will also begin sharing BTS photos because honestly 99% of photos are not at all pretty but very hilarious and very real 😂 #pullanasha #iphonepic
Jackpot // 100% bicycle playing card earrings made by me // launching soon @eelkatsu ♠️♥️♣️♦️ #psimadethis #earringsoftheday
I guess my wardrobe’s ready for fall 🍂 #doingneutralright
Cosmic relief 👽 #suitup #sparkle
In a Barbie world 💅 #tbt #allpinkeverything
Just landed in Austin and staying organized with @vasco_brand ‘s essential electronics organizer bag 🔌 For once my bag isn’t a tangled mess of cords! 😂 —— Use code KAT1 for 20% off at Vasco Bags, link in bio!
Urban sprawl 💼 #uoonyou
Work casual 👩🏻‍💼 @unitudeofficial
Every day is a good day for fluffy trims and beaded bags 🦋 #itsamood
Flower thief 💐 // THE UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES [四]: new favorite necklace featuring “Flower Thief” set in a 14k gold plated heart charm. Shop link in bio for more personalized gems from @soufeeljewelry and use “Katveg15” for 15% off! #soufeelnamenecklace #soufeelgals
How did summer already come and go? 🦋 #prism @thehexad
I got it from my mama 👯‍♀️ #jordwatches —— Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for $100 to @jordwatches ! Closing soon, link in bio
GIVEAWAY 🕰 // THE UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES [三]: girl on the go keeping up with a beautiful engraved Hyde Ebony & Iron watch from @JordWatches ! Enter link in bio for a chance to win $100 to get your own personalized timepiece at #JordWatches —— The Jord Hyde is a men’s style, which I specifically chose for the oversized and more ‘masculine’ look and feel. The watch can be sized to fit your wrist and the back engraved with any words of your choosing! I chose my initials and birthdate for a classic touch, and can’t be happier with how it turned out!
Monday blues 🐚 #takemeback
Books are damn sexy #📚
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