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happy :) #needmoresleep
Definition of men going shopping. 📸: @happy_miamia
Went on a trip to see what my pal Leo painted. 👨🏽‍🎨#enoughofcultureforthisyear
Roof top with Mr. President! #hult 🐐
looking forward to explore more of this beautiful city. #oslo
Warm weather for the past weeks have been so nice! Summer is in Finland, which means lighter colors out from the wardrobe. #summer
helsinki at its best. #myhelsinki
cleaning day. #jasonmarkk
Been off from ig for a while now because of exams... let’s get back with a basic architecture shot from Oslo! #oslooperahouse
Black x Grey
Warm weather arriving to London! #spring
#tb to the beautiful Oslo...
Enjoying the sunny, +18c weather in the library!:) #spring
Friyay... #cozy
Blush matching sofas🔥 #pinkshoes
Tuesday balloons. I’m so loaded with school work right now because the term is soon over and deadlines are getting closer. Luckily after ~3 weeks the 1st year of uni is over and time to start the summer and focus on other projects! #balloons
Even though it says ”coño”, Mondays are still fine. #monday
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