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One day the universe will offer you that one person who gives you everything you have prayed and cried for... and may that person be yourself 💜🏳️‍🌈

Last year in November I took a break from #socialmedia and it was amazing. End of Dec I’m planning to go on a 10 day silent #vipassana meditation retreat and have a lot of mental and spiritual housekeeping to do before I go. I love you all, and will be back in the new year with more random nonsense and menagerie to share ❤️ #takingabreak #silence
I used to hate my body, the hair on my body, my cultural roots and smells. I would wax, shave, and pluck everything away; I’d mask my natural scent to hide where I came from and hide all my tells. But you know what? I’m tired of hiding. I have hair on nearly every inch of my imperfectly perfect body. I have hair on my back, my beautiful belly, my legs, my face, my neck, my arms and hands. I have hairy armpits, and bushy eyebrows that connect in the center, and even have lovely little tufts on my knuckles and toes and hair that creeps up along my feet like decorative jewelry that grows. I love all my hair. I have scars all over the place; on my eyebrow, and the corner of my lip where I once took a blow from a sword to the face. I have a scar on my scalp, one on my left breast, and a large one across my lower belly from surgeries I’ve had in the past. I love all my scars. I have beautiful zebra stripes on both my butt cheeks other people like to call stretch marks. I love all my stripes. I smell like spice from the Far East — like peppercorn, curry, and coriander. I love all my smells. I love the ugly, the broken, the hairy, the stank. Shadowy, morbid, or rank. Show me your broken, your dark, it’s fine. I’ll love it all along with mine. 🖤 . . #howcaniloveyouifidontloveme #lovethedarkness #loveyourselffirst #armpithair #scarsarebeautiful #persian #imperfections (totally in love with @benhopper photos of women with armpit hair and hairy legs!! 💜🙋🏻‍♀️ so inspired!)
WARNING ⚠️ “There is no lifeguard on duty! No diving allowed” ...it’s called fashun, look it up. #fashun #vagina #onesie #flashback #fortyjuly
Good morning! ☀️ As a newly minted American citizen I voted for the first time!!! . . #firsttime #ivoted #vote #humanrights #electionday #govote #metoo
This past year I unwillingly built the courage to dance with my shadows to bring them into the light. I’ve loved and lost and laughed and cried. I’ve been humbled into honest work, and learned that all my possessions, status, and luxuries are temporary. I prayed for the universe to show me that one person who can give me what I have yearned and cried for my whole life. I asked for the universe to show me my other half, the half who can love me unconditionally; that one person who sees me, holds space for me, has time for me, forgives me, accepts me, and understands me. And I found her... I’ve been looking for me all along. So I’m finally letting go, letting go of expectations, control, fear, and desired outcomes. Because these past few months I’ve had growing pains but I’m happy to say that I’m finally starting to feel like I’m in my own skin again. Thank you everyone who has been endlessly supportive, loving, and kind on my journey back to myself 🙏🏼 thank you to all of my friends and family who have stood by me in my madness, I love you all so much ❤️ #thankyou
wish I was as #badass as I look in these #headshots 🙋🏻‍♀️ thank you James! So... in reality I’m a tiny human who is super sensitive and would prefer to sit and talk for hours about love and life 👋🏼 hi #reallifevsinstagram #loveroflife #nophotoshop
I’m so lucky to be insulated by the loving support of the most amazing women in the world and to have such a solid army of strong women in my life. I’m one of the luckiest people because I am surrounded by fierce, loving, supportive goddesses whom I consider my family. I love you ladies. No gossip, no judgement, no drama. Just loving kindness, good times and support... you inspire me! ❤️ #girlpower #goddess #godisawoman #love
Thank you @jamesdepietrophotography for the honest and beautiful headshots 🙏🏼 can’t wait to go through them over the weekend #headshots #eurotrash #bangs
I had a dream last night that I was in the middle of a war. People were scared for their lives and one woman wanted to save her daughter’s life by giving her to me. I woke up feeling so grateful for my life and for not having to worry about my safety. But then I realized... maybe I am that woman... the war is the chatter in my head, and the little girl is my inner child. I have been spending my whole life desperately trying to keep her safe. Every choice I have made has been about safety... ❤️ I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to feel safe, we keep our children safe, we keep our pets safe, we keep our lovers and friends safe. I think it becomes a problem when we begin to make inauthentic choices in favor of safety... I think I might have done quite a lot of that in my life and I’m ready to sit in the discomfort of not knowing. I’m ready to sit in the discomfort of over exposure and vulnerability. I’m ready to sit at the edge of safety and welcome the dark of the unknown. #lettinggoofcontrol #lettinggooffear #safety #innerpeace
Happy Birthday to my dear father. Today would have been his 74th birthday ❤️ We miss you so much with every passing day. Thank you for teaching me about simple joys, love of nature, gardening, hard work, appreciation for art and music, charity, and the importance of daily prayer and meditation 🙏🏼 I love you Baba joon ❤️ #happybirthday #restinpeace #lifelessons #father #birthday #dad #baba
I’m so grateful for my friends who recommend amazing books and who always strive for self betterment... I look up to you ❤️ so thankful for the book 📚 “Codependent No More”... it has helped me understand why I’ve attracted the types of people I have into my life. . . If you... Have an unhealthy tendency to rescue and take responsibility for other people’s feelings and life choices. Unintentionally or unconsciously try to manipulate people or circumstances to control your rescue missions. Derive a sense of purpose and self worth through extreme self-sacrifice. Choose to enter and stay in care taking and rescuing relationships. Are a people pleaser and feel anxious about abandonment and not being liked. Regularly try to engineer change for troubled people, addicts, or depressed people whose problems are bigger than your abilities to fix them. Seem to attract people looking for someone to take care of them, or people in perpetual crisis, or people with narcissistic tendencies and personalities. Have a pattern of engaging in well-intentioned but ultimately unproductive unhealthy helping behaviors or “people fixing”. You too might want to read this book ❤️ #codependentnomore . . It’s changed my life and perspective on my co-created toxic relationships. . . #friendship #codependency #book #life #lifehacks #love
Gonna be an Instagram doucheknob and post a nature photo and inspirational quote... in three... two... one... aaaand here it is: “when people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” for me that means... taking a step back, recognizing the behaviors of a person, accepting responsibility for my own part in the events, and making adjustments not to repeat the pattern, then forgiving the person and myself. It doesn’t mean that person has to come back into my life immediately, if ever, or that the person is a good fit for me energetically. Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing people to repeat toxic behavior. I’m writing this because I received some backlash from the poem “hey little lady...” I want to clarify that the poem is not about setting blame on men or about casting blame in any way. It’s about staying aware and recognizing toxic co-creation and about co-dependent friendships and relationships. People are fluid. People deserve forgiveness. Everyone is a cosmic reflection of divine light. I use my art, humor, and statements to make people laugh, think, or to entertain... but sometimes I forget to turn that off... sometimes I forget I’m not on stage and life is not a performance. I’m not perfect, I’m far from it. I can be a little monster myself. I talk too much, and forget to listen. I deflect and say things I haven’t yet digested in my self. I get angry and judgmental. Aaaand I make the same mistakes repeatedly (which I’m pretty sure is a sign of insanity 😬)... So I’m sorry if I have burdened anyone’s heart with my words. That is never my intention. I’m just a person figuring things out and sharing as I learn. 💙 Thank you @itselliotknight for taking this photo! 🙏🏼 . . . #imperfection #blame #forgiveness #breath #openness #balance #codependent #love #friendship #honesty #owningmyownshit #accountability #surrender #steppingback #sheddingskin #joshuatree #roadtrip #thankyou
I cut my bangs!!! #eurotrash 2018
Hey little lady, be careful out there. There’s a monster among us. He doesn’t lurk under the bed or stalk his prey in the shadows. He’s just like you and me. He’s a regular monster with regular monster clothes. A regular monster laugh and regular monster past. He’s self-serving with whimsical charm. Emotionally abusive but with heart of gold. He listlessly roams with a messiah complex big enough to eclipse the sun. You will of course empathize with his deeply depressed heart even though it’s rooted in his grossly enlarged sense of self-importance... He’s a danger to you... I promise. Because he’s cunningly manipulative but loving and kind. He speaks ill of his friends but with adoring care. Wholeheartedly holds fast that all the women of his past and present are all in love with HIM, him, him? Who knew? He helps others helplessly, but be careful, because his help is about him and his unattained dreams not the ones you misplaced way back when you still believed in kings and queens. He creates false intimacy with all whom he meets and asks carefully crafted questions to emotionally destabilize you into feeling completely disrobed but also deeply and deliciously connected to the hologram of his soul. Because he’s hungry you see, he is starving for love. He will compliment you with cookie cutter words he wordsmithed years ago because he knows it will make you feel special enough to come dance in the backsheds of his mind. He jumps from woman to woman without a care in the world because he’s only interested in the conquest of your heart — trapping you in his web of deceit to feed the little monster inside. His flame burns hot and fast with fury and it disappears as quickly as it came. Leaving behind ashes and confusion where there once was wonder, hope and aim. Have you met this little monster yet? If so, stay awake, and release him gently back into the dark night he crawled out of. Be careful out there... 🏝 (please note that “he” can be replaced with “she”... this is not gender specific... anyone can be and become a little monster). . . #heylittlelady #monster #him #her #poetry #confessions #redflags #photography #nophotoshop #littlelady #becareful #covertnarcissist
I don’t want to be chosen. I don’t want to be chosen over other women. I want to find my absolute, my singular focal point of attention; not someone I chose from a smattering of selections on some online dating app. I have no desire to place someone in a shopping cart — picking and choosing qualities — like some algorithm of what I like and dislike while I do my other online shopping. I want to meet someone and be struck by their presence, to connect deeply with their soul. I want to meet someone and have their aura be so overpowering that I am left with no choice; no options… only one: to want to see them, to want to surround myself in the cloak of their affection and attention. To want to know their heart, soul, thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams. I don’t want to make a rational decision regarding love because I have always come up empty — what looks good on paper seldom moves my soul. I don’t want to compromise anymore. I want to be overcome with connection… to look into the depth of their soul and know I need not look elsewhere. And if this person doesn’t feel the same, I want to be able to throw myself at their feet and shed a thousand tears. I don’t want to dust my shoulders off and pick myself up off the ground as if nothing has happened and move on to the next one. I want to take my time and grieve the loss of something real and honor the feelings I had felt. So, NO. I don’t want to get under someone to get over someone else. And NO, I don’t want to go see what other choices are out there so that I can see that maybe I had chosen wrong in the first place. Because I don’t want it to be a choice, and I’m not in the business of choosing any more. I’m not interested in this post-modern, polyamorous, detached, label-less and aloof dating culture. I want something fully connected, spiritual, ancient and desperately romantic. So leave me be. Let me work through my emotions, let me sit with my heartache, and let me lament and grieve the loss of all the love that could have been when I failed to choose and wasn’t chosen... when I fell into the depths of the deep dark blue. #deepdark #blue #woman #women #nophotoshop #chosen #dating #onlineshopping
here are my thoughts on #Sex ... Imagine if we teach young adolescent boys and girls that the orgasm is a holy experience, a symbol of human bliss, a miracle akin to a religious ceremony, it is a prayer of some sort. Imagine if we remind ourselves that sex and sexual experience is not shameful but the mystery of this physical existence that combines our earthly dimension to our spiritual dimension. Imagine we taught everyone that sex should be viewed as healing, with the profound and deep ability to allow lovers the capacity to share bliss, intimacy, connection, love, power, and trust. Imagine we believed the human body is a temple and we taught everyone to show deep reverence and care for the holiness of other people’s sexual organs “shrines” within their earthly temples. What a world that would be! ❤️ It is only within the paradigm of toxic shame that sex has been reduced and abased to a purely physical act. Primitive souls disconnected from their divine self see sex and sexuality as shameful because they have detached the connection between their spirit, mind and body. We must undo this shame based thinking for future generations if humanity is to evolve into a higher nobler being. A being deeply connected to self, nature, and spirit. . . #sexuality #shame #taboo #temple #love #toxicshame #evolution #spirituality #self Photo taken by the beautiful talented @alejandroibarraphoto 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Go find another warm hole to dig into... mine is a sacred temple now that only the most pious of worshipers may enter ✨ #woman #women #temple #nophotoshop #nofilter Thank you @alejandroibarraphoto for taking this photo 🙏🏽
Lately I’ve been reluctant to have any photo editing done to photos (this is a huge shift from a few years ago)... I’m starting to love imperfections in skin complexion and bruises and bumps... I think it tells a better story ❤️ thank you @erwinloewen for taking this photo 🙏🏽 #nophotoshop #unretouched #photography #story
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