🍦Ice Cream

All ice cream, all day. Powered by @infatuation. #EEEEEATS 📬:

@Milkcowcanada is coming for @dominiqueansel ’s gig. Chocolate seeds and all. #EEEEEATS 📸: @treatyourselfyvr
We call this Marge Simpson in Springtime. #EEEEEATS 📸: @paulpayasalad
A fruity pebbles marshmallow cone dip? Campfire sundaes everywhere are quaking. #EEEEEATS 📸: @bostonfoodgram
Sir, they’re multiplying and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. #EEEEEATS 📸: @dailyfoodfeed
You know you’re in China when one of your ice cream flavors is salted duck egg. Other flavors are: walnut, rose, chocolate cognac, olive oil and pine nuts, lavender whites chocolate, strawberry, and rose. #EEEEEATS 📸: @juliacaneat
If you’re not eating lavender ice cream on a lavender farm while wearing lavender next to your dog named Lavender, then you aren’t doing Monday right. #EEEEEATS 📸: @connieandluna
Butterbeer ice cream with brown sugar butterscotch blondie chunks. Most definitely brings Viktor Krum to the yard. @infatuation_atx #EEEEEATS 📸: @adventuresofgladysandporky
We’re not sponsored by @Oreo but at this point we really should be. #EEEEEATS 📸: @briancantstopeating
When confronted, toasted marshmallow recedes and camouflages itself into it’s brick surroundings (to be read in Richard Attenborough voice). #EEEEEATS 📸: @candyandcocoa
Here you can choose from Oreo, mint Oreo, coffee Oreo, and chocolate oreo ice creams. Hope you like Oreo. (If you don’t you can leave) @infatuation_seattle #EEEEEATS 📸: @nate_watters
Casual bowl of your morning @cereal and milk. @infatuation_sf #EEEEEATS 📸: @eat_bayarea
Stretch ice cream. @infatuation_nyc #EEEEEATS 📸: @jakecohen
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