🍦Ice Cream

All ice cream, all day. Powered by @infatuation. #EEEEEATS 📬:

This fall’s fashion accessory is a 31-scoop Lucite ice cream cone carrier. Wouldn’t be seen dead without one. #EEEEEATS 📸: @hungryhugh
It’s public knowledge that Darth Vader loved chocolate. @infatuation_atx #EEEEEATS
@Tomsdairyfreeze is single-handedly bringing back the Flavor Burst. #EEEEEATS 📸: @musteatmore
Take your favorite ice cream and put it on heavy party drugs. That’s @amplehills. Get them at @EEEEEATSCON NYC on 10/6. Tickets up in bio. #EEEEEATSCON
A @coffee shop in Flushing, NY that puts out some pretty solid soft serve. #EEEEEATS 📸: @mikejchau
Please serve ice cream and warm skillet cookies at my funeral thank you. #EEEEEATS 📸: @sofiaeatsnyc
Enough food coloring to kill a small animal. #EEEEEATS 📸: @dianaeatsnyc
Donuts, upgraded. These powdered sugar @donuts with black sesame #icecream inside are the dessert equivalent of marrying into money. @infatuation_sf #EEEEEATS 📸: @tranpigout
The right kind of afternoon @coffee. #EEEEEATS 📸: @dianaeatsnyc
A baked Alaska is the best kind of Alaska. #EEEEEATS 📸: @indulgenteats
Our go-to Mister Softee is a classic vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles, but we wouldn’t hate on a dip. #EEEEEATS 📸: @salkinthecity
That fresh churn. You’re looking at blueberry and basil #icecream from @otiumla. @infatuation_la #EEEEEATS
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