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NOT groundbreaking weight but that is not the purpose of the post. My knee is getting better and better thanks to @the_muscle_doc . I continue to work on the muscle imbalances that had lead to my knee injury over the years through current mobility work and hip stabilizing exercises that he designed. Now that my mechanics are improving I am able to do more and more weight without knee pain almost weekly now. Slowing everything down and focusing on a consistent movement patterns is super important when training to failure for legs. I chose this movement for my last so I could safely take my quads to failure with reducing the likelihood for injury. It is not what movement or how much weight you use but HOW YOU DO THE MOVEMENT that is most important in bodybuilding. ps I had to take the volume off to something yelling obscenities in the background lol
I had to repost this for this is WAY TOO TRUE. I see at least 90% of bodybuilders doing EXACTLY THIS. @Regran_ed from @squat_university - When you place a load on the body with bad technique - it will eventually break down. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but eventually your body can only handle so much before it develops pain & injury sets in. Drop your ego, fix your technique & your body will thank you. 🙌🏼 . I want you to be able to lift huge weights & smash that new PR the next time you get to max out or step on the platform - but I want you to do it the right way. Stop using elite athletes who move big weight with poor form as an excuse. "Well ‘so and so’ lifts like this so I should be able to as well" doesn't work.❌ . If you’re currently leading with a bad technique problem or an injury, take the necessary step back to fix the issue before loading up the weight again. Sure you may be able to lift the weight & you’ll get stronger - but lifting weight with bad technique or real pain will only make you stronger in the wrong way. You will not loose all your progress by taking a small step back! A short term step back to fix what’s broken will allow you to take 10 steps forward eventually.👍🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ . Lifting big weight alone only impresses so many - lifting big weights with amazing technique? Now that's something EVERYONE admires. 👊🏻 _________________________________________ This is the 57th #SquatUclub eligible post. Remember from here on out - “like,” & comment using the hashtag #squatUclub within 60 seconds of a new post going up and I’ll pick one person to start working with on whatever help you need (squat technique, an achy hip with deadlifts, etc). TURNING ON post notifications at the top of my profile (click the •••) will help you be first in line each day! - #regrann
Every bodybuilder must read @Regran_ed from @squat_university - Today I want to debunk a common myth. You cannot selectively strengthen or target your VMO🤯 . Now the VMO is a part of your vastus medialis muscle that runs on the inner part of your thigh. The bottom portion of this muscle has fibers that run at an angle and create a “tear drop” shape for many with developed legs📝 . However, when the VMO contracts – the entire quad contracts together in order to create power and maintain a balanced pull on the knee cap or patella✅ . This means front squats with a near straight forward foot, don’t work your VMO’s to a greater degree than toed out squats. You also can’t selectively strengthen this portion of the quad with wall sits, straight leg raises with a forward or angled foot or even ball squeezes that hit the groin muscles of your inner thigh❌ . Now, this part of the thigh can be shut down selectively if there is significant swelling in the knee joint due to injury (which means the VMO will stop working well compared to the other quad muscles). The fix however doesn’t come through isolation exercises like many think but instead through those that strengthen the quad as a whole unit like squats, single leg squats or even simple exercises like straight leg raises if needed✅ . To learn more about fixing injuries associated with a poorly functioning VMO (and see all the cited research that backs up this claim) check out the blog article linked in my bio📲 _____________________________________ This is the 55th #SquatUclub eligible post. Remember from here on out - “like,” & comment using the hashtag #squatUclub within 60 seconds of a new post going up and I’ll pick one person to start working with on whatever help you need (squat technique, an achy hip with deadlifts, etc). TURNING ON post notifications at the top of my profile (click the •••) will help you be first in line each day! - #regrann
A little throwback to a week out from my pro debut at the 2015 NY pro. Did a photoshoot at @thesupergym with @alphadesignphotography and @alexiatuttle1 got this behind the scenes shot. I like this pic for it is unedited. HAHA! Yes, I am one of those guys. A fun fact about me is this is the first official photo shoot I have done since I started bodybuilding in 2005. I actually dislike photoshoots. I just love training and the lifestyle. I could care less about the glamour. However nowadays it is a necessary thing to do unfortunately. @tuttlenutrition
This is so true. @garyvee
This is the supplement stack I probably could recommend to just about everyone. @universalusa Collagen and Greens are amazing and I have felt a difference over the last month with my overall energy, digestion, and joint pain. They will forever be apart of my morning routine. We need more Omega 3 in our diet since the average American consumes way too much Omega 6 from cheap vegetable oils commonly found in processed foods. Omega 3 are SUPER important for a variety of health reasons outside of just lowering inflammation. ZMA can be beneficial whether you want to enhance quality of sleep or just want a healthy dose of Magnesium and zinc. It is estimated that more than half of Americans are NOT getting their recommended amount of magnesium. Magnesium helps with bone health, glucose metabolism, heart health, PMS symptoms, Calcium absorption, and muscle contraction. It must be noted that medications should be taken separate from magnesium supplementation. @universalusa @tuttlenutrition
Happy Thanksgiving!
Now THIS NEEDS TO BE POSTED and shared. This is my client Christian @og_fit_ny who I had helped prep for his first show but DID NOT help him go from 355 to 180lbs. He did that all on his own. This true inspiration and that many should use to believe in themselves to make change in their life. If you are unhappy about a situation in life then do something about it. We live in America a VERY privileged country with unlimited resources. Use them and make a change! ANYTHING is really possible if you WANT it bad enough. Below is a clip from his recent spot in the local paper. "For 24-year-old New Dorp resident Christian Kenny-Sivio, his losses are others' gains.Once 355 pounds and facing a number of health ailments as recently as late 2016, Kenny-Sivio has since pulled off a complete 180 and is now a prospering bodybuilder and nutritional fitness coach...at his new and improved weight of 161 pounds"
With the crew at the 2018 NPC Nationals night show working the @universalusa booth.
Well the last workout of the @universalusa road trip is in the books. Just finished training chest with @mrusa2017 at @elev8tionfitness. It was actually the best workout this week. Now off to Nationals for finals.
This is my kind of gym. @universalusa URT
@christianfpalmer looking NUTS!!!!!!!! 1 day out to Nationals. We had suck down to make middles but we are good to go now.He is going to be a hell of a middle- weight. This is ONLY 2 meals in after making weight. The fill game is going to be strong with this one! HAHAH @tuttlenutrition
Catching pre-workout meal at Berry Fresh Cafe before we train at @the_dragons_lair @universalusa URT
From Monday's/day 1 URT workout at @mi40_gym Yes I'm pale like that guy from the movie Powder but I'm not going to do anything about it. @universalusa #UniversalRoadTrip
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