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How bad do YOU want it?!?!? The year is almost over and #2019 is right around the corner!! Don’t you think it’s finally time to stop procrastinating and living in fear, and take the leap and do what God has put in your heart to do??? You can’t be upset about the results you didn’t get , from the work you didn’t do!⏳⏰🕰 #Blessed #BeTheLight #MondayMotivation #JustDoIt #Focused #Entrepreneur #WorkFromAnywhere #GodMade #Purpose #BlessedToBeABlessing #FaithingIt
Progress over perfection. #Blessed #BeTheLight #GodIsGood #TheWinnersCircle
When you’re waiting on @najawilson to give you singing lessons but in the meantime you try to sing anyway...😢🙄 #JustForFun
#FACTS : When you’re working towards a specific goal it’s so important that you team up with like minded individuals ( or those who think higher and beyond you). One brilliant mind is wonderful, but a team of brilliant minds...!!!!! 💪🏾👏🏾 Trust me I can/ have been able to get a lot done on my own, but ever since I’ve been working with some AMAZING individuals its helped me do things more efficiently & profitably (with less time/ money wasted). So yeah don’t be afraid to reach out to people or connect!! Community is vital in this life journey and thanks to social media it can be done a lot easier! #Blessed #BeTheLight #SendTheMessage #PickUpThePhone #WorldChangers #Entrepreneur #TeamWork #RandomThoughts #YouCanDoIt #AskSeekKnock
I’m a pretty simple girl. Jesus+Music+Food+Nature+ Travel= My Happy Place #Blessed #BeTheLight #MarvelousAreThyWorks #HappyPlace #LastPictureIsMyForeverMood #InTheMidstOfTheWaves
When you’re deep conditioning but have places to go & people to see...Headwrap for the win!! 🤣👀🙄🤷🏾‍♀️ #Blessed #BeTheLight #MamaAfrica #AfroChic
The reason I chose to use this slightly imperfect clip over the other 2 (better) clips I recorded was because I tend to be my worst critic and a perfectionist a majority of the time to a complete flaw!!! It’s really not that good sometimes and I’m trying to work on being fine with things not being perfect It boils down to image and trying to uphold a certain standard, when the reality is we sell ourselves short by trying to be perfect/ have it together all of the time. //On a side note...Do you know WHO you are? Furthermore, do you know WHOSE you are? You are more than what you do, what you have, who you’re with, how you look, all of that. You are valuable because you are His and that in itself qualifies you! //One thing that’s been so annoying about living in LA and even sometimes now in TO, is the first question everyone asks is”What do you do?” , “Who do you know?”, “How many _____ do you have?”... Like Uhm...”Hello nice to meet you too!” 🤣🤣 All of these questions really are irrelevant in most instances if you ask me. Come on, it’s not like you’re asking to present someone an opportunity, or support them without strings attached, generally it’s to compare or have someone plug you in. BUTTTTTT that’s why I rate God ( haha I do)!!! He doesn’t care about all of that, He just wants you for you, and that’s pretty impressive. I’ve had so many people try and tell me who I am and if I didn’t know who/whose I was I’d probably believe them and feel hella discontented. That’s why it’s so important that you get an understanding of who you are and work on what you have to give the world in order to make it a BETTER place, so that when your time comes you have something of substance in your hands. #Blessed #BeTheLight #MoreThan #Identity #DoYouKnowWhoYouAre #ChildOfGod #FridayMood #SkinDeep
Do you have enough faith to keep fighting? #Blessed #BeTheLight #GodIsGood #Fight #KeepFighting #YouWin
So many times we get caught up in trying to “become” something so we can feel better about ourselves when the reality is, the joy is in just being! //You’re here. You’re alive. You get to operate in everything God has called you to be & and no one else can be you but you!...So give yourself the privilege of being just ... YOU! I promise life is way more exciting when you don’t take things more seriously than they need to be! Love you guys💕 #Blessed #BeTheLight #JustBe #YouAlreadyHaveEverythingYouNeed #WhereHasStressingGotYou #ChillOutDude #TrustGodandChill #Tuesday #October #NewMonth #GoodQuotes
Can you believe today is the first day of OCTOBER!!! My gosh. Thank you God for granting us the privilege to see another month!! //In celebration of the new beginnings I’d like to introduce y’all to Queen Lat-Iffy! She made 80% of this outfit from scratch including her ghetto cardboard/ naija fabric hat ( with the handy help of her glue gun and some needle and thread...oh and tape, can’t forget that). ‘‘Twas a fun time indeed. #Blessed #BeTheLight #RetroParty #90s #90sBaby #DIY #QueenLatiffy #GirlBossesHaveFunToo
“Too much talk...” #Blessed #BeTheLight #WednesdayVibes
What’s crazy is that I used to base my happiness on external things like wealth, parties/ turning up, travelling, material things, relationships, and the list goes on. Which would probably explain why my moods were so inconsistent and I was anxious and down like all the time! The other day I realized that I’m the most joyous I’ve been in my entire life, and not because I have more of those things ( because I don’t...yet!🤣), but because I’m super grateful for the small things like the fact that there is literally beauty everywhere. Honestly tho, creation is so marvellous and I’m just grateful to be alive and with eyes to behold all of God’s splendours! WHAT are YOU grateful for TODAY, like right now, in this moment ?!?! #Blessed #BeTheLight #Grateful #GodisGood #LifeIsGood #Beauty #Creation #Content
Stick to the plan...🌬 #Blessed #BeTheLight #BlessedToBeABlessing
God hears you and He KNOWS what you need...but please stop trying to rush the process and allow Him to make you into that person He has destined for you to be. Remember, you ATTRACT what you ARE! Take that necessary time and work on you, and all the things you need/desire will follow...🌸 #Blessed #BeTheLight #MondayThoughts
“There is a divine strategy in place to ensure that we win.” - Pastor Toure Roberts #Blessed #BeTheLight #LightTreasury #GiveItToGodAndChill
“To do something you have never done before you must become someone you have never been before.” #Blessed #BeTheLight #GodisGood
This past weekend I had the pleasure of being surrounded by 300+ entrepreneurial women! To say it was the experience of a life time is an understatement. I’ve never been one for women empowerment brunches and events because I’ve just never had good lasting experiences with it. I’ve seen many people take advantage of others and their desires to grow/ learn all for their own personal / monetary gain... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Butttttttttt... this was way more than that. Just to have been in the room with SEVERAL self (GOD) made millionaires, business moguls, God seeking individuals, creatives, and philanthropists really opened up my eyes to a lot. Being successful is really not only for you and those you love/know, it’s for everyone to see and know that God is able, because He really is. God blesses us so we can bless others and I want to personally thank @courtneyadeleye for blessing me and giving me this opportunity in the first place! I’ve met so many lovely ladies and have been impacted so greatly! You shared your heart, life, resources, practical knowledge, and even the vulnerable places with us ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ From watching her over these last 5 years up until now you’ve never changed up! Still the same down to earth, “keep it all the way real”, super fab, people loving, God praising, woman ( just with more money and more problems now 🤣🤣) . God’s got you all the way and when I see you I see the many lives He has connected to you and it’s beautiful! We loveeeeee you!!!! Thank you a million times over for allowing God to use you to bless lil ol me! God is toooooo good! Wishing you an abundance of the blessings that God gives and that no one can take away! ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Blessed #BeTheLight #MelaninMagic #Entrepreneur #WhoseTheBawse #WhoseTheBawseLive2018 #Bosses
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