Drew Boehmker

WOW ... what an evening!! not only was i named the winner of the @nkychamber 's LEGACY Next Generation Leader Award as the top young professional in the "Communications, Marketing & Sales" category, but my entire @scootermediaco family came out to support me too — and even made some super sweet #Survivor -themed buttons for the occasion. my heart is so full, and all i can say is THANK YOU to my literally perfect work fam and all of the amazing mentors who have helped me get to this point. #MyCupRunnethOver #BeepBeep #NGLA2018
‪if i said i went a little too crazy at the #PieceOfMe merch booth last night ... would you hold it against me?!‬ [i literally couldn't help myself though ... i mean LOOK AT THAT BACKPACK omg.] #PieceOfMeTour #PieceOfDC
oops!... i'm doing it again — *so* excited and lucky to be experiencing the iconic "Piece of Me" tour ...baby one more time! i'm beyond ready to break the ice, get in the zone, and keep on dancing with the legendary Miss @britneyspears till the world ends tonight! #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour #PieceOfDC
oops!... i'm doing it again! today i-i-i'm gonna go-o-o on a crossroads trip to Washington, DC to see the legendary Miss @britneyspears kick off her "Piece of Me" summer tour! even after 18 years she is still driving me crazy ... enough to drive 500 miles solo just to see her again. #PieceOfDC #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour
‪C'MON, it's time to relive the GOOD OLD DAYS by getting my BOOGIE FEET on and taking it off with @iiswhoiis , @macklemore , and a crowd full of animals, CRAZY KIDS, and mothafuckin' women at "The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore" tour tonight! #IHopeYoureSomewhereSlaying
happy Independence Day, y'all! 🇺🇸
closed out my birthday celebrations in style tonight by dancing with my hands tied and shaking it off under starlight with TAYLOR. FREAKIN'. SWIFT. [plus Camila Cabello and Charli XCX!] the crowd was literally 30% gays and 70% 13-year-old horse girls so this was basically the best day beyond all of my wildest dreams. #repTourLouisville @taylorswift @camila_cabello @charli_xcx
so excited to be at my first Nashville Pride and celebrating being out + proud with my OG BFFs who have been there with me since i was invisible + ashamed. plus ... the headliner is fucking @iamjojo ! my heart is so full. #NashvillePride #FuckApologies
‪my first Chicago Pride Fest is officially in the books and it was definitely a weekend for the ages. so glad to have @dbakes001 and @scott_sanker in my life not just as part of my Greek fam but also as some of my GBFFs for life. ❤️💛💚💙💜
‪welp ... i think i'm officially ready for #pride season, y'all!‬ also, i'm literally OBSESSED with the epic #LoveSimon swag i was able to find at @target !
‪literally at the very front of the stage for @iamjojo 's #LeaksCoversMixtapesTour and i could not be more hype ... so many of these songs have helped me through some serious shit in life, and the fact that i'm about to see her perform them live feels surreal.
i don't know literally anything about this sport other than there's no crying in baseball, but i'm still having a great time at #PrideNight at the @reds. 🌈⚾️
‪sending my amazing glittle @scott_sanker off before his next adventure in life to Chicago! he's come SUCH a long way since the first time i met him his freshman year, and i can't wait to see all of the fantastic things he accomplishes in Chicago and beyond! ❤️💜 #ShaniaTwink
‪literally OBSESSED with my spiffy new @scootermediaco business cards! few things in life excite me more than new office supplies, and our graphic designer @poshpixeling knocked these out of the park! #PR #BusinesswomensSpecial
‪mama we made it!! ... i could get used to this view for a few days. 😎 #HomosTakeHangout2K18#HangoutFest
just got my tickets to see @iamjojo 's "Leaks, Covers & Mixtapes" tour at @lh_schubas in Chicago this summer! so many of these songs ["Doorway to My Dreams (Fly Away)," "Limbo," "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)", "Safe with Me," "Disaster" to name a very select few] have meant so much to me at important turning points in my life, and i think it is so damn cool that she is doing a tour just for her fans who stayed with her when her voice was silenced by her label. this is the most excited i've been about a concert in a LONG time.
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