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♬ "santa slap me on the wrist, put me on your naughty list, all the boys are yelling 'you're a ho, ho, ho'" ♬ — @THEMILLIONAIRES
‪when the boss of your company draws your name for Secret Santa and gets you the BEST Secret Santa gift in the history of gifts 😍😍😍 ... thank you *so* much, @shannanb ! 🎄🎁#BeepBeep #MerryBritmas
good evening only to this photo
this is literally the third basketball game i have been to in a single calendar year ... so like you can basically call me Nathan Scott now. || courtside seats for the @nkunorsembb game! [thanks, @erikpederson !] #NorseUp
when you're in Lexington for the night and randomly staying at the same hotel that @nkusigep held their 2012 formal at for the first time since said formal, you *have* to reunite with the one and only @fonstermonster to commemorate the occasion 💜❤️
‪♬ i might hate myself tomorrow, but i'm on my way tonight ... ♬‬
spent my morning giving back by doing all things social media for my client @pwccincy 's annual Prepare Affair — one of the largest single-day volunteer events in the Tri-State! check out #PrepareAffair on FB/Twitter/Insta for some fun updates from the day, and tune into @local12wkrc and @wlwt5 tonight for a recap of the event!
WOW … what a night! i am so incredibly honored + excited to have been named the “New Public Relations Professional of the Year” by @cincinnatiprsa , and to have one of my #socialmedia campaigns be given an Award of Excellence designating it as some of the best work in our region. i’m not saying that my life has peaked, but in the words of god/kelly clarkson … “some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.” #BeepBeep #BlacksmithAwards
‪you want better policy?‬ ‪you want a thriving democracy?‬ ‪want leaders who won't lie to our country?‬ ‪you better VOTE BITCH.‬
‪gay culture is finding an excuse to wear your costume after Halloween‬
‪i would have to say that the biggest highlight of last night — and potentially my entire life — was running into the Rancho Carne Toros and the East Compton Clovers. #IveBeenTouchedByAnAngelGirl #Homoween2K18
why it always gotta be Top Gun? Bottom Guns deserve representation too ... #Homoween2K18
i'm gonna break the cycle, i'm gonna shake up the system, i'm gonna destroy my ego, i'm gonna close my body now ... | I just ran 4.04 mi with @nikerunning.
OMGodney ... making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to see + meet @britneyspears was one of the most iconic memories of my life, and i cannot wait to do it again ...baby one more time at her brand-new residency BRITNEY: DOMINATION next year! i know a lot of fellow Britney stans/disciples of Godney aren't entirely enthused about her doing another residency, but i'm pretty sure anyone who saw #PieceOfMe in Vegas can attest to the fact that this is where she feels the most comfortable and gives the most 🔥🔥🔥-worthy performances. at this point in her career she has honestly earned the right to do whatever the fuck she wants, and if this is what makes her happy then i am 110% here for it. #BritneyDomination
i don't wanna be flawless, when i go i want the cuts to show ... so break it, take it, oh fuck it have everything. | I just ran 4.08 mi with @nikerunning.
BEYOND stoked to be seeing a sneak preview fan event screening of one of my most-anticipated movies of the year, A Star Is Born, in @dolbycinema ! it's @ladygaga in stadium-style surround sound ... i literally cannot think of any better way to spend a Tuesday evening. #AStarIsBorn @starisbornmovie
rolling out to the Scott High School Class of 2008 10-Year Reunion with the Romy to my Michele, @kaylaspelling ! even though i may not have invented Post-Its, created a special kind of glue, or ended up as a weather girl on the #1 highest-rated newscast in Tucson, i'm still incredibly proud of how far i've come since high school, and i can't wait to get low and party like it's 2008 with a bunch of people who i haven't thought about since "The O.C." was on air.
‪the Greek family that slays together, stays together‬
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