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Happy NCBD friends! Here is the final art for our upcoming IGComicstore Exclusive Variant for Fantastic Four issue #1 and it looks FANTASTIC! This beautiful homage cover by @johntylerchristopher will be limited to only 700 hand selected copies, pre-sale starts August 4th at 10am Central Standard Time. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
🔥HEAT CHECK‼️🔥 Its #topvarianttuesday , what better way to kick off this day than to show you a sneak peek of our upcoming @igcomicstore Exclusive Variant for Thor. @gabrieledellotto ‘s talent knows no bounds, and Thor never looked better! Details on this beauty are coming at the end of August, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
🔥HEAT CHECK‼️🔥 This summer just got even hotter, and we’re not talking about the temperature outside. Here is a sneak of our upcoming IGComicstore Exclusive Variant by @gabrieledellotto. Details on this beauty are coming soon. Happy Collecting!
It’s #multiplecomicmonday ! Amazing Spider-Man 1:50 Variant issue #1 featuring a beautiful cover by super star artist @jomeopena . We have a few NM/M copies available on our online store. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
🔥PRE-SALE STARTS SATURDAY AUGUST 4TH AT 10AM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME!🔥 We are humbled and excited to present to you our next IGComicstore exclusive Variant for Fantastic Four issue #1 , which is limited to only 700 hand selected copies. Each purchase will be accompanied by an individually numbered COA. @johntylerchristopher captures the historic essence of the Fantastic Four, all while paying homage to the legendary Jack Kirby and David Finch. Another masterpiece has been born! As always Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Amazing Spider-Man IGC Exclusive Variants issue #1 books are now shipping! In addition, we decided to add a readers copy in each order. Being that we have to dispose of the copies we don’t use, we decided that this would make better use of these books. Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate each and everyone of you. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Swinging in for #firstappearancefriday , ASM issue #252 CGC 9.8 featuring the 1st appearance of the black suit ( symbiote ) . This AF #15 homage cover is a must have for your PC. Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
Now available, we have a couple ASM Variant bundle packages available on our site, including this beautiful 1:200 Virgin Wraparound Variant by Ryan Ottley all in flawless NM/M condition. Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
🔥HEAT CHECK🔥 Here is your first look at our upcoming IGComicstore exclusive Variant for Fantastic Four issue #1 , and it is more than just Fantastic! The cover art by @johntylerchristopher is a true masterpiece. When we originally made the request for this issue we had sent in a David Finch piece and asked for a recreation art. Through the process Mr Christopher found out that Finch had used some Jack Kirby inspiration behind it. This incredible art shows characteristics of David Finch and Jack Kirby all combined with JTC's unique and very special touch. Much like our Moon Knight exclusive that JTC did for us, this one also features a weathered/worn vintage look which compliments the essence and history of when FF originally started. We are truly honored to work with JTC for this issue, as he is a phenomenal artist. Details on this beauty are coming this Sunday, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
It’s #throwdownthursday ! This cover showcases the ultimate showdown between the dark knight and the Joker. Superman & Batman Virgin Variant issue #7 CGC 9.8, a @gabrieledellotto masterpiece! #IGComicstore
More heat for NCBD! This cover by John Romita Sr has such a great nostalgic look, classic Spider-Man at his best! Amazing Spider-Man 1:100 Variant issue #1 , we have a few NM/M copies available on our site. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
It’s NCBD! Amazing Spider-Man 1:1000 Remastered Erik Larsen Variant issue #1 , this cover looks amazing in person! We have a couple NM/M copies listed on our site, this key issue is a must have. #IGComicstore
🔥HEAT CHECK🔥 Here it is, our next @igcomicstore exclusive store Variant for Punisher issue #1 featuring another phenomenal cover by super star artist @gabrieledellotto . Pre-Sale on this book starts July 28th at 10am Central Standard Time. We will have Virgin option that will be limited to only 400 hand selected copies and the classic trade version ( shown ) that will be limited to 800 hand selected copies. Mark your calendars, this is one you won’t want to miss. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
🔥HEAT CHECK🔥 All we can say is wow! Amazing Spider-Man @igcomicstore Exclusive Virgin and Trade Variant issue #1 . This is a solid @gabrieledellotto masterpiece, not to mention this issue also features a 1st appearance! Happy Collecting! #IGcomicstore
More heat for #topvarianttuesday ! Superior Spider-Man 1:50 Variant issue #17 , the cover art by J.G Jones is nothing short of amazing. Not to mention the overall storyline in this series was also amazing. #IGComicstore
Swinging in for #topvarianttuesday , Venom 1:500 Variant issue #150 . This is still one of our favorite covers of Venom by @claytoncrain . #IGComicstore
It’s #multiplecomicmonday , these looked to good not to post up! Deadpool Virgin Variants issue #1 CGC 9.8 featuring another mind blowing cover by the great @gabrieledellotto . We want to also send a warm shout out to our good friend @cshaver00 who pressed all of these for us to ensure they would all hit a 9.8. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
35grams of Pure Silver! New Zealand Mint Replica Action Comics issue #1 CGC 10 Gem Mint. A beautiful collectible for #supermansunday , Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
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