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Fresh off the truck and right on time for #topvarianttuesday ! Web Of Venom Carnage Born 1:100 Virgin Variant issue #1 showcasing some intense cover art by the great @kylehotzcomics ! Tomorrow we will be doing a live unboxing of our exclusive @gabrieledellotto Variant for this title, Happy Collecting Friends! #IGComicstore
Coming in hot for #topvarianttuesday ! Justice League Variant issue #11 , @francescomattinaart has been on fire with all of his recent covers for DC Comics. Every single one of them has been mesmerizing, Aquaman never looked better. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Flying in for #multiplecomicmonday and #moonknightmonday ! According to our sources there was under 300 of these printed, Moon Knight 1:500 Remastered Variant issue #200 featuring cover art by the great @therealthatpolishguy aka Bill Sienkiewicz. We 2 NM/M copies available, Happy Collecting Friends! #IGComicstore
For #spawnsunday ! @francescomattinaart has been ripping it up with these Spawn covers. Spawn Virgin Variant issue #291 , Happy Collecting Friends! #IGComicstore
Flying in from the depths of outer space. Battlestar Galactica 1:50 Classic Variant issue #1 , this phenomenal cover by Marco Rudy flew under the radar a couple weeks ago. #IGComicstore
The Devil Of Hells Kitchen. Daredevil 1:15 Variant issue #100 CGC 9.8, a masterpiece created by the great late Michael Turner. This book is a tough one to obtain in this grade, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
One of the greatest HULK cover of all time! World War Hulk @aspencomics Exclusive Variant issue #1 CGC 9.8. This one of many masterpieces crest by the great late Michael Turner. Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
With so many hot variants that released this week, this masterpiece flew right under the radar. Detective Comics Variant issue #992 , another phenomenal cover by the great @gabrieledellotto , Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
We’ll never get tired of admiring @davidfinchart art work! Uncanny X-MEN 1:200 Virgin Variant Mega issue #1 . This cover is absolutely stunning, it almost has the presence of a reimagined GSX 1 cover, which ofcourse is timeless. We have a couple of these gems available now, head to our online store and click on new arrivals. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Even in all B&W this book looks stunning! Uncanny X-MEN 1:1000 Hidden Gem Sketch Variant Mega issue #1 . @joeydaq outdid himself on this one, we really hope to see more covers like this from Quesada. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
This cover is drop dead gorgeous! To our surprise this is a Virgin cover which is perfect because you can really see the detail. Uncanny X-MEN 1:500 Hidden Gem Variant Mega issue #1 , a Joe Quesada masterpiece! We only have one copy left, don’t miss out on this gem, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Uncanny X-MEN Hidden Gem Variant Mega issue #1 , this classic Wraparound cover art by the great Dave Cockrum is perfect! Classic X-MEN at their best. #IGComicstore
🔥🔥Coming in RED HOT for NCBD‼️🔥🔥 Pictures really don’t do this cover justice, the colors are really really vibrant, everything pops! Limited to only 700 hand selected copies, and produced exclusively by @igcomicstore . Uncanny X-MEN Homage Variant Mega issue #1 . Painted by the legendary artist @juskoart , This cover pays tribute and homage to the legendary @therealstanlee and Jack Kirby’s original X-MEN issue 1. Very few copies remain, head to our online store and click on IGC Exclusives to claim your copies while supplies last. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
We’re ending the night with one of the hottest covers with Two-Face ever created ( in our humble opinion Ofcourse ) . Deathstroke Variant issue #37 , @francescomattinaart created a masterpiece! Besides the amazing storyline, the colors and detail really pop! If you’re a fan of Two-Face, Deathstroke or Batman then this is a must have for your PC. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
We only have a handful of these coming! Uncanny X-MEN incentive Variant Mega issue #1 featuring some seriously amazing cover art by the @sixmoremarko aka Marko Djurjdevic . Head to our site and click on pre-sales to grab your copy while supplies last, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Tomorrow, the X-MEN Return! In honor of that, we’ll be posting some X-MEN heat all day. First up is a classic cover by the legend himself @jimlee , X-MEN issue #11 CGC 9.8. Happy Collecting Friends! #IGComicstore
@therealstanlee , to the GREATEST comic book creator of all time, you are a inspiration to all of us Stan. Your legacy will live on forever, and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything that you started with the comic industry, your creations spread across the globe, you are a pioneer. Rest In Peace Stan, you will be severely missed. #StanLee
You know what comes out this week?!? Shown, Uncanny X-MEN 1:1000 Hidden Gem Sketch Variant issue #1 . A phenomenal cover by the the legend Joe Quesada, we only have one of these ultra rare gems available now! Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
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