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Feeling lucky for #topvarianttuesday ! Domino 1:50 Variant issue #1 , this unique coverswipe is down right gorgeous! This is one of our favorite pieces from @jscottcampbellart this year, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
For your viewing pleasure, we’re ending the night with this really hot mash up vid that our friends at @mutant_edit_show produced for us. Enjoy, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore #MutantEditShow
Swinging in for #moonknightmonday ! Amazing Spider-Man issue #220 ghost starring The Macabre Moon Knight, Cover art by the great Bob Layton. If you’re a MK collector then you probably have this issue in your PC already, it’s a really a tough book to find in NM/M shape. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Happy Monday Friends! All open orders for our Punisher issue #1 @igcomicstore Exclusive Variant have now shipped out! We only have a couple sets left until full sell out, grab your sets now and receive a promo discount code for issue #2 which goes on sale this Saturday. Thank to everyone that ordered, we appreciate every single one of you. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
🔥PRE-SALE Starts Saturday September 22nd at 10am Central Standard Time🔥—————————————— Get excited, our next ultra limited IGComicstore Exclusive Variant is here, and it looks amazing! The Punisher issue #2 showcasing another mind blowing cover by superstar artist Gabriele Dell'Otto! This book will be available in a few different formats, the Virgin cover will be limited to only 500 hand selected copies while the Classic Trade Version ( Shown ) will be limited to only 700 hand selected copies. Each book comes with its own individual numbered COA. In addition, every order will also receive a readers copy. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore ———————————————————————— -- Virgin & Classic Trade Set $49.95 - Classic Trade $24.95 - Classic Trade CGC 9.8 $99.95 - Virgin CGC 9.8 $129.95
Who still loves the yellow and blue X-MEN costumes? X-MEN issue #275 Wraparound Cover CGC 9.8. This classic cover by @jimlee is timeless, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Crushing it’s way in through the cosmos for #firstappearancefriday . Infinity Wars Prime 1:25 Variant issue #1 showcasing is really amazing cover by Greg Hildebrandt and featuring the 1st appearance of Requiem. Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
One cover we’ll never get tired of looking at. X-MEN 1:100 Euro Variant issue #3 , this masterpiece by @adigranov is a must have for your PC. Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
Moon Knight 1:500 Remastered Variant issue #200 featuring cover art by the legendary artist @therealthatpolishguy aka Bill Sienkiewicz. This one if the biggest ratio variants for MK to date, we have this gem up for pre-order now. Happy Friday! #IGComicstore
Happy Thursday Friends! Our friends at @mutant_edit_show put together a sweet brief mix for us revolving around our exclusive variant for Return Of Wolverine issue #1 . We have big plans with @mutant_edit_show So Stay tuned for the full 60sec mash up vid for this clip any many more coming soon, enjoy and Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore #MutantEditShow
Batman: Harley Quinn issue #nn CGC 9.8, the iconic cover by the legendary @thealexrossart featuring the Origin and 1st appearance of Harley Quinn. #IGComicstore
Ending the night with a timeless and classic cover by the legendary @thealexrossart . Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight issue #100 , the boy wonder and the dark knight never looked better, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Swinging in for #topvarianttuesday ! Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition Variant issue #800 CBCS 9.8 signed by cover artist @mikemayhewstudio . This sweet cover was limited to only 300 copies and showcases a really amazing homage cover from ASM #238 . In addition, this key issue features the 1st appearance of Normie Osborn as the Goblin Childe as well as the Death of Agent Venom. This is definitely a must have book for your PC, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Running into this week for #multiplecomicmonday ! The Flash Variant issue #52 , another brilliant cover by the masterful @gabrieledellotto . We’re really enjoying this series thus far too, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Swinging in for #spidermansunday ! Scarlet Spider 1:25 Variant issue #1 . The cover art by @officialmarkbagleyart is timeless, Kaine Parker never looked better! #IGComicstore
Happy Sunday Friends! Get excited, here’s a preview of what is about to take place in Thor issue #5 ! A epic battle of monumental proportions, don’t sleep on this key issue. Head to our website and pre-order your copy/copies of our @igcomicstore Exclusive Variant ( swipe left ) by @gabrieledellotto for Thor issue #5 , a cover and story worthy of Odin. Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
Ending the night with some heat for @cgccomics day! Wolverine 1:1000 Variant issue #310 CGC 9.8, one of hottest Wolverine covers ever created by one of our all time favorite artists @stephen___platt . This book is a modern gem, Happy Collecting! #IGComicstore
🔥🔥NOW ON SALE 🔥🔥 Get ready! This masterpiece goes is now available for pre-order, Thor @igcomicstore Exclusive Variant issue #5 showcasing another brilliant cover by the masterful @gabrieledellotto ! Head to our website and click on IGC exclusives, Happy Collecting! 🍻#IGComicstore
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