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GOOD MORNING LOVES <3 RISE AND SHINE YOUR STRENGHT!!! IMPORTANT INSINGHTS ON THE ENERGY IN HEAVEN Yesterday the planet Uranus known as the "great disruptor," goes retrograde, and giving the fact that few other heavy hitter planets are retrograde also this can only bring us a massive astrological headache. The transit will last until Feb 2019 and during that time many of us will feel literarily earth shaking from its energy. Planet Uranus is a rebel it doesn’t follow the rules of the other planets. As the most eccentric planet of the zodiac, Uranus has dominion over disruptions, sudden changes, and revolutions, and the sign and birth chart house it occupies determines which area of your life will be shaken up the most. Now is the time to seek guidance and get ready to deal with those energies. Uranus symbolizes breakthroughs, awakenings, feelings of being alive and kicking. Even though the energies could be quite disruptive, it is up to you either to shake it off or succumb to it. Use this time to reinvent yourself and allow your inner warrior to merge out. Planet Uranus is an AWAKENER and you will never be able to predict its behavior, in astrology we say if you can predict wasn’t Uranus!! So expect unexpected and crazy rollercoaster ride. Uranus is a free agent. Uranian energy, on its own, is not weighed down by expectations. It is the best example we have of truly free thinking. It has nothing to prove to anyone else. Uranus as an archetype is unbound and its energy is what brings you back to yourself! Uranus represents liberation, innovation, collective memory, change, revolution, free spirit, brilliance, and unconventionality. Uranus represents breaking away from the routine and boring patterns. It is the desire to be rid of old conditions and constraints. During this time you might experience huge moments of realizations and your intuitive abilities could be heightened, than my friends you are experiencing the AWAKENING, and your life will never be the same. Yours truly Ilina Ivana #ONELOVE #namaste #uranusretrograde #greatawakener #higherconsciousness #rebel #paradigmshift #change #intuition #authentic #bereal #knowing #awaken #awareness #oldsoul
GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFULS!!!! Rise and shine your rainbow colors <3 SPECIAL ENERGY REPORT Few days ago we had antother energy shift, planet of love and values VENUS have progressed into the sign of LIBRA and it will affect for better or worse our relationships till Sep 3rd (soon after that Venus will go retrograde and at that time you can expect huge shift in your relationship sector). People born with Venus in Libra are a true romantic, they are sensitive to those around them, and may be accused of changing who they are to become what someone else wants them to be. It is easy for them to lose their identity if they aren't careful because they tend to see things from their partner's point of view. While charming and companionable, they may compromise a bit too much which could cause a lot of insecurities in the long run. Generally pepole born with Venus in Libra are laid-back, easy-going and hate any form of discord, they will go to great lengths to avoid social and domestic conflict. This energy is also bringing into the light all the issues we are facing in our personal and professional relationships. If something is superficial or wrong during this transit has to be addressed. Venus in Libra thrives in relationships, but even then, there's still a sense of harmony in detachment. Libra is an air sign, so a healthy space is much needed during this time. Do not be surprised if you feel like going on vacation and not telling anyone, or suddenly you feel that you need a break from your current relationship, it is all good, balance is needed. There is also a desire to compromise, and seek balance. This energy will be all about avoiding confrontation with others, in order to keep the peace. Avoiding arguments is a good thing as long you don't have to sacrifice your own authority and silence your inner voice. Remember it's also important to have fun and allow Goddess Venus to sprinkle some magic on your love life ❀ #venus #love #soulmate #goddess #havefaith #truelove #fallinginlove #relationships #balance #libra #namaste #innerpeace #oneness #spiritualwarrior #kindredspirits #higherconsciousness #thirdeye #ONELOVE #togetherness
Happy new week beautiful angel friends πŸ’– In my line of work TRUST is a pivot!! Real spiritual people base their work on trust and confidentiality Love always Yours truly Ilina Ivana #trust #ONELOVE #namaste #innerpeace #oneness #spiritualwarrior #kindredspirits #higherconsciousness #thirdeye #GOD #universe #divineguidance #compassion #love #liveyourlegend #psychicreading #spiritualbeing #spiritualadvisor #womenempowerment #helpingothers #oldsoul
Evening under the stars with my beautiful friends πŸ’– Cheers everyone #torontolife #greathearts #greatfriends #ONELOVE #beautifulpeople #partytime #underthestars #niagaraonthelake #dancing #havingfun πŸ˜„ #livelaughlove
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