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Bring out the positivity in life😊 Always say Alhamdulillah💕 May Allah ease all our affairs and bless us with better than we dream❤
May Allah protect us from all kinds of harms💕
Amazing advice we all should start following👌💯
Recite this dua'a abundantly💕
The best time to make up for our Qadha fasts is NOW💕
We are all prone to sin. What really matters is how quickly we regret it and seek Allah's forgiveness. That's how we grow 🌷
When everything begins to make sense... 💙 #BetterTomorrow
Make space for what's coming your way💕
From me to you⬆️ Alhamdulillah for Islam💕
Please understand this💯💕
Allah is the Most Kind and Loving 🌷 Call out to Him and He will definitely respond 💞
Be proud of yourself💕 Allah gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers💯 #Staystrong #Keepholdingon
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