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One Love #proudmomoftwins

Fall in love with your own company. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape. 💛🌻 #proudmomoftwins #MAMAash #becomingaVEGASlocalisntsobad
4th Grade. It’s happening. The growing up is getting too real for me. So, if I call one of my friends/ohana crying...this is why. 💙 #jailienandjosiah #proudmomoftwins
Surprising my boys with seeing @chrisbrownofficial was successful with a few complications 🙃😂. Supposedly they were more concerned about it being past their bed time than I was. & they were super confused on why it took CB so long to come out. I told them he picked which artists he wanted to go before him because he had to eat his dinner & drink a bunch of water before coming out 🤷🏽‍♀️ lol. All in all, we enjoyed our 1st concert together. That wraps up the festivities for their 9th birthday! 🙌🏾 #jailienandjosiah #proudmomoftwins #chrisbrownconcert2018
9 years around the 🌞! I cried before I went to sleep. I cried waking them up to say happy birthday! 😩 Some of you know our story from the beginning, so you’d understand. These boys are a legit gift from God to keep me here. & even on our bad days, I would NEVER take it for granted. May blessings continue to flow for these two. One Love Jailien & Josiah. Mom loves you to the 🌙 & back. #proudmomoftwins #jailienandjosiah #leoseason #tbt
I love the relationship I’m building with myself 🌻🦋 #proudmomoftwins
Not knockin the non-single parents, or people without children. But! Finding balance between being home with my boys in Vegas & working in The Bay, it’s been real. So grateful to be able to provide for us while still doing what I love as a healer. Blessings on Blessings 🧡 #proudmomoftwins
When you squeeze in time for yourself to dance between clients 😊❤️ I love you! @francofrias23 #saturdayvibes
They’re just everything & more ❤️ #jailienandjosiah #proudmomoftwins #mylivingangels
Happy 59th Birthday to a real one. I miss you more than ever Pops. I know you & Tika are up there chillin. Love you 😘🙏🏾 #geminiseason #onelove #hisoneandonly #guardianangel #fuckcancer #tbt
Josiah recorded this y’all! Baile es vida! ❤️✨💚#danceislife #dancemission #dancingforyoutika Dancing next to my love @jessicachoreo @francofrias23 Cheography 😘
Blessed beyond measure! 😍❤️ #proudmomoftwins #jailienandjosiah #myheartinhumanform
🌼B E A U T I F U L na’au🌼 “My own face was a comfort to me, my own body was a comfort to me, & no matter how swept away I would become by anyone or anything, in the end I allowed nothing to replace my own being in my own mind.” -Jamaica Kincaid #loveyourself
I’ve been watching @katerina91k since last year. & I finally had the chance to take her class while she’s visiting The Bay. Thank you for your loving hug when I told you I was dancing for my cousin who just passed. You’re amazing. So talented. & @yenilucero for joining last minute. Your energy was more than appreciated. One Love 🙏🏾❤️✨💚 #danceislife #dancingforyouTika
Gained another angel last night. My cousin Martika was a beautiful soul. & a wonderful Mom to her daughter Miracle. My heart hurts so fucking much. My Dad was her favorite Uncle. So, y’all being together again brings me some type of peace. 💔🦋 One Love Tika
#mentalhealthmonth From the trauma I encountered as a child finally hitting me as a teenager & being diagnosed with depression at the age of 14, to dealing with feeling like shit during my pregnancy & postpartum depression... I still am able to keep myself grounded. Feeling these feels taught me to appreciate every damn second. The most simplest things are what I appreciate the most. Hearing myself genuinely laugh is a gift. Waking up everyday is a blessing. Being able to provide for my sons is strength that I need to acknowledge more. We have to learn how to hug ourselves more. Tell ourselves that we’re proud of us! Know that if we’ve made it this far, there’s no reason to give up now. Catch it when we are responding to a situation in a more peaceful way than how it would’ve been 3 years ago. Give yourself props, any chance you get. Whatever it takes, just don’t give up. 🙏🏾💛
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