Architect 📒 #breaking

You can't win unless you learn how to lose. #throwback at @redbullegypt jul/2018 Taken by: @abdo570 #breaking #redbull #cypher
The way to get better and better is to quit talking and begin doing. 🙏🏻 #breaking
Different places, different paces. Credits to the lovely one: @maryamahmadf ❤️❤️
You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. 👌🏻 #legalizeitcrew #breaking
“Never fail to try” #legalizeitcrew #breaking
Won the 3on3 bboy battle at egypt battle with my homies @legalizeitcrew . 👌👌 Thanks to everyone who supported us and to @hacker_crew_official for the event. Peace out ✌#legalizeitcrew
Very Happy For you Champ 👌🏻 You made us proud, you’ve come so far and you deserved it 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Continue this form in Zurich and show the world who you are. Taken by; @abdo570 and @wizzoph_ #legalizeitcrew #represent
Not your favorite kinda architect 🎓#architecture #architecttobe
The end of something marks the start of something new. End of an era 2013-2018 🎓💪🏻 #thisishowigradute #architecture #finallyanarchitect #graduationproject
5 YEARS OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. 5 YEARS OF LIMITLESS HARDWORK. 5 YEARS OF GOOD AND BAD DAYS. It’s been tough.. none of us was prepared to what we’ve been through the past 5 years but we’ve been through it all together, and finally we’re getting closer and closer To the end of it, I want to thank everyone of you for being in my life as a friend, 20 more days and we’ll be done with all of this, wish you all the best 🙏🏻 peace and love ❤️🤗 #architecture @mohamedmajdi_ab @mohannadhany @seiftarek95 @omarelsayed4 @abuel3la @mohamedefayed @moatazfayed @adelelalaily @abouzaid95 @omar3afo @karimyossef @mohmdmaherr @wasfiiii @ahmedkasem313 @islamadel__o @serageldin94 @maryamahmadf @mariamkhalilll @maymohanad @mollymomar @essa_aya @rahma_goudaa @howaidamohamed @samar_idrees @maiomar95 @samahazem @ahmedhassansalama @ahmedsalah942 @alielmorsi @amrsa3ed @maha3yad @obaymuhammed
turn your world upside down 🙃🌊 #lookatthingsdifferently
Let the sea set you free ☀️🌊
Me: just doin my thing 👌🏻 #legalizeitcrew
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