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Weekend vibes from @rachelvanni_. 🍾🍾 #imbibe #imbibegram
In 2014, we highlighted @HuntandAlpine and @TandemCoffeeRoasters on our Imbibe 75 list of trendsetting people, places and flavors. In honor of being featured, Hunt + Alpine owners @BrianaRocks and @AndrewMVolk created this cocktail, which they’ve included in their beautiful new book, Northern Hospitality. It combines aquavit, Fernet, coffee and whipped cream, and it's pretty much the perfect fall cocktail—recipe link in our profile! 📸 @pfephoto #coffeecocktail #aquavit #fernet #imbibe #imbibe75 #imbibegram
We’ve all been there at some point: a drink recipe calls for a citrus peel garnish, so you slice up a few spirals and the remaining fruit goes unused. Or maybe a drink requires a half ounce of juice, and the leftover lime sits in the fridge, drying out by the day. At @theperennialsf , the goal is to create as little waste as possible, so they turn leftover fruit into shrubs, marmalades or salt-cured wedges, and they dehydrate citrus wheels for future garnishes. Over at, they offer some simple tips for dehydrating garnishes at home. 📸 @theperennialsf #garnish #imbibe #imbibegram
It’s full-on fall @theblindrabbit with this Coffee Old Fashioned: bourbon, creme de cacao, coffee liqueur, and bitters. 🔥 #imbibe #imbibegram 📸:
Hot toddy season is ramping up, and this Sweet Nothings Toddy combining bourbon, black pepper–infused rooibos, milk and sugar is one of our favorites—get the recipe from Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield of @theowlsbrew at 📸 @tinarupp #rooibos #bourbon #imbibe #imbibegram
We can always count on @sip.ponder.repeat for a beautiful #imbibegram , like this lovely shot of the Old Scalawag @whiskeycharliewharf : bourbon, Grand Marnier and bitters. Thanks for sharing! #bourbon #bitters #grandmarnier #imbibe
Seasonal lattes are always on the menu @NeverLab , and this one with a turmeric-ginger syrup is especially perfect for fall—recipe link in our profile. #coffeefliicks #cupsinframe #turmeric #imbibe #imbibegram 📸 @brentonsalo
The Steelroller from @opal_pdx is a sublime sipper combining @buffalotrace bourbon, Aperol, @amaromonte , orange bitters and @angosturahouse bitters—recipe at 📸 @imbibe #bourbon #amaro #aperol #bitters #imbibe #imbibegram
"Until recently, most bartenders only reached for crème de cacao when making the stray Brandy Alexander or Grasshopper," says @hungrybartender. "But changes in the caliber of cacao—thanks largely to craft distillers and savvy importers—have brightened the liqueur's future." Head to to find out how the liqueur has evolved and how bartenders like @natashadavidxo and @asapstormborn get creative with it. #cremedecacao #imbibe #imbibegram 📸 @laraferroni for @imbibe
From @drinkandgather comes this delicious First Wave, a combo of scotch, amaro, citrus and cider—recipe at 📸 @emmajanzen #sidra #imbibe #imbibegram
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