‘Nothing real ever fades’ Romans 8 vs 38🌴 |🌚| #blm ✊🏽 👻laur_bearrr *stay golden* 🌕

God is good! #happyeaster 📸: @forever_glow
do not disturb 🙃 #tb
Mad ethnic rn ✊🏽🇭🇹
I’m so grateful to God and to everyone around me; my loved ones for these 21 years. Yeah it is my birthday but it would not mean anything without you. You made these memories with me, so you made it to 21 with me too. I thank God for the joy that I feel right now, for the contentment; my heart is full. I thank God for my health, his guidance, his patience, his favor and everlasting mercy on me. I do not take it for granted, at all. I would not ask for anything except to spend more time with you, you; (my parents, my grandma, my big sis Glo, you Bex Nadou, baby, Tamisha Bianca my aunt and uncle [my second parents], tati da, tati Maudeline, tati Flo, tati Carole, Francesca, Ann, Veronique, Alli, Josh, Savannah Olivia, Aaron, fedora, my godparents) and many more. You don’t even know how much I love you all (I don’t know why God gave me such a sensitive heart lmao) And for this year, I know that the things I felt, the things I experienced were meant to be, I don’t regret anything. None of my mistakes or failures; they made me grow into what I was meant to be for this new year and this new age. And honestly I think God was testing me to see if I really was who I said I was. So thank you for being a part of me and loving me. 💛 Happy birthday to me 🙋🏽‍♀️
Sexy taco 💅🏽 #HTG
Do you like my hair? 🌼
Rather be realer than ü 🍄
Baby, it's my turn to flex on you 🌺 #gyalchester
What lies behind my eyes Are windows of the future past And regrets of a former life It is a trapped door barricaded by the dead corpse of my ancestors cries And their cries spilled over to my grave And blossomed pain #poetry #tb #nomakeup
I will make a mural out of you So people see what I see So they feel the art in you They will stop and stare And hold their breath You will feel like first love #poetry #instinct #tbt
Must be outta your mind do you know who we are... 🙄#Originalgangstas
Send for me. #Woo #filter
Young but I'm ready #tb #lifeisgood
Tell em' if they got a problem, I'm from Haiti... #thisiswhatthatjungledo #haiti 🇭🇹
I'll admit I'm sorry when I feel I'm truly sorry👵
I know we make time for the things that we want.
My youth, my youth is yours. Trippin on skies, sippin waterfalls 🎈
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