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A spotlight on innovative art + experiences... multimedia ▴ interactive ▴ kinetic ▴ sensory ▴ spatial (curated by @wennekamp )

Doug Aitken returns to NY with “New Era” at 303 Gallery through May 25th. The installation centers around Martin Cooper, and his invention of the mobile cellphone. Aitken’s work weaves the story of Cooper’s life into a poetic narrative about humanity’s history and the implications for its future. His narration becomes a leitmotif of a gradual dissolution of images and sounds into a dystopian landscape where nature and technology become intertwined. ✨ #DougAitken @dougaitkenworkshop #NewEra
“Spirit of the City” a site-specific installation by @unitedvisualartists explores the emotional and physical response that people experience while navigating urban environments. It is composed of 16, nine-foot, revolving columns that are poetically linked to the constantly changing activity of New York City. __________ Open to the public on May 18 through Sept 02. #futureofdesign #spiritofthecity #mini #adonyc #uva #NYCxDESIGN
words and pictures cannot explain how stunning this was to experience @form. The liminal soundbath by Jonsi of @sigurros , @alexksomers & @paulcorleymusic and light install called #qoohi by @juanazulay touched parts of me i didnt know existed. The center piece had light projections that seemed impossibly intergalactic and the enveloping tunes were otherworldly 🙌
Via @saintrecords Metatronia explores the process, and mapping of creation. The piece is an exercise on following the intuitive force that guides us, helping us to create space, and silence the mind to create the work. exploring the relationship of movement and architecture as a meditation, Metatronia centers around building frequency and creating charge through visual storytelling. Up on the @hammer_museum website to screen
Installation by @nonotakstudio lighting things up at the @cartier #boldandfearless event via @chandeliercreative
A must see! Now at the in NYC: Cyprien Gaillard premieres his film, "Nightlife," which chronicles four interconnected subjects: Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker" installed at the Cleveland Museum of Art; non-indigenous plants scattered throughout the Los Angeles basin; the annual Pyronale firework event at the Olympiastadion in Berlin; and the Jesse Owens Olympic oak tree at the James Ford Rhodes High School in Cleveland. Visitors are equipped with 3D glasses and enveloped in an atmospheric soundscape 🙌#CyprienGaillard
@blackbymatte put on quite the show featuring ‘white canvas’ by @_cocolab illuminating the dancefloor with 360 spotlights in a finepoint grid configuration that created a sense of space and intimacy simultaneously. A perfect compliment to the Berlin house music
Opening #ismhexadome at @gropiusbau now. 360 visuals submerge visitors in a sound environment designed by Brian Eno. Via @pfadfinderei_berlin #instituteforsoundandmusic #immersiveart #brianeno #emptyformalism
@fourtetkieran is traveling with an amazing light show. Music lovers stand between strands of animated LEDs, creating a more intimate setting for engaging with and getting enveloped by sight and sound 👏 This show took place at National Sawdust, an impressive new venue in Williamsburg
@Hermes CARNAVAL❣️ 📸: @mrmoudz via @jonsmaloy
Flashback to @coralmorphologic ‘s audiovisual piece '2317' projection-mapped onto the facade of the @faena in celebration of ‘international year of the reef’ — strengthening awareness of the value and threat to coral reefs.
"The Wave," an interactive light and sound work developed by visual artist Frederik Svanholm and composer Mikkel Meyer, installed at Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen — on display until March 24! 📸 @voyageurchic via @afarmedia
‘Our Time’, a piece of work on loan from the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Australia, made an appearance on the Burberry runway. It investigates the subjective experience of the passing of time through movement, light and sound, and was reimagined in collaboration with Christopher Bailey’s final collection to provide the backdrop to his final runway collection. The installation’s pendulums swung to their own rhythm in time to the show’s soundtrack by Jimmy Somerville, The Communards and Bronski Beat. In collaboration with Univited Visual Artists (UVA)
Two days left to catch #PipilottiRist at @mca_australia now through Sunday. Video features glimpses of the exhibit ‘Sip my ocean’ (2017). Sound by Anders Guggisberg, and documentation by Maiara da Rocha Skarheim. #mcaaustralia #closingsoon #SydneyInternationalArtSeries #lightart #immersiveart
Catch it while you can! ‘.zip’, a media art group exhibition at 3LD Art & Technology Center, runs through February 15. ‘.zip’ represents the compression and decompression of digital files, which allow for intimate exchange between people in a modern age. This show highlights the power of media to rapidly expand due to unceasing reproduction and evolution of formats taking visitors through “multiple imagined universes”. Participating artists — Hao Feng, 花形瘦, Jian Gan, Loga Hong, 毕振宇,James Cao, Raven Kwok, Pink Money AKA Loong You x UFO AKA Juehui Wu, Shi Zheng — have created a dynamic environment that simultaneously inundates visitors and is meant to inspire reflection on the nature of existence and the future by breaking and rebuilding a sense of time and space through “synthetic, multi-sensory provocations”. #digitalart #immersiveart #lightart #futureart #3LD #multisensory #sensoryart #unzipped #zipped
This is what 80,000 wristwatch plates look like suspended in air. The gorgeous 'Light is Time' by Tsuyoshi Tane for Milan Design Week ⏱✨ via @hahnfineart Making me excited for #MilanDesignWeek #Milan #TsuyoshiTane #LightisTime #immersiveart #dgtarchitects #lightart #citizenwatch
I’d cozy up to this: “Kingdom of Colors” by filmmaker Thomas Blanchard & artist @Oilhack Soundtracked by Leonardo Villiger. As shown at @artechouse vid by @iambanafsheh
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