Impressive Things

focuses on the newest awesome inventions, odd gadgets and the coolest things that pop up across the web.

Easily access all the hard to reach items in your corner cabinet.
Perfect for the avid traveler, these shoes pack flat like a t-shirt.
This bean bag chair converts into a bed.
Meet Ucella, the smart, package delivery mail-box.
Personalize the temperature of your side of the bed.
This lets you know wash the outside of your windows.. from the inside.
Hoverboard with a seat? It’s a hoverSeat.
Make mini pancakes like the pros.
No more wondering how old those leftovers are.
The struggle of taking off your boots is over.
Your pet can easily travel with you using these unfolding stairs.
No more sleeping on the cold lumpy ground. How cool... get ready for the camping season.
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