Civil Disobedience

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Bernie Sanders tweeted on November 27, 2016 "If you work 40 hours a week you should not live in poverty. The struggle continues. Raise the minimum wage to a living wage – $15 an hour." This paints a deeply false narrative of American society and has instilled fear in many. Due to this irrational fear mongering, many misinformed people support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour- legislation which nearly three-quarters of US based economists oppose. We cannot continue to surrender our republic to fear mongering demagogues like Bernie Sanders. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @american.batallion @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite @american_rightwinger #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
This is why we need to monitor who it is we let into our country. Aiding those in need is one thing. Allowing a massive influx of people of which 21% hold or held support for a barbaric group such as ISIS would be putting our citizens' lives and freedoms at risk. Support for ISIS in Muslim countries remains relatively low, but yet remains too high in some. The American people deserve to be safe in their country. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @american.batallion @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite @american_rightwinger #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
According to the Senate Finance Committee, a single parent earning $41,000 with one child would see a 73% reduction in their federal taxes. Despite the fallacies we are often driven to believe, the Republican tax bill was a tax cut for the middle class. The following slides are from the Tax Policy Center. According to the report, a single parent earning $30,000 a year will see a $1,000 tax cut under the senate tax bill. A low-income single parent making $30,000 annually with two children would receive a $980 tax cut, and a single low-income person with no children will see a tax cut of $457. This is much needed tax relief for our lower income citizens. We must reject the non-existent "tax cuts for the rich" that are so commonly spoken of. Thank you to @theamericanist for providing me with much of the data included in this post. Sources:, Tax Policy Center Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @american.batallion @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
Contrary to the fallacies that mainstream academia and the media incline us to believe, the wealthy are paying more in taxes following the Republican tax bill. Students of history will not find this surprising, since this has happened before. Data from the Tax Foundation shows that the share of income taxes paid by the top income quintile increased from 65% pre-Reagan tax cuts, to over 70% of all income taxes by the end of his presidency. However, in reference to the Republican tax bill, mainstream leftist news outlets such as The Washington Post and Vox have referred to the Republican tax bill as "tax cuts for the rich." This includes a Vox headline that reads "How the Republican tax bill harms the poor and helps the rich". These articles generally appear at the top of the search engine if one googles even the most neutral search in regards to the republican tax bill. Such articles are generally little more than angry opinion pieces with cherry-picked data written by smug liberal journalists. The Vision of the Anointed tragically reaches far and wide. However, these caricatures and fear-mongering lies can be combatted by a proper evaluation of data and simple facts. Under the Republican tax bill, the amount of income taxes that will be paid by the top 20% of income earners has increased. Why the left continues to mislead the public and oppose a tax bill that increases the share of taxes which they pay is one of the many mysteries of American politics. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @american.batallion @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite @american_rightwinger #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
We must continue to secure our borders for the safety and liberty of all Americans. Let me make clear that legal immigrants are extremely law-abiding and contribute to the diverse fabric that is this great nation. They are not to be confused with illegal immigrants. The GAO has reported in FY 2009, out of the total number of SCAAP criminal aliens, that roughly 227,600 are here illegally. If you divide that by the total federal prison inmates at the time(roughly 2,000,000) that equates to over 10% of the federal prison population. That is vastly disproportionate. Check the facts before citing the studies based on self-reporting which claim that even illegal aliens are less prone to commit crimes than native born Americans. They're not. NOTE: The fifth slide presents the countries of citizenship held by SCAAP federal inmates. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @american.batallion @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
There are several damaging and grotesquely false myths about across the board tax cuts often advocated by supply-siders. This post will debunk two of possibly the most notorious and harmful of these myths. The first of these myths is the fallacy that across the board tax cuts are what opponents call "tax cuts for the rich". This is extremely poor logic, considering that the "rich" pay by far the most taxes, therefore they would benefit the most from tax cuts, even though all people benefit. Viewers of this post will see that the wealthy actually paid more in taxes and a larger share of overall taxes after these tax cuts were passed. The second myth is that tax cuts do not benefit economic growth. However, the years following the tax cuts proposed by Reagan and Kennedy consisted of relatively high economic growth. It is also noteworthy that since supply-side policies began dominating American fiscal policy in 1981, the United States has experienced only three recessions. Sources used: CBO, The Economist, National Review, Manhattan Institute, Office of Management and Budget, Tax Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education, IRS, St. Louis Federal Reserve, and the Balance. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
Progressive politicians consistently state the caricature that the "rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer." It is is consistently cited that between 1969 and 1996 that real household income has increased by only 6%. This would seem to be income stagnation. However, of you look at flesh and blood individuals, it paints an entirely different picture. If you look at the same data from the IRS, individuals have seen their household incomes increase by 51% in that time frame. Household income statistics are misleading because A.) They measure an overall income of a household and ignore the incomes of individuals, and B.) Less people lived in the average American household in 1996. That number continues to decline. Many statistics are also misleading because they paint a vague picture void of truth. Household data can however refute income fallacies based on how the data is broken down. In 2007, over half of of all American households had incomes greater than $50,000 annually. In 1967, only a third of American households had that same purchasing power. In conclusion, income inequality is not a crisis, and the "rich" are not "getting richer" and the "poor" are not "getting poorer". Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @west_virginia_paleolibertarian @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
#Repost from my good friend and fellow patriot @theamericanist SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS. Included in this post is a large portion of the article from snopes, which includes important information in regards to what the DHS intends to do. This is a blatant violation of the First Amendment. We must protect the civil liberties granted to us by the Bill of Rights. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
The Revolution did not end in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. It is a war that continues to this day within our own borders. The war on our civil liberties is still going on and until we overthrow the tyrannies of the Drug War, the War on Terror, the War on Guns, the War on Economic Freedom, and the other restrictions set in place by government, we will not truly be free. E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @cacorite @west_virginia_paleolibertarian #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
Government intervention in the housing market and zoning laws have increased housing prices. This hurts millions of Americans across the country. "Affordable housing" laws increase demand for housing that is already high in large urban areas, and zoning laws and regulations restrict supply of housing. In result, the supply of housing does not meet the high demand for it. In result, prices increase. The last slide shows a graph of cities with high regulatory taxes in American cities. Notice that the cities with the most regulatory taxes have the most expensive housing costs. This is not coincidence. Let the free market work, and if this is allowed to happen by our politicians, housing will become far more affordable for millions of Americans. Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
The New York Federal Reserve in 2015 discovered several links between increases in student loan subsidies and tuition hikes at universities. It is beyond me why some people want to give the federal government an even larger role in a higher education system that it is already destroying. In this post I've included graphics from the Department of Education, excerpts from the paper written by the New York Federal Reserve as well as from an article written by Forbes on February 22, 2017. Sources: New York Federal Reserve, Department of Education, and Forbes Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @cacorite #independentoutlaw #justice4stephonclark #march4ourrights #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
According to data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission from Fiscal Year 2015, illegal aliens committed 30% of all kidnapping crimes, 5% of murders, and 18% of drug trafficking crimes. It is wrong and self-defeating for our country to allow this to happen. Included is an excerpt from from the Hill, which cites the data used to federal agencies, as well as the "true" rating for the claim from Politifact. Something must be done about our broken immigration system. Sources: U.S. Sentencing Commission and The Hill Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @tennessee.rebellion @american.independent @rightwing.america @pragcon @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @united_western_conservatives @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @cacorite #independentoutlaw #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #economics #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
According to a 1994 study from the CDC, guns are used to deter break-ins an estimated 497,646 times annually. The year of the study being 1994 makes it even more credible since violent crime in 1994 was substantially higher than it is today. In addition to the statistic cited in my OC, the report from the CDC is included in this post. Direct Citation: Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @american.independent @rightwing.america @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @confused.liberal @cacorite #independentoutlaw #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #economics #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
Don't ever let anybody tell you that the Second Amendment right to bear arms was restricted to a "militia". The "right of the people to keep and bear arms" clause disproves this notion, but to some gun control advocates, that isn't enough. So, show them these quotes. The founders whether Federalists, or Anti-Federalists all agreed on one thing; the people have the right to own firearms. I apologize for the poor cropping of the second, third, and fourth slides. The citations were cut off. Source: George Mason University Follow more members of the Rational Right! @arkansas_liberty @the_young_minarchist @american.independent @rightwing.america @social_justice_rebel @centrist.movement @pb.and.politics @antisemitism_refuted @aba.israel @prolife_100percent @shiam_kannan Partners: @arkansas_liberty @confused.liberal @cacorite #independentoutlaw #classicalliberalism #individualliberty #civilliberties #civicnationalism #naturalrights #godgivenrights #standupforfreedom #guns #economics #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #rightscomefromgod
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