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Please welcome @infatuation_boston to the party. We’ve been working hard to put together nearly 100 guides and reviews to eating and drinking in the city with the help of @MINIusa , and tonight we’re celebrating with a meal and choose-your-own garnish bar from @farmshelf at @gopagu. #EEEEEATS #InfatuationPartner
Your daily diet in Florence should include one or more of these sandwiches. #EEEEEATS 📸: @eatingontables
South Philly Barbacoa makes Philly’s best @tacos , and it’s one of our favorite places to eat at. See what else is on our Philly Greatest Hits, over on @infatuation_philly. #EEEEEATS 📸: @justinjarrett23
If @chungkingnoodles pops up near you in Berlin and you don’t go, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. #EEEEEATS 📸: @nevertoomuchpotato
The hardest decision you’ll have to make if you live in the East Village: do you Ssam or do you Noodle? #EEEEEATS 📸: @vaimomatskuu
On today’s Restaurant Review Ride-Along, Staff Writer @bryansdoingfine makes his way to the Bronx on a @jump_rides bike to try the Puerto Rican food at 188 Cuchifritos. Tap up for his opinion on various fried things and for a sneak peek of the hit single, “Oh, It’s Just Cheese.” #EEEEEATS #InfatuationNYC #InfatuationPartner
Someone in the group wants Indian, another wants a @burger , someone else is “just having drinks,” and you want a bagel. Good thing you can get all of these things at @littledonkeyboston. More Boston intel, over on @infatuation_boston. #EEEEEATS 📸: @davidwma
As an actor, one of the less pleasant parts of your job is getting lunch with your agent. And when this inevitably happens, you should know where to go. Hit the link in bio for the full list and the rest of The Actor’s Guide To Eating And Drinking In LA. #EEEEEATS
Friends don’t let friends eat bad seafood. That’s why we have nearly 100 guides and reviews on where to eat in Boston. Hit the link in bio and follow @infatuation_boston to stay up-to-date. #EEEEEATS
Coppa is a type of cured meat, so it follows that this place has an extensive charcuterie selection. But you should go straight to the pastas. More Boston restaurant intel, over on @infatuation_boston. #EEEEEATS
Boston is one of the oldest cities in America, which also means it’s one of the most important. We officially launched The @infatuation_boston today, in partnership with @MINIusa. Find nearly 100 guides and reviews to eating and drinking in the city in bio and spend more time with the BBQ that matters. #EEEEEATS #InfatuationPartner
Everyone is going to have an opinion on their favorite bagel in NYC, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the bagels at @mileenddeli. #EEEEEATS 📸: @artsandfood_nyc
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