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Hey CHI, come drink with us and @donjuliotequila at @arbellachicago , @beatnikchicago , or @mercaditochi for #NationalMargaritaDay this Thursday while supplies last. Plus, if you tag your best cocktail photo with #AgaveAndEEEEEATS and #donjulio4nationalmargaritaday from 2/22 to 3/1, you could win a trip to LA for @eeeeeatscon. Link in bio for details. #InfatuationPartner
The @pasta at @evelinarestaurant in NYC makes us think that Timon and Pumbaa were onto something. #EEEEEATS
You’ll get yelled at if you don’t order fast enough, so go with the bockwurst at Top Dog in Berkeley. More on where to eat and drink in the area, over on @infatuation_sf. #EEEEEATS
EEEEEATSCON LA is our food festival that’s more like a music festival. Now through 2/25, use your @americanexpress card at checkout and get into #EEEEEATSCON for $12.50. Head to @EEEEEATSCON for tickets. #EEEEEATS #InfatuationPartner
@pelliccicafe in London thinks you should be having lasagna for breakfast and we’re not going to argue. #EEEEEATS
You’ve heard LA has good @tacos , but these are the ones you should be eating. An update to our First Timer’s Guide, over on @infatuation_la. #EEEEEATS
Still reading this caption when you could be buying your @EEEEEATSCON LA tickets? Get it together. Link in bio for early bird passes. #EEEEEATSCON
For best results at Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen, order the food in the order it appears in the name. An update to our Hell’s Kitchen Guide, over on @infatuation_nyc. #EEEEATS 📸:
We’re not sure why everyone stopped having @pizza parties in middle school, but Vol 3 of our Now That’s What I Call Pizza Party is a good reason to bring them back. Swipe through to catch all the scenes from Tuesday night w/ @trycaviarsf , @pizzeriadelfina , @littlestarvalencia , and @piccinosf. #EEEEEATS #NowPizzaVol3 #InfatuationPartner
Yes this is a picture of a booth. Yes we just ranked the best big booths in Chicago. Find it on @infatuation_chi.
You accidentally flirted with your partner’s sibling and need to make up for it. Where To Go In London When You’ve Put Yourself In The Doghouse, over on @infatuation_london. #EEEEEATS
“We can actually get in” is simply a bonus to the food at @huertasnyc. The full review over on the @infatuation_nyc site. #EEEEEATS
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