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#EEEEEATSCON LA is over, our @icecream is no longer being torched-to-order, and we’re not dealing with it all that well. Karen, if you’re reading this, please ignore those last seven voicemails. 🎥: @secretstan for @infatuation_la
There’s a lot more to Orlando than humidity and signs that read “You must be this tall to ride this ride.” The next time you’re here, check out our guide for the best spots to eat and drink around town, presented by #AmexGold . Link in bio. @americanexpress #EEEEEATS #InfatuationPartner
Italy-level bowls of handmade @pasta for under $10. #EEEEEATS
This week’s #InfatuationTop10 is all about the bad food trends. Tap into our story and see the official ranking of all food-things that need to be put to rest. #EEEEEATS #InfatuationStoryNetwork
The seekh kebab roll at @bkjani is one of the finest things you’ll ever order from a person with a tablet. Read more in our 8.6 review over on @infatuation_nyc. #EEEEEATS
We’re into @minghincuisine for a few reasons. One is that you can get more dim sum than you know what do with for only $20. The second is this salted egg yolk bun. #EEEEEATS 🎥: @sandy.noto
If you love bolognese so much that you have ground beef running through your veins, you might want to get that checked out. You also might want to order the pappardelle at @thepinkdoorrestaurant. #EEEEEATS 🎥: @secretstan for @infatuation_seattle
Find us fluffier pancakes than these from a cafe right outside of Tokyo. #EEEEEATS 📸: @davidwma
If your soup isn’t being engulfed by a giant puff pastry, you ordered wrong. Good thing @infatuation_atlanta knows better. #EEEEEATS 📸: @fgriffinbufkin
This miso ramen should be your break from bistros and pastries in Paris. #EEEEEATS
@restauranterosetta in Mexico City is great for wine and @pasta , but it’s worth going during the day for their pastries at @panaderiarosetta. 📸: @josgypseasoul
You could be wrong, but leftover pad thai shouldn’t smell like your back alley after it rains. Skip it and head to one of the restaurants in our Austin guide to casual weeknight dinner, presented by #AmexGold , up in bio. @americanexpress #EEEEEATS #InfatuationPartner
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