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🦋 watchin us girls glow n grow
💖💖💖💖 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰
The power of makeup. @maxmade 🏆😍🔥💥 @josie_clough ❤️
Thank you for not my average sunday. ❤️❤️❤️@tommyhilfiger @mercedesamgf1 #tommyhilfiger #WhatsYourDrive #formula1
Had the best date with my not so lil brother ❤️ @kaynanwilliams . Thank you @tommyhilfiger @mercedesamgf1 #tommyhilfiger #WhatsYourDrive
2 full moons ago already... 😭 I miss the ocean. Don’t know how I’ve been living without and staying sane😅
Nothing better than this. No one on the beach but these lil piggies.
There is nothing more beautiful than the authentic you. - I think its crazy how society nowadays corrupts the minds of men and women, making us believe that we need to conform to today’s beauty standards to feel more beautiful. Beauty is just being comfortable with yourself, accepting that everyone’s different and knowing your true beauty comes from within. There is no need to go through so much to change the way we look, in order to please others and be accepted in this crazy social media/technology led society. Its okay to be insecure, everyone has insecurities. We are all going through our own individual issues, fighting our own battles. The trick is to not compare ourselves to anyone, there is no standard to live your life. Remember that no life is perfect. I feel like we forget about that especially as on social media, flaws are rarely shown. Comparing ourselves to people who mask their flaws is unhealthy as we grow an urge to change ourselves become someone that we are not, to become “socially accepted”. Going through pain and money to change the way we look or even using body and face editing apps to be considered “more beautiful” by society will only make us all more insecure at the end of the day. Because all we need to love ourselves, is to love what’s inside and no one else’s opinion should matter. The materialistic side of life couldn’t make us nearly as happy as the feeling of loving ourselves & being loved for our purest self. The people who belong in your life will love you for you. It’s so important to learn to accept our flaws and flaunting them because everyone has them. As an influencer, all we would do is give so many people more confidence and an understanding that no body is perfect and its COOL to be a unique human. Face our demons and work towards our highest self. We can learn to love ourselves for who we are, if we know how to work on ourselves.
@Bondsaus new era video is out now! You can check it out if you want 😄🙈 #ad
There is a lot I want to express about beauty standards on social media these days,and the value of staying authentic. Writing something now from my heart to share with you guys💛
Being half Australian and being born on the 9.9.99 I am excited to be part of the @bondsaus family 90’s new era campaign, alongside inspiring Australian talents such as Miranda Kerr and my good friend Sarah Ellen ❤️ 🇦🇺 #bondsaus #ad
getting ready for this summer...
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