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@mikemezphoto The super blood wolf moon over the Saint Olafs Kirke rock church of 1886 in rural Texas tonight. #nikonusa #bloodmoon #lunareclipse #space #wolfmoon #eclipse
@kaiyhun Up on the mountain is probably my favorite place to watch the eclipse. Being so high up, the clouds and fog are beneath you and the sky becomes clear leaving just you and the moon. This wolf moon eclipse is going to be an epic one. Who else’s is watching?
@s.ayls Sunrise, smoky skies. 📸 by @carlblanchet.
@mitalpatelphoto If the weather is in your favor, Patagonia can give some amazing light shows. Shooting this was tricky with the wind and constant water spray hitting the lens while hanging out on the side of a boulder, inches from the gushing water.⠀ ⠀
@jaycehansen_ These boots make me feel like I’m Indiana Jones. Just know if I’ve got these bad boys laced up, an adventure is about to go down. @jaycehansen_
@david.prsl NORWAY | When I first approached the flock of sheep at the fence, this guy was the first to step forward to see what was going on - what a boss! I carefully offered him to smell the back of my hand to let him know I’m just a curious soul and not a threat. Afterwards more sheep dared to come closer, maybe because they were hungry or liked my cologne.. or were just as curious.
@stefanneeven Can’t get enough from these beautiful animals. I was laying down in the grass when this fox walked straight up to me. Hope all of you will have wonderful Christmas days and I can’t wait to see your amazing photos next year again! #redfox #moodygrams  • •
@spencerlee808 I think my back got scoliosis cause I swerve the lane🛤
@amytimmis What’s the perfect winter weekend? Being outdoors braving the elements or cozied up inside with a Netflix box set? @amytimmis
@tyechar She came to life as the sun appeared in the horizon 🌄
@russelltrupiano Always good to be back in the Southwest 🏜️ .
@demas 'get inspired, be inspired, stay inspired' 😃 // to me inspiration comes from everything i do in life, from walking around the streets observing people and the buildings that surround us, to things i see on instagram, to the movies and music i watch and listen to, ideas/inspirations can literally spark from anywhere! 🙂 - this edit was inspired by movies such as inception and doctor strange 🤯 i really love movies like these as they challenge the norm and questions reality and that is something that i also love to do in my work! 😎 - what inspires you? let me know in the comments below 👇🏻
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