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Thank you all for 4.5k followers! Appreciate the support as always 😁
Today’s store! We have a new harvesting tool called ‘Night Slicer’ 🍕
Food Fight coming soon 🍅🍔
NEW leaked skins, gliders and back blings coming soon! 🎸🧙🏼‍♂️🧙🏼‍♀️🎏🐥
Happy with this? I’m glad to hear but I was getting use to it 😂
Store for today! Return of ‘Beef Boss’ and ‘Tomatohead’ 🍔🍅
Better late than never 🤖
Store for today is up! We have a new skin called ‘Yee-Haw!’ 🆕
Another milestone, 4.4k followers! Thank you all so much 😁
With the recent NFL team up, would you like to see more football/soccer skins if Epic teamed up with the Premier League? I think it would be pretty cool ⚽️
Mounted turret is coming soon! Thoughts? 💥
Store for today is live! We have another new emote called ‘Denied’ 🏈
Little solo win before 🥇
Store for today! NFL skins still featured and we have a new emote called ‘Spike It’ 🏈
Hit that 4.3k milestone! Getting close to 5k now, exciting stuff ahead! Thank you all for the support 😎🙏🏽
Couldn’t resist, let’s go 🏈🥇
Today’s store! NFL skins are here, who’s coppin? 🏈
Bought the ‘Flapjackie’ skin, thought it was pretty cool and different to any other skins I own 🐰
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