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Yesterday was Mkhi’s 30th birthday, and today marks his one year anniversary of signing for his boyhood club. - How would you rate his first year at Arsenal?👇 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Mkhi #Mkhitaryan
Hector Bellerin is out 6-9 months with a ruptured ACL. He will require surgery in the next few days before a long recovery period. - Get well soon, Hec!👌 We’re all with you🙌 Come back stronger💪 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Bellerin
🚨EXCLUSIVE🚨: - If you’ve never seen Stan Kroenke live, here’s your chance. This is him celebrating his Los Angeles Rams American Football team reaching the Super Bowl yesterday. He seems to care so much about that organization...😒 - 🎥Video credit: @foxsports , @nfl (taken from YouTube) - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #LARams #Kroenke
🚨 - Places 3-6 are up for grabs in the Premier League. It’s a four horse race for the top four, and it will be an extremely intriguing ending. I want to do a quick summary of each team and explain their current situation: - 3. Spurs (51 Pts) A week ago I would have said they’ve clinched third place. They were “in the title race” for a brief second before choking to Wolves, yet still the outright third best team. However, while extremely banged up, with very little depth, and a history of bottling, they are prone to drop. Kane is out for a while, Dele is hurt, and Son is playing in the Asian Cup. They have to rely on Eriksen only, not ideal moving forward. They almost dropped points against Fulham with Dele Alli, and with him out, despite being 7 points ahead of fifth, they could start to slip up. - 4. Chelsea (47 Pts) I’ve been here before. They run through Hazard. If he plays well, they play well, and vise versa. They are in real trouble. In such poor form, Sarri is starting lose his players after calling them out on Saturday. They are on a downward trend and the most likely for us to catch. - 5. Arsenal (44 Pts) We basically have two teams: The team that can literally beat any team in the world that shows up usually in Home games, and the team that sleeps through its alarm clock against West Ham. We need to regain the consistency we had earlier to snatch the top four. If we can go through this one stretch of tough matches still in the race, we will be in great shape, considering our season ends very smoothly. - 6. Man United (44 Pts) A month ago I never would have predicted them to have a chance at the top four. There are so many lessons that can be taught by Solskjaer’s revujenation of the squad. It proves what a mental game football really is and how much a manager’s presence can make or break a team. Paul Pogba turned from dog in the dog house into King of the Hill in a snap. Rashford, Lukaku and Martial were freed from captivity and are playing freely now. With now 5 straight PL wins, they’re back in the hunt, and if they can keep up this form they will take one of the top four spots. - Who will make the top four?👇 - #Arsenal #Spurs #Chelsea #ManUnited
Player ratings for #AFCvCFC : 🔴Leno: 7/10 🔴Kolasinac: 7/10 🔴Koscielny: 10/10⚽️⭐️ - Only the second 10/10 of the season. He was spot on today. Massive blocks, some that looked very painful, he and Sokratis held false 9 Hazard in their pocket all match long, he defended the way I haven’t seen an Arsenal player defend in so long, and he was a major arial threat, scoring one and almost another. Is he back? 🔴Sokratis: 8.5/10🅰️ - Not only was his defending spot on and did he partner brilliantly with Koscielny, the passion he showed after each play was great to see. He celebrated a tackle like a goal. Fittingly for a game like that, he assisted his defensive partner as well. 🔴Bellerin: 8/10🅰️🔽 - The end to his day was so saddening. All year he’s done great things, and it was so promising to just see him return from injury and have a performance like this. Unfortunately he picked up an unrelated, very serious injury at the end. However in the match he defended properly, was an attacking threat, got an assist, and sent some great through balls. Good all around performance. 🔴Torreira: 7/10 🔴Xhaka: 6.5/10 🔴Guendouzi: 7/10 🔴Ramsey: 7/10🔽 🔴Aubameyang: 7.5/10🚲 - Despite not scoring (and missing a good chance early) he was a key player today. Not only did he almost score a worldy from an overhead kick, he tracked all the way back, made crucial tackles, made runs in behind and sent great balls. 🔴Lacazette: 8/10⚽️🔽 ____________________ 🔴Maitland-Niles: 6.5/10🔼 🔴Iwobi: 7/10🔼 🔴Elneny: 6/10🔼 - 🔴Emery: 9/10 🔴Team rating: 7.46 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Chelsea
FT: #Arsenal 2-0 #Chelsea #AFCvCFC - So much negativity prior, now expecting the fair weathers to return🤦‍♂️ - Everything I told you a few days ago came true. We weren’t even particularly perfect, we did very well but not unstoppable. Chelsea looked absolutely terrible. Why? Hazard was taken out. As I said, Hazard dictates their performance, and if he doesn’t show up, neither does Chelsea. That happened. We are well in this race. - The defensive pair was top class today. However such a positive day ended extremely poorly as Bellerin was stretchered off with seemingly an ACL tear. Whatever it is I don’t see him returning this season☹️ - Great win though, marked by a spectacular Laca goal, a near miss on an Henry-esque bike by Auba, and a shoulder goal by man of the match Kos. Maybe he’s back? - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal
What are your scores for #AFCvCFC ? - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Chelsea
Though I haven’t been around for 10 years I figured I’d hop on the trending ban wagon and do a #4yearchallenge ... The left picture was posted by me 4 years ago today and on the right was today. It’s fair to say I’ve come a long way😂😂😂 - That is all. Have a good night. - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #InvincibleArsenal
🚨BREAKING:🚨 Petr Cech has announced his retirement from professional football. He will finish out the season and retire then👟 - Thank you, Petr, for not only being the best goalkeeper in Premier League history, but one of the classiest people in football as well. A true competitor, a true professional, and a truly great man, Petr Cech models a personality that everybody should strive to follow. - Congrats on an incredible career! legend🙏❤️ - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Cech @PetrCech
If you think the top four is done for, think again. - We sit 6 points behind Chelsea in terrible form, but it doesn’t make sense to count us out now. We have 16 matches left and we are just two wins behind. Our bad form just means we are due for a stretch of good games. - We play Chelsea at home in a crucial game this weekend. The big factor is that we’re home. We are dominant at home, we win pretty much every time. If we can win that, which is very possible, we will have confidence and energy to keep pushing forward while only 3 points back. - Aside from how we can do it, I want to mention that Chelsea isn’t that good. We may have big issues but so do they. Eden Hazard is their entire team (he has 10 goals and 10 assists already) and when he has a bad game the team does. They rely entirely on him so it’s down to the opponent to shut him down. Besides him they aren’t very good and have shown it. They had a very flukey unbeaten run at the beginning of the season and got lucky, later on drew teams like Southampton and Everton at home, just squeaked by Newcastle, lost to Leicester at home, lost to Wolves, got exposed by Spurs, etc. They can very easily slip up and if we are prepared we can definitely catch them. - We also thankfully face Man United at home, the team somehow level on points with us. Of course we can finish ahead of them. - The final thing, one not to overlook, is if we make it out of this tough run of games alive, that would mean the world as we have a VERY easy schedule to end the season. If we sit six back by March 1st I’ll still be hopeful as I can see us winning our last 8 or so matches if we’re in form. - So, everybody, please make sure not to count Arsenal out of this top 4 race out of frustration. We are well and truly in it. - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Chelsea #TopFour
Player ratings for #WHUARS : 🔴Leno: 7/10 🔴Mustafi: 6/10⚠️🔽 🔴Sokratis: 7/10 🔴Koscielny: 7/10 - Defensively we were fine, not terrible. We fell asleep on the goal but otherwise were quite solid. Especially Koscielny who did his job and scored a great header ruled offside at the end. 🔴Xhaka: 5/10🍌🔽 - Once again proving that he can’t be a key player if we are to jump to the next level. He didn’t defend properly and didn’t do much offensively. His failed header clear led to the goal. 🔴Guendouzi: 6.5/10 - He was getting a lot of criticism- Even from a certain West Ham fan *ahem*- But I don’t think he was all that bad. Wasn’t his best performance and he was shaky at times but he did most of the job he had to do, worked really hard, and almost scored a couple of beauties. 🔴Kolasinac: 6.5/10⚠️ 🔴Maitland-Niles: 5.5/10🔽 🔴Iwobi: 7.5/10 🔴Aubameyang: 5/10 🔴Lacazette: 6.5/10 ______________________ 🔴Torreira: 6/10🔽 🔴Ramsey: 8/10🔽 🔴Bellerin: 6/10🔽 - 🔴Emery: 6/10 🔴Team rating: 6.36 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #WestHam
FT: #WestHam 1-0 #Arsenal #WHUARS Terrible performance, we lacked any intensity or passion moving forward. We were not threatening and our only real chances were offside. We lacked creativity until Ramsey came on then changed the mood of the game. He’s our most important player at the club and once we lose him we will be in big trouble🤷‍♂️ - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #WestHam
What are your scores for #WHUARS ?👇 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #WestHam
Despite all the rumors, Unai Emery admitted we have no money to spend this window and will have to settle for trying to loan players. @stankroenke 😡 - Thoughts?👇 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #KroenkeOut
We’ve drawn Manchester United at home in the next round of the FA Cup! Thoughts?👇 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #ManUnited
FT: #Blackpool 0-3 #Arsenal #BPLARS Joe Willock poached home a brace and was denied a hat trick by the offside flag. Iwobi had the third. We move on to the fourth round. - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #FACul
For the second time this season in a new competition, we face Blackpool! - What are your scores for #BPLARS ?👇 - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal #Blackpool #FACup
🚨 - Who’s to blame for Arsenal’s constant failure? Stan Kroenke. Duh. We probably would have won the league multiple times in the last ten or so years if not for him. - No, I don’t want to be another fan complaining and blindly blaming it on the owner, so I’ll share with you some facts. Let’s look into the details of his ownership here at Arsenal. - These charts explain everything about the state of Arsenal. The first shows exactly how much money has been given to each club out of the owner’s pocket since 2008 (as of 2017). Arsenal? £0. The second shows each source of each club’s spending money. Arsenal is the only club on the list that get’s 100% of it’s money from operations (aka outbound transfers, TV money, etc.). Compare that to Man City’s gross owner who gives them all their money and it’s not even close. We need to find that right balance, one like Man United (but obviously not that much money, just the right proportions). - Kroenke literally gives us nothing. Arsenal is his side business. The man hides in a Colorado ranch counting his dough watching his Denver teams and LA teams do well, and doesn’t even make an effort to come out to London. There isn’t a deeper meaning behind this. He just legitimately doesn’t care. He himself once said: “I don’t care about success I do it for the money.” I don’t think Kroenke knows a single Arsenal player, maybe Ozil. He probably knows Emery. - The Arsenal CEO, Ivan Gazidas, finally left Arsenal for AC Milan because he had zero say in the club and was used as a puppet. People targeted him because they didn’t know how little power he had. So he left. What did Kroenke do to replace him? Absolutely nothing. Instead of finding a new CEO, we eventually just appointed our COO so he now has both jobs. - What’s most scary about all this is that our other owner, Alisher Usmanov just sold his share and now Kroenke owns around 99% of the club. - We fixed have the issue at the manager helm, now we need the other half, either to get rid of Stan Kroenke or for him to inject some of his own money into our club. Unless one of those happens we will likely go nowhere as a club. Put simply, don’t blame Unai Emery. - #AFC #COYG #Arsenal
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