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best night celebrating the most epic couple #ERICandERICA ❣️
bummin’ it
Breaking through the atmosphere and things are pretty good from here
worst background 2018
remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet✨[sound on] vid by @taylorcutfilms #northernlights
honored to be featured in @francosarto #internationalwomensday alongside some boss ladies! check out their insta story for more🙏🏼 #francosartowomensday #shoes #fashion #nyc
I apologize in advance for the long words. It’s the endless hard work, the pure happiness, the drive, and the beautifully vast creative mind of @taylorcutfilms that inspires not only me, but everyone around him. My incredibly talented brother is currently producing his first self funded full length feature film. Jordan, I am so beyond proud of you. Since day one you have helped me overcome my fears, and constantly remind me that my imagination and dreams are a reality, as long as I open my heart to it. It’s an honor to be by your side, not only as a sister, but as a best friend and coworker, watching you shine that light on everyone you touch. This movie is going to have beyond stunning and epic visual effect sequences, but to truly complete these breathtaking scenes, more money to hire and pay team members would greatly help him. Please click the link in my bio to read more about it and if you feel inspired like I do, every donation goes a long way 🙏🏼
loved being a part of this amazing giveaway🙏🏼 head to @florabrookny , @y7studio , @shethinx , @thinkheyday , or @janisembroidery to get all the deeets💘 #GalentinesDay #giveaway 📸 @lindsayfondo
fell off .2 seconds after✌🏼
love doing life with you❤️ #twoyears
the best date💌 congratulations @djflam & @malbo316 ! #weareflamily
& the livings easy
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