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¡luces, cámara, acción! 💫 #soniamishal Snapchat: Sonia.mishal

You know what Ralph Waldo Once said “you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” So here I am getting ready to put all my positive energy out into the universe to make “it” happen for me! #lawofattraction #truebelievers #universe #mindbodysoul #positivevibes #inshallah #oldpic Clicked by one and only @zaranoorabbas.official
I’m not sad or depressed. Not everyone can or will understand this.. “I can’t get any traction I drive into work I got the sinking sensation again it’s right In my heart like.. I couldn’t breathe like.. like my heart wasn’t made right and when that happens I just want to run away I get this urge to just go as far away from everyone as possible” I watched this movie “Buster’s Mal Heart” also not many people will understand the concept. When we watch a movie we somehow relate to a scene or a situation or a dialogue. This particular dialogue got to me and I could relate to it in my present situation. No I’m not high or on drugs. Just appreciating art and movies and perfect dialogues that sink deep in the heart and you ask for more. #bustersmalheart #ramimalek #darkart #speradart
I know my recent posts have been circling around these people. Well.. deal with it! Thank you @faizankhawaja_ for throwing such a kick-ass party congratulations for the success of #kijanamainkaun @sonia.nazir @thealikazmi #ateam #aboutlastnight #party #mypeople
At #aneebkishadi with the worlds best people. #friendslikefamily and oh how was #tuishqhai ? 😬 Makeup @makeupbyhimaraza ♥️
Thank you @makeupbyhimaraza for having us. Happy anniversary you guys. ♥️ @sonia.nazir @faizankhawaja_ #mypeople #ateam
Lost and found #history #exploring
تیرے عشق میں جو بھی ڈوب گیا... اسے دنیا کی لہروں سے ڈرنا کیا.. #tuishqhai
With cake all over me and so much happiness given by my family, friends and you guys!!! Thank you so much for the wishes and duas everyone. @ahmer_f @iomerfarooq and everyone who isn’t on insta thank you I love you guys forever and ever and ever!!! #happybirthdaytome
Illuminated Nazo #tuishqhai #humtv #comingsoon 💫
We are a bunch of very funny people. 😂 oh and also dil-e-mismil is now “Tu Ishq hai” 🤷🏻‍♀️ #tuishqhai #humtv #comingsoon @faizankhawaja_ @thealikazmi @kinzahashmi @mariazahidoffical @yasminhuq
So this is what we look like in character #humtv #comingsoon @thealikazmi
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