Tia Naayem

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Where do we go now?
Over the wall
Sometimes colors just brighten my day, how bout you?
Hide yo kids, hide yo wives. I’m comin’ for ya
Censor snek.
I have been terrified of sneks for so long. But I’d be a pretty shitty photographer if I said no to textures and interesting shoots. So here we are, conquering fears, one at a time.
Just find your light
Jean-Luc Godard once said that every edit is a lie.
This is almost a 50s portrait
Always two sides to a coin
Can you be more sly?
I like the way you
The sense of pride I feel
Just don’t try to hide things that can’t be hidden, okay?
Don’t just exist
Just a dead giveaway.
Light up my life.
Glistening and listening
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