Tia Naayem

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Caught a moment
This man and his father were hiking alongside us. Notice the dress shirt, jeans and leather shoes? Would you hike in that outfit?
Hiked for hours, almost died twice, crab crawled down, and snapped this at the top. Would you hike this high?
We borrowed a horse
Mood. (am I using that statement correctly?)
On a clearing, on a cliff, on a hill
V serious.
Eat your heart out Tim Burton
V for Victorian.
Same though
Into the fire
This is my “i’ll cut a bitch” face
How do I get down from here?
Honestly @lisaluxe , I just love that your tattoos say “trophy wife”
Phantom on the forest?
This is starbear, she sits in a pouch like a little human
When you accidentally stumble upon a kite festival...
This is what happiness looks like.
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