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I met Britney Spears 8/30/17 & 10/27/17. Two time cancer survivor, avid concert goer/traveler. You only live once, I choose to live unapologetically.

Fun day at Abby’s bridal shower! 🌸
Fall Out Boy + MGK MANIA Tour round 2 🔮
The Holy Trinity 💜
I know I may come off quiet, may come off shy 🐍 #ImASlave4U
Today is a day that now shares <> important anniversaries for me 🧡🧡 7 years ago today, Austin donated his bone marrow to me at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in that big huge bag that took 12 hours to fully infuse through me and disperse itself through my body. His new cells that were given to me are why I’m still here and typing this each year, and every day I’m thankful for my outcome and how close it has brought us as brothers, and how strong our family has proven itself to be time and time again. 1 year ago today (tears, a year already? 😭) was when I first met Britney Spears after that always being my biggest wish, and telling her that it was the anniversary of my bone marrow transplant and that I came to celebrate the milestone by seeing her show and meeting her. That’s when Britney Spears looked me right in the face with her own two Britney Spears eyes and told me I was very BRAVE with her very own Britney Spears mouth and gave me a hug. You can fight, you can conquer, you can succeed! “Now I’m stronger than yesterday” 💪 . . . #cancer #leukemia #bonemarrowtransplant #cancersurvivor #relapse #cancersucks #fuckcancer #britney #britneyspears #meetandgreet #dreamscometrue #fighter #survivor #itsbritneybitch
This big, beautiful, pretty orange butterfly came to surprise hang out with me today when I was feeling sad, and missing my deceased grandmother 🧡 it was completely comfortable with me and even felt my finger with its little feelers. Moments like this make me realize that kindness is in all species and this was a nice little surprise visit to give me a pick me up that I needed for my day. Who knows, it could’ve even been sent to visit me from her. It reminded me to take time to notice the small and wonderful intricacies that life provides.
A few snapped photos last month from the outside of the little Sands venue @britneyspears performed, in the little old coal town of Bethlehem nestled in the hills. An unlikely location for the worlds biggest popstar, but just think, she was there 💚 #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMeTour #POM #SandsEventCenter #Bethlehem #Pennsylvania #CoalMiningTown #GhostTown #Industrial #landscape #architecture
It’s close enough to Thursday now, so heck. #TBT to 5 weeks ago taking my brother @austinlucous with me to see @britneyspears for my 4th time and his 1st. The 11 hour tumultuous drive of insanity, including 250 miles straight on the god awful Pennsylvania turnpike and having to pull off and stop to urgently pee in some small sketchy BFE gas station that looked about as sturdy as a cardboard box, and the end result of seeing Britney perform in such a small venue in an old abandoned steel coal mining town, was absolutely worth it. Her magic can’t be compared to, and as a fan, the depths you go through to make things work out with what you encounter along the way brings great memories... especially when you get to share those memories right there with your brother. It ended up being a great trip and summer highlight for the both of us! . . . #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour #POM #LimitedTour #ItsBritneyBitch #Roadtrip
Random DC throwback 📸🏛
That twinkle in his eye ✨📸
Free concert? Can’t complain. @charlieputh , you are amazing live... you can really entertain a crowd 💜 #CharliePuth #Voicenotes
JESUS HAS PERFORMED IN BETHLEHEM 🙏❤️🙌 #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour #BritneyBitch @britneyspears
BREAK THE FUCKING ICE BRITNEY. Feat. me queening out and I’m not sorry! @britneyspears #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour
I always love seeing @britneyspears perform “Do You Wanna Come Over?” as you can hear me queen out at the end haha. #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour
Keep on dancing till the world ends ♥️ 🎶 @britneyspears #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour
Definitely the furthest back I’ve been from the front at a @britneyspears show, but damn... she absolutely killed it. That venue got lit probably more than it ever has! ♥️ #Britney #BritneySpears #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour #ItsBritneyBitch
@britneyspears I will love you “Till The World Ends” ♥️ #Britney #BritneyBitch #LivingLegend #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour
It’s always sunny in #Philadelphia ☀️ 😎
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