Doug The Pug

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“‪I wish I had thumbs to hold my umbrella” -Doug
“‪When ur roommate used all the hot water‬” -Doug
“‪Marie Kondo says to only keep the things that spark joy” -Doug
“‪When ur mom won’t let u touch the thermostat” -Doug
“When @jessemccartney serenades u with Beautiful Soul, u have made it” -Doug #resolutiontour
“I wasn’t born yet 10 years ago but here’s a side by side that will make u happy” -Doug
“‪U mean to tell me this egg got more likes than my cute face?‬” -Doug
“‪Hit me puggy one more time‬” -Doug
“‪Low-carb diets just aren’t for me‬” -Doug
“‪Sorry I can’t come, I don’t feel like putting on pants” -Doug
“‪When u get that shower temperature just right” -Doug
“‪I’m in a mood today‬” -Doug
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