Doug The Pug

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“‪If u like puggy coladas” -Doug
“‪California pugs, we’re undeniable” -Doug
“Canela who? @coldgamekelv ” -Doug
“Guess who’s back back back, back again” -Doug • Yoooo Chicago!! Come meet me on Saturday, August 25th from 12-3PM at the Claire’s in Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg! Purchase an item from my #DougThePugxClaires collection to get ur wristband (there are only 500 available!) No animals allowed due to mall rules ❤️
“‪When u didn’t get invited to brunch‬” -Doug
“When u realize u have a wedding to look good for” -Doug • I’m gonna be a ring bearer! My humans @lesliemosier and @robchianelli are getting married in a few months and I got to see the venue in person @cheekwood 😍 Watch the video on my new video, link in bio
“‪When the only thing u can agree on is sleeping in” -Doug
“Of all the fishies in the sea, ur the only one for me” -Doug
“‪All I wanted was a good hair day” -Doug
“‪Thank u cheesus” -Doug
“‪Pug yoga is basically sleeping in style‬” -Doug
“When u become a new member of @bts.bighitofficial ” -Doug • #bts
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