Doug The Pug

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“‪Baby, I’ll buy u a house on this street one day‬” -Doug
“‪U wanna pizza this?‬” -Doug
“‪Everyone loves a bad boy‬” -Doug
“‪Have a puggin’ awesome day!‬” -Doug
“‪When the ice cream machine is actually working‬” -Doug
“‪Hop in, let’s go get pizza‬” -Doug
“Save water, drink wine” -Doug Happy #nationalwineday 🍷
“‪King of waiting until the last minute to take a shower‬” -Doug
“‪There’s nothing that delivery and Netflix can’t fix‬” -Doug
“‪When u fart in front of ur friend for the first time‬” -Doug
“‪I think I went overboard again‬” -Doug
“‪It’s the Year of the Pug” -Doug
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