Doug The Pug

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“There’s no such thing as being too obsessed with Halloween” -Doug
‪Beautiful angel 👼 @bazzi @camila_cabello
“‪When u get caught sneaking the Halloween candy” -Doug
“Who else wishes they could binge this tonight?” -Doug
“‪When someone says they don’t like baths” -Doug
“‪Me watching a scary movie‬” -Doug
“‪When u eat too much and ur tummy hurts‬” -Doug
It’s the greatest day of the year - Happy #NationalPugDay !
“‪Welcome to my house” -Doug
“‪The cutest little benchwarmer u ever did see‬” -Doug
“‪Tell me where u wanna go, I’ll take u anywhere” -Doug
“‪This is a little too spooky for me” -Doug
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