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❄️💧i was in chicago w/ the winter drip.💧❄️
this is no longer a rapper IG it is 'a boy and his dog' IG. 📷: @dylangarft
if you're wondering what i've been doing with my free time the last 5 months, this is pretty much it.
I want you guys to meet Cooper. He's a border collie / shepherd Mia and I adopted recently. We picked him out at the @lovejoyfoundation about 5 weeks ago when he was 5 weeks old. He just hit 10 weeks old and we've had him at home for he last 2 weeks. Wanted to wait until he got past his parvo vaccines before showing everyone so I wouldn't jinx it. Tomorrow he gets to go on his first walk and begin the rest of his life as our adventure companion. Kennedy would be happy we found someone to give our love to. We made an IG for him cuz we're basic af, so you can follow it if you want as well. @daaangcooper.
A rather ugly brother with flows that's gorgeous. 📷 @dylangarft
So I typed a text to a girl I used to see Sayin' that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be And I apologize if this message gets you down Then I CC'ed every girl that I'd see-see 'round town…
our sweet girl Kennedy was taken from us suddenly today. we are heartbroken, devastated. she helped change my life for the better and i will miss her very much.
used to be so scared of this man and what he thought of me.
Fam Portrait 2018 (L to R: sister in law, brother mom, uncle, grandmother, aunt, stud, bae)
colder than a witch tit in boston but still out here..servin...these...LOOKS.
Finally reaching a sort of homeostasis with my dad after having been at his memory care facility for about 4 months. He’s in a more regulated mental state than he has been since getting moved down here and things have plateau’d again, so we are enjoying this time with him before the next eventual plummet.
i'm a model. you can purchase the hat i'm modeling. link in bio.
Today was my father's 63rd birthday. This is him looking happy and lucid for a split second today. He's at his 5th location in 2 weeks after being removed from the first memory care facility due to aggression and resistance to care. Alzheimer's is a terrifying disease, and it gets miserable to watch as the end creeps near. He's trapped inside a body being betrayed by his mind. It is nothing like you see in movies, and the stigma of the realities of aging make the details too much to talk about. This has been the longest month of my life, and an extremely difficult one for my family. We have exhausted options and gone down avenues that most families will never even need to learn about. My father's size, age, and resistance to care has made it immensely difficult to find a facility equipped to care for him. It's a position we never could have expected to be in, or prepared for. It makes me happy to know that most of you will never have to experience what we're going through. Glad to be able to sneak normal looking photos that mask the despair and leave us with memories of the momentary goodness. Happy birthday Barry.
mom likes murakami.
Today is the first time my brother and I have both been with our mom on Mother's Day in as long as we can remember. It was a bittersweet occasion. This weekend we began transitioning her husband, our father, to a memory care facility. She's been caring for him nearly a decade since his diagnosis, and my brother and I are blessed to have been gifted such a fighting spirit from them. This transition has been soul crushingly emotional. I am a wreck, and without the strength of my mother and brother I would be lost. I am so proud of my family. The fortitude and resilience my mother and Steven are showing during this utter gut check of a moment is awe-inspiring. Appreciate every moment you have with your parents, heal your relationships while you have time, never take them for granted. Thank the universe for our moms. Fuck the universe for Alzheimer's.
sunrise shot of bae and sideboob while we were camping. the desert is cracking right now and every hillside is covered in flowers. take a drive there if you can.
✌🏼🇯🇵. All praises due to those tagged for an epic adventure.
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