Alexia Moreau

Might be from another galaxy 👽🖖🏻 Namaste ✌🏻

Quand tu habite à Hochelaga, mais que pâque te procure de la bouffe pour quelques jours 😂 oui, c’est du pain bacon fromage qu’il y a dans ses précieux sacs 🙌🏻 joyeuse pâque ! @mymy141
@kehlani walk walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy ✨ 📷by me Edit by me. #tellmeyoulovemetour #kehlani #centrebell #crazynight
Meeting @iamkittens 😻 so moved by her speech tonight at @castontour thank you for being a light in the path to self love and self acceptance xx #castontour #castcenters @castcenters @ddlovato
@castontour #castontour @ddlovato @carolane284 can’t wait for it to start 🙌🏻
Sometimes we like to get out and enjoy the snowy weather.... ❄️ thanks to the stranger who removed his three gloves to take the picture #superglissadessaintjeandematha #Friends #fulllove
We fit together like two pieces of a broken heart 💔... #quebeccity #chutesmomorency #summer2017 🌴
Water heals my soul... #caraquet #newbrunswick #throwbacktuesdays
Isn’t that hand photogenic ? #newbrunswick
That time we graduated a few months ago... miss you guys xx @melan_11_ @carolane284 #Karolann #graduation #throwback
Lunch with the sista cause I missed her ! @melan_11_ #poutine
The originals...
The sun sets, the day is over, but don't you worry, tomorrow will be so much better... #sunsets #nofilter #wherelifewassimpler
A dog will never hurt your feelings. A dog will never lie to you. A dog will always love you with all of its heart xx ❤️ #BackFromTheCondoAndIThinkSheMissedMe #IMissedYouTooSophia ❤️️
You'll have moments when you feel like a lion, and moments when you feel like a mouse. Just know that no matter how you feel, you still have a heartbeat and a soul worthy of love, so learn to roar even when you feel small, because you are more than the feelings you may have.... - T.B. LaBerge -
We accept the love we think we deserve...
How are you still holding up ? After all we've been through you don't have to pretend or hide away. Your sorrow is like a shadow that follows you wherever you go. It won't leave you in daylight. It won't leave you at night. Do you really think I can't see through that smile ? But you try to hide behind a mask. You won't take it off. You stopped feeling. Why'd you stop fighting ? You deserve so much more. It's ok to let yourself feel the pain. It's alright to feel the waves when you're drowning in deep water. Just keep breathing, the tide will slowly lower and you won't need to swim this hard....
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