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Late post I had a good time at @ellamai sold out boo’d up concert. She always gives the best concerts . Crazy how a couple years ago she was just everybody’s favorite Instagram cover singer. Fast forward today she’s billboard top artist and just tied Mary J blige record for longest R&B / hip hop song on billboards. Some people trust they process while some people quit on they dreams. ♦️ Salute to my homie @mustard for signing a super star artist on his own label ! I’m sure people probably doubted he could really do it ! 10 summers wouldn’t run smooth without the best manager in the game @mekoyohannes making power moves
What’s happening in your life is a result of what’s happening in your mind . If you only knew the crazy thoughts that go through my mind and then I live them out . I’m just an ambitious woman taking over the world and staying in my lane. I only surround myself with successful and positive people. 🔻 Weekends in Houston are always the best . So much opportunity to build. I just expanding my business in Texas ✅. You know I’m coming back . I’m just building everyday to become a mogul . I talk everything into existence . Trusting God to lead the way .
If you don't know who John Maxwell is you need to get familiar with the one of top authors, speakers, and pastors who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. 🔻 Through my journey of entreprenuership I have read a couple of his books. One of them being "Developing The Leaders Around You". What would you rather have in your circle a bunch of followers or a bunch of leaders that can elevate your circle and help you grow to the next level of your life? You never want to be the smartest person in your circle. John Maxwell has definitley helped me with my personal development. 🔻 Personal development has helped me attract the greatest people to my company from pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, realtors and other great minds. You can't run multi million dollar company without great leadership. To be great you have to study the greats!!!
Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.-Les Brown. 🔻 I have the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to my destination. I remember when my close friends and family doubted my busines project. The people you think would support you dont. But my mentors told me once you get pass your family and firiends the money will generate. A year and half later I can say my mentors were right. The roadmap of becoming a top female mogul is loading. I have a great team around me thats hungry and motivated like me to succeed in life. 🔻 Toast to the rest of 2018 stop watching my success and ask how I am able to succeed and WIN.!!#Project500
I have seen the bottom. Now I am ready for the top. Every L I took was a lesson for me to grow through. Every win I got was a lesson for me to teach others. I had to change who I was for me to achieve the goals I said I wanted to achieve. I smile everyday knowing I am able to help people change their financial situation and push them to believe they can change their circumstances. 🔻 Take Ownership Of Your Life, here goes my three tips: 1. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself: " I will be successful at what I put my mind to" " I will not quit when things get tough" 2. Meditate or work out daily. 3. Read a chapter out of a book a day. My favorite book is "Think and Grow Rich" If your a true entrepreneur you should read that book 3-10 times.
Its funny when you tell your friends and family you have a business plan thats going to change the world and they laugh. People think when you start a buisness your suppose to make money day 1. Everything takes time to grow. When people dont beleive in your vision continue to prove them wrong. . Amazon's chief Jeff Bezos is the top bilionaire in the world with a netwroth of $134 billion. He owns 16% of e-commerce colossus Amazon, which he founded in a garage in Seattle in 1994. He started out in a small office space now he has the largest ecommerce business in the world and doesnt own one store. Thats called distrubution. Mr. Bezos has changed the way people shop online and increase customer rentition with the launch of amazon prime, whole foods, and in the healthcare industry. Toys r us closed due to amazon. . When your friends and family dont support your vision. Remember some will , some won't. so what, who's next. All those late nights, grind, losing money, losing friends, losing family, going through challanges all will pay off. It took 20 years for Mr. Bezos to be a billionaire. Why not grind and sacrifice 5-10 years to become a millioniare.
I love the fact I can work where I want to . Spend time with friends in other states , and network with incredible women with great careers . You have to change your environment and upgrade your network to reach that next big chapter in your life that you wish for and work for it. 🔻 Somebody tell the big homie @plies I need his ritz Carlton hotel plug lol.
New Orleans ritual ! Last minute trips to my second home . I’ll be back soon ! Off to another state . ✈️
The things I have observed starting my own business is that people fear investing in themselves. People would rather spend money on shoes, bags, vacations, the gym and ect. Things that don't put money in their bank accounts but fear to start a business to put additional income in their bank account. If your living paycheck to paychek, dont have an extra $500 to spend, and always complain about being broke. You should be willing to take a leap of faith and start a home based business thats affordable to pass down to your kids. There are more millionaire global entreprenuers today due to their smart phone and the internet. 🔻 Jamie Siminoff took his doorbot idea to shark tank so people like Daymond John and Marc Cuban could fund his dream. The doorbot was an idea that used wifi to enable home owners to see video of people through their phone. The shark tank judges passed on his doorbell idea and he left the show in tears, broke, and no idea what his next move would be. 🔻 Jamie met a guy name Richard Branson who invested in his doorbot invention. Four years later that Doorbot invention is now called RING. Today his RING company has over 1,300 employees, 10 core products and is sold in 16,000 stores. In the begining many people passed on investing in his project. Remember success doesnt come over night. You go through challenges, hardships, you go broke, and you have long nights grinding. But remember to never give up because you never know how close your are to success. Quitting is for losers.
Turning up my grind waking up to more pressure but its all in your mind so i never feel the pressure. - Nip Hussle 🔻 Its' only a handful of people I rock with heavy and learn from. @topdawg5ive has definitely been one of them. When I met him in D.C. 2013 I already knew we was gone click. He was one of the dopest bruhz i knew that dressed in exlcusive stuff lol. Put me on creating exclusive Delta clothes when I went out to events. All his accomplishments got me motivated to do more great things in life. #colemanlove . 🔻 Surround yourself with people that push you to be better in education, business, personal development , spiritually, and finacially. Thats how you win!! Everyboyd in my circle full of winners.
A successful women is one who can build a firm foundation with bricks others have thrown at her . Find you a women who has ambition , class, hard working and some one who is a go getter. 🔻 I’m proud to call these wonderful ladies My sisters @blacole @dreadedmuse . Even though we barely see each other when we do get together it’s always a joy and laughter . Proud of Brit getting her promotions at her company and kiah for moving to japan to teach . You know ya girl is coming to visit often so I can shop at Bape lol 😂! Love y’all OO-OOP ! ❤️🐘 #thegoodredz
How hard will you work to reach what you want in life ? Will you sacrifice 1 year of no partying , away from family , and other things to receive your blessing? 🔻 You see every millionaire or billionaire you know made sacrifices to get where they are now. Look how long it took Marc Cuban to build a championship team in a small market . He went through a lot of failures to reach the top . He didn’t do it alone he had a great team to help make his organization a champion. He never gave up when things got tough. 🔻 The best part of competition is that through it we discover what we are capable of . And how much more we can actually do than we ever believed possible .
I wake up every morning blessed and energetic about where I am in life. I will out work out anybody in the room to elevate everybodys work ethic. Lead by example and the right people will follow you. 🔻 Some of your "FRIENDS' will unfllow you the more successful you become. 🔻 Not because they hate you. but simply because you came from the same place as they did but you decided to make things happen. 🔻 INSTEAD OF MAKING EXCUSES
When your life is going good . Spiritually , business wise , health is great , and positive energy is around you . All you can do is smile and enjoy life !! Enjoy your weekend and remember God loves you. 🔻 Prob gone delete this and recycle this pic with a better caption later in life . Just wanted to bless y’all with my presence lol 😂
Your life has purpose Your story is important to the world Your dreams count Your voice matters You were born to make an impact and lead people to change their life. 🔻 I didn’t know my purpose in life 4 years ago. But once I started to attract people who were more successful then me. I bought into their lifestyle of success . Then I started my own business that makes an impact in other people lives . And picked up a mentored to teach me how to become a servant leader to others. Once you find your purpose watch where life will take you 😎
All I ask when I visit is just to show me a great time so I can share my experience of being able to travel to dope states and countries for business and fun. 🔻 It’s sad people can’t experience life outside of work because they have to report to a boss and ask for time off . What if you took your life into your own hands and was able to design your life the way you want . Meaning traveling when you wanted to , taking lunch whenever, or going to Disney land during the week? 🔻 This lifestyle was a dream 3 years ago I just put in the work to live it with great successful people . Mogul P aka the woman with the global business 😊. Click link in bio ☝🏾 let’s work
D.c wassup you know when the mogul visit I’m taking care of . Lol ain’t nothing new when you hang out with ppl who show love . Tell my guy LT it’s all love when I’m in his city
If you treat your business like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby . If you treat your business professionally it will pay you professional money . What if you work hard for 4-8 hard years to get the life you dreamed of ? It happen to Dj Khaled. 🔻 Be committed to the process without being emotionally attached to the results . One day you will look back and understand why it happen the way it did. 🔻 You need vision to become successful . Majority of successful people create a plan of how their going to accomplish a goal in a year . To many people want fast money but never longevity generational wealth. 🔻 How can you say you want to be rich if you don’t want to put the work in for 1-4 years to live the life you dreamed of . If your ready to change your financial situation let me mentor you . Click the link in bio let’s become financially free 😊
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